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Its time to transmute & shift into your highest self

4 live sessions designed to recode, activate and shift lightworkers into the new paradigm.

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You're on earth at this time, for a reason.

The old paradigm is dying.

The new paradigm is waiting.

And you were born to usher it in.

I sat with my guides and asked: 'What do lightworkers need right now? How can I support them more?'

My guides said to me:

Lightworkers need to remember who they are

They need to rise

They need to recieve

They need to take action on what their soul is showing them

Channel these transmutation codes to support them.

And I was shown the work I was to do with you.

Your energy matters. What you do matters.

You were born for this, born to be here at this time.

You feel the shift within you, there's a relentlessness within your soul and a feeling like, you need to take action, you need to get ready.

Thats where I come in.

In these free sessions I'll be channelling activations and codes for you to shift into alignment with your soul and higher self, to take action on your soul purpose and remember who you are.


The Transmutation Sessions

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Holy Fire Activation

Remember who you are and what you came here for

We'll deepen your connection to your soul, your higher self and your monad and through this connection reactivate the truth of who you are.
You'll receive Holy Fire codes, focused on deepening your connection to your soul and transmuting the old programs that are connected to the old paradigm.

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Isis & Thoth Codes

The Divine feminine rising & The Alchemist 

Both Isis and Thoth stepped forward when I asked what lightworkers need right now, offering forward divine activations  and light codes to support you. I'll be channelling them both in this session as they offer you support and codes to shift you into your highest self.

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Manifestation & Merkabah

Shift your reality.

Your manifestations matter. You, as a lightworker who incarnated here at this time, was born to co-create the new paradigm. We need to co-create the new paradigm. In this session we will focusing on clearing your manifestation blocks & activating your merkabah so you co-create the new reality not just for yourself but for all of humanity.

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5D Earth & 5D Heart Anchoring

Grid your light into Earth

I was shown that what lightworkers need to do to shift as quickly as possible, is to activate their 5D heart chakra and send a ripple of this energy directly into the earth grid.

This tremendous ripple of light will create waves across the world and will allow you to be in your heart and hold strong in that energy, no matter what is happening around you.

Who this is for

This is for lightworkers who can feel within their being, they are here for something.

That you weren't put here by chance, there's a purpose and a path for you.

If you desire to connect with your higher self and to align with your soul purpose.

If you're ready to shift your reality into a higher frequency.

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Kassandra Scardino
Psychic and Pranic Healing Teacher

Athina is an amazing channeller.

I have worked with many psychics and have found her ability to connect to spirit for people amazing, extremely powerful and one of the best.


I would highly recommend her as a healer, teacher and portal for spirit to anyone.

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Leah Steele
Soul Diviner and Spiral Practitioner

My ME… my reader and the woman that can see my spiritual blind spots and also my Seichim teacher.


She is THE BEST when it comes to energy work, and I have never seen a channel as clear as hers!


Love you lady!

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Rachel Hale

Transformational Coach & Best Selling Author

Athina is an incredible, incredible healer.

She is so gifted and she gets the messages so very clearly and she can minister to healers.

I’m someone who would consider myself a transformative energy worker and she’s someone who can even minister to people who do this stuff already but imagine the kind of impact she would have on you if you’ve never gotten into this work before – she will knock your socks off."

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The Transmutation Codes

4 Live Energy Healing + Activations


  • Holy Fire Activation Codes
     remembering who you are and your soul pathway

  • Isis and Thoth Codes
     healing the divine feminine and activating the alchemist within

  • Manifestation & Merkabah Codes
    manifest the new earth and your new reality

  • 5D Earth & 5D Heart anchoring
    Open up your higher heart and weave your light through earth


August 23rd-25th 2021

3pm AEST

Replay will be sent if you cannot attend live



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