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Are you ready to call in the next level for yourself, in all areas of your life?

During this workshop you’re going to activate your vibrational field, align your mindset and awaken your intuition to co-create your desires and manifest them.


You’re so ready to call in the next level.


You’re tired of feeling stuck and stagnant in some areas of your life.


You’re after for changes, to call in bigger and better


To rewrite your life as it is.

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During the course we will work with my signature manifestation framework where we get down into your personal programming and internal processes.

By the end of the course you’ll know:

What programming you’re running unconsciously that is directly out of alignment with what you want to manifest

You’ll have total clarity on what you want to call in for your life and manifest

You’ll know exactly what vibration you’re sending out to the world and shift it

You’ll know what your limiting beliefs and blocks are limiting your manifestations

You’ll know how to work with the laws of the universe to call in your desires


I grew up psychic and as I got older I discovered Law of attraction and Manifestation. By this point, I had already been successfully manifesting in various areas of my life and what I noticed is that there were things the traditional model of manifesting with Law of attraction didn't account for.


Things like our beliefs, our subconscious programs, our energetic cords and also our spiritual team and higher self guidance. 


It through this course I share the full picture and my signature framework for manifesting.


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I'm Going To Show You How To:


  • Work with your energy field

  • Create an energetic vibration to attract whatever you want to manifest

  • Deprogram and reprogram your unconscious mind

  • Get rid of limiting beliefs

  • Raise Your Vibration

  • Dowsing to find your blocks

And most importantly – MANIFEST what you want!

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As a result, you are going to fast track your future, understand and determine why and what people and opportunities you are attracting in life and business and how to attract the ones you want!


- Communicating with the unconscious mind & understanding what beliefs are present that are holding you back

- Programming your unconscious mind for success and to manifest your goals

- Learn how to change your energy, how to channel energy and harness this energy and your energetic states to get onto the right vibration to manifest your goals.

- Find and remove limiting beliefs such as 'I'm not good enough' or 'I don't deserve this'

- Understanding how to correctly set goals and working with your time line to install and create your future

- Understanding the power of creation journaling

- Using a pendulum to work with the subconscious mind to find and clear limiting beliefs

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Meet Athina


Athina is a Kinesiologist, Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming Coach, Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master Teacher and Clairvoyant Psychic.


She grew up psychic and has a love for personal development and psychology.


As she grew older and she learnt more about Manifestation and Law of Attraction she noticed from her training with the subconcious mind and her innate psychic abilities that there were so many parts missing from the whole picture.


Combining the tools she has learnt as well as her channelled wisdoms she set up a signature framework and 4 step process for manifestation.


Through these processes she has manifested people, partners, her business, courses and pretty much everything you see in her life today.



Is this course for you?

Are you wanting to change your life and manifest the right opportunities and people into your life?

Are you stuck dealing with fears and beliefs that are holding you back?

Do you experience a lot of self doubt about your ability to manifest what you want into your life?

Are you looking to understand how your energy field works and how to activate your chakras to attract what you want?

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athina 7
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What you get:


  • A Pendulum

  • A Chakra Chart

  • A 50 page manual to guide you through getting energetically, emotionally, mentally and unconsciously aligned (also includes journal prompts)

  • A workshop that’s jam packed full of information for manifesting your future!

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Sign Up In Sydney



24th March -- 10am-3:30pm



Studio Blueprint, Lvl 4, 11 Randle Street, Surry Hills


You get:

In Person Course

A Pendulum

A physical copy of a 50 page  manual to guide you through getting energetically, emotionally, mentally and unconsciously aligned (also includes journal prompts)





Sign Up Online



19th - 22nd March -- you can join us live online at 4:45pm  AEST each day or watch the replay if you can't make it





You get:

Access to the online course

A online group to go through the course with you

A digital copy of a 50 page  manual to guide you through getting energetically, emotionally, mentally and unconsciously aligned (also includes journal prompts)

(please note you will have to get your own pendulum)






Info for online course: 

Once you purchase your ticket through eventbrite you will get a notification of purchase email. A few days before the course I will send you an email on how to log in online and access the course.

This course is an updated and more powerful version of the previous Design Your Future - watch feedback videos here:

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