Vibrational Aura Sprays

Virational Sprays made for you channelled by your spiritual team

I love vibrational sprays.

Absolutely love them.

They are such an incredible tool to have when working with energy, when I first started working energetically they would help protect me, clear my energy and open me to specific frequencies I wanted.


However as I began to do more and more energy work and manifesting work I noticed I needed more specific vibrations and so as a master energy worker, psychic and kinesiologist I decided to create my own!


I would channel my guides and angels and ask them what I needed at the moment.

And the sprays were amazingly powerful! Giving me the exact results I needed!


So I started to create the vibrational sprays for my clients, I would channel their higher selves and ask them to guide me in what they needed at the moment.


Often it was with a specific intention.


They wanted to manifest abundance, or they wanted psychic protection, so we created a vibrational spray.


These vibrational sprays are designed to assist you with whatever you need in your life at the moment.


Are you manifesting something? Love, Money, Happiness, Clients?


Are you healing something? Emotions, a broken heart, limiting beliefs?


Are you needing some extra help with your protection or your spiritual work?

Clearing after a day in the city or work with a client?


Balance a certain chakra? Open up your heart chakra?





How do they work?

They work on an energetic basis. As you spray it into your energy field you change your vibration. You change the vibration in your energy field, your chakras because your vibration creates your reality.


They include:

 Crystal Energies & Gem Elixirs

Attuned to certain sound frequencies

Various energy frequencies including Reiki, Seichim, or Starbeing energies

Attuned by the angelic realm, ascended masters, star beings and various other higher dimensional beings that want to come through and assist you.

Plant & flower essences

Essential Oils

They each have various crystals as well with sacred water


And they are lovingly individually handmade just for you!





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