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Client Love 

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She is the best investment and I am looking forward to working with her again!


Working with Athina I had my BIGGEST launch I have had to date. $43,000. It's only going to double each time now with the foundations we've created!

I loved most about working with Athina was the balance of strategy, mindset and energy. I believe that these truly are the three pillars to create huge success that not many coaches facilitate! It has been amazing in my up level!

I had clear direction in my client journey and started to create my email sequences and set up the "back end" of my business. I never had a back end so creating this has been hard however, it has been rewarding! 

My own gifts have deepened and I just feel so in alignment with life and therefore so much more pleasurable!

Brittney Vangestal

Energy Healer + Psychic


I resonated immediately with Athina and jumped at the chance to work with her.

This been one of the best investments I have made, not only professionally, but also personally and spiritually.

My energy is vibrating at an all time high and I feel calibrated to an inner power inside of me.


I have manifested aligned clients at a much higher price points with ease and flow.


I was able to clearly identify how to structure my business offerings in the near future to support more, work less, in a sustainable and powerful way.


My intuition and depth of work with my clients has increased more than I could ever imagine. I have been initiated into alignment with my true gifts and feel purpose driven in all aspects of my life.


I have already signed on for my next container, as I want to continue this journey with Athina and our guides. 

Carol Hampshire

Soul Essence Brand Designer

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Athina is the real deal!

 As a healer and intuitive myself, I am always looking for support that is aligned and empowering for my body and my business.

Channelling sessions with Athina are not only an authentic and positive experience, but she makes you feel safe and supported the whole time.


I was blown away by the depth of information and accuracy her sessions provide.


If you are looking for help or wish to learn from someone who will set you up with the tools and information you need to be successful, I highly recommend Athina.

Thank you so much for your support!

Dr Adeela Afiz

Creator of Body Whispering

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The thing I loved the most working with Athina was the balance that she provides you with practical, structure, and spiritual woo-woo. It was exactly what I had always hoped to find. 

Working with Athina I doubled the price of my group coaching course and had a 12k launch which is 4 times the prices I made last time I launched it without Athina. 

I also hit my first 10k month and increased my MRR by $3,000 

I now feel more confident in the programs I have to offer and the client journey

I love that some days we would just connect with past lives because somedays that was really what I needed most!! 

I would 1000000% recommend Athina as a business coach.

Michelle Pepper

Spiritual Psychology Guide

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Sam Ryan
- Holistic Health Awakened

Physiotherapist, energy healer and meditation teacher

Working with Athina I had my first $50,000 client, which is a big step, and financially set me up.

I received a clear spirit led path from my guides and from Athina and she's walked this path before which is good to know and not having to work 40 hours a week during as well.

Its been so good with the channelling too, to connect with my guides because you know your intuition but you’re getting that confirmation clearly instead of going in circles.

Athina is warm, caring, loving and was always looking out for me - I healed all my self sabotage and took action. Shes really helped me on my spiritual path as well, not just business, which has taken leaps and bounds which is really important to me.

Its been great creating that financial abundance, having the confidence to have higher end clients at that level with the feminine flow and also that masculine structure action taking. 

When I first started I wasn’t that confident in my coaching but now my clients are getting really good results.

And for me thats the biggest thing, knowing what my purpose is and actually living it. Like I’m living my dream life right now and Athina is a big part of that.

I highly recommend Athina  because its that next level that I find some coaches just have ‘their way’ but they’re missing that higher guidance and just intuitively knowing everyone's path is different with that. 

Athina is doing great work in the world and you can feel her integrity, being the change she wishes to see in the world and lives what she preaches.

I’m forever grateful!

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Kati Ackerman

Healer, Teacher, Counseller

Working with Athina has been the best money I have ever invested, and has really given me the confidence to up level and scale my business.  

I launched my first ever programme during this course “Divine Awakening” I manifested 11 people and I got 11 people.

I had my first $10k launch.

A year ago if you had told me I was launching my own course I would of fell over with laughter.

Athina’s Business Program is next level. I made my money back for the course before the course even ended thanks to her guidance and work. And I feel confident through this course I have the knowledge and empowerment to continue scaling. 


What I love about this programme is how different and unique it is to any other business coaching as not only does she go into the nitty gritty business details including teaching you how to grow programmes, but it also involves energy work and removing blockages surrounding your work. 


It’s amazing everything is recorded too, so I am able to go back to things at any stage for the rest of my life.

I can’t thank Athina enough for giving me the tools, techniques and empowerment to step into my powerfully as a spiritual teacher. 

Highly recommend Athina to anyone in the spiritual business. Athina has changed my life. Since meeting Athina and starting to work with her the changes and shifts in my life have been constant. 

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Ellie Garnham
Energy Healer and Angelic Channel

Working with Athina I have gone from having an idea of what I would like to achieve, knowing I could do it but with zero confidence in myself and my abilities to now successfully running 4 programs and creating online courses.


  I never thought it would be possible for me to achieve but Athina has helped me get there. 


I now have regular clients, confidence in my abilities which have skyrocketed since Athina has cleared so many energetic blocks, and confidence in live masterclasses. 


I stand in my power now, trust in myself and how I can be of service to others.  


 Athina has been able to help me grow my business & myself on a personal level through incorporating & balancing my divine feminine & masculine traits. 


I have received many energetic clearings that were blocking me from receiving as well as provided strategic advice on how to successfully grow my business.


Through a combination of business advice, channelling & energy work she has helped in more ways than any other mentor could. 

She truly is multidimensional faceted.

I now have 4 solid offerings and am now even moving two of my old programs into online courses. 

When I first signed up to Athina’s business mentorship, I had two offerings that I wasn’t fully confident was of real value to anyone.  But this was a block that was cleared and I have had regular ongoing clients book one course after the next with me. 



I have mastered live classes as I used to be shy with low self-esteem, not able to stand confident in who I was.  But now I can do them without over thinking it, and allowing the sessions to flow naturally.

Having returning clients is a massive win for me, and its thanks to Athina for getting me here. 

I am much more kind to myself and allow my divine feminine.  Being predominantly in my masculine my entire life, this was hard for me to achieve, but now I am living in balance and my abilities are stronger than ever now that I allow my feminine energy to lead.


I would feel super confused and stressed but within a few minutes with Athina and everything was clear to me and its her overall attitude and genuine care for my success that pushed me to succeed. 

I don’t know of any other mentor that can offer strategic business advice whilst also providing energy clearings and activations. 

You need both to succeed.

I have recommended her to everyone in my line of work that is looking to up level their business now.

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Leah Steele

My ME… my reader and the woman that can see my spiritual blind spots and also my Seichim teacher.


We are so different in what we do but alignedAF.

Athina is THE BEST when it comes to energy work, and I have never seen a channel as clear as hers!


Love you lady!

Soul Diviner + Wealth Witch

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Working with Athina is like a dream - everything I could ever want, sorted, removed, healed or increased happens with her!


She's so talented, so brilliant and so lovely to work with!


I've been working with Athina for the last few months and my body, my energy, my spirit, my strength have all gone UP UP UP! She's amazing!


Athina inspired and helped me launch my new membership site - everything a woman needs to up level her life, and she's become truly an integral part of my business helping me make the right decisions so I can serve the women who NEED me!


Thank you Athina for making such a big impact on my business, every session with you moves me quickly up the ladder and I cannot thank you enough! I highly recommend working with Athina for your business, your personal life - anywhere that you want to reach your potential - Athina is one of the most talented women I've ever met.


I've worked with the best in the business and Athina is top of that list. Please, if you have something you want or need? 

Book Athina or do one of her courses, I'm a raving fan;  her intuition, her incredible GIFTS and her passion to help as many people as possible make her the best in the business.


She's the real deal. And I don't say that lightly. 


Marina J

Life coach, #1 best selling author and speaker. 


Athina Bailey | Spiritual Business Coach | Learn Reiki | Energy Healing | Learn Channelling | Sydney

Working with Athina there were some powerful, incredible insights, Athina showed me some areas in my chakras that needed a bit of healing which she did right there and then and she gave me different things that I could do, to continue that and continue this up leveling that I’m on.


Everything that she said really, really resonated deeply and I think Athina is an incredible, incredible healer. She is so gifted and she gets the messages so very clearly and she can minister to healers.


I’m someone who would consider myself a transformative energy worker and she’s someone who can even minister to people who do this stuff already but imagine the kind of impact she would have on you if you’ve never gotten into this work before – she will knock your socks off.

Seriously it was frighteningly accurate some of the guidance that was received was exactly spot on what I needed. I’m going through a massive up leveling myself but it’s such a good up leveling – this is like the next level shit that’s happening in my life and I think that’s why she just came into my life that day and within hours of finding her I was on a call with her, because that’s how I operate."

Rachel Hale

Best Selling International Author, Master Coach & Business Stratergist


Erin Doppelt

 Working with Athina is a total game changer!


Not only do I love being in her energy but she has been the only intuitive business and life guide that has helped me organize all the medicine on my heart in such a specific way.


I love how clearly Athina can drop in and provide immediate insight.

Working with Athina has been so powerful for my business as it has helped me birth new programs from a place of alignment and also re-organize signature offers so that they serve more people.


I adore Athina and I’m so grateful for her wisdom!

Business Coach

Austin, Texas

Athina Bailey | Spiritual Business Coach | Learn Reiki | Energy Healing | Learn Channelling | Sydney

Athina is an amazing channeller.


I have worked with many psychics and have found her ability to connect to spirit for people amazing, extremely powerful and one of the best.


I would highly recommend her as a healer, teacher and portal for spirit to anyone.

Kassandra Scardino

Pranic Healer, Psychic, Crystal Teacher

Sydney, Australia

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I have worked with Athina for the past 2 years through her courses & 1:1 healing sessions.

I’ve enrolled in her Channeling course and I became a Channeller and so in tune with my abilities. It helped me with my business and my life considerably. 

Every time we have a session she always BLOW MY MIND and give me so much information about myself, my purpose and the work I came here to do.

She is so in tune with what’s going on with people and can catch blockages, limiting believes and literally anything holding you back in your life!

I have learned, healed and upgraded so much since I started working with her. My life and business have changed considerably thanks to her amazing abilities and skills.

Her gift is priceless and I’m eternally grateful & lucky to have crossed her path.

I HIGHLY recommend Athina if you want to change your life in every area and if you want to start living your purpose.

She is one of the best Healer, Psychic, Channeller ,Teacher but also Business Coach & Friend I have ever worked with.

Love you Athina 

Manon Agn

Intuitive Healer & Spiritual Coach

Australia + France


I have worked with a couple of businesses coaches before I started working with Athina, and often find myself struggling to follow the systems they teach me, because it just didn’t feel right.

I love that perfect balance of masculine and feminine energy that Athina brings to her coaching sessions.

Athina is able to provide the big picture strategies, as well as taking me through aspects of running my business in detail, all done with so much love and support.

I love being able to connect with my spiritual team and learn to co-creating my business with them.

Through my coaching with Athina, I really feel that I have found a way to create and operate in my business that feels truly aligned.

Lala Wang

Channeller & Inner Child Whisperer 

Founder: The Womanly Way

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Working with Athina through her Channelling Spirit Academy has been so instrumental in giving me a very clear, step by step process on connecting with my spiritual team. I felt like I needed a framework to step into this work and Athina delivers a clear process on how to do this.


It's been amazing to open up to guidance from light beings and while I was already indirectly channelling during my healing sessions with clients (which I wasn't aware I was doing until this course helped me identify that!), the ability to trance channel has been mind-blowing!


It's also helped me heal at a deeper level and open myself up to becoming a better energy healer and channel. This has become a way of life for me and for that, I'm grateful!


CSA was really great. There was tons of info and I personally loved a lot of the guided meditations and activations. Athina is a wonderful and dedicated teacher, and a testament to that fact is that I've chosen to train in Reiki all the way to Master level with her before embarking on CSA also

Sonia Kapur-Taylor 

Self Love Coach + Energy Healer

Athina Bailey | Spiritual Business Coach | Learn Reiki | Energy Healing | Learn Channelling | Sydney
Shawn Shen

Athina is a really good coach I would recommend.


She is very authentic and makes you feel quite comfortable to talk to and open up. 


Also her questions are to the point and made me think deep quickly.


She also has a lot of techniques in her tool box combining traditional psychology with spirituality.


 Highly recommend.


Success Coach, Financial Advisor, TEDx Speaker

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Devandy Walbridge

Holistic Lifestyle & Transformation Coach

I had an AMAZING experience with Athina. 

She was both professional and nurturing which was a breath of fresh air.

The amount of things we were able to talk about to help my business get to that next level in just a 45-minute call was outstanding.

The whole time I felt as though she truly wanted to see me succeed.


She was able to really grasp the things that I was saying and could pinpoint what was important in my massaging, which is something I had been struggling with. 

I honestly feel like her soul and insight was able to guide me to the next level, more than a 6 week 1:1 coaching program I had with another coach.


Thank you Athina!!

Athina Bailey | Spiritual Business Coach | Learn Reiki | Energy Healing | Learn Channelling | Sydney
Sarah Bruce

By following the signs from my guides I stumbled upon Athina & have found myself growing lightyears since. 

Smart, insightful, communicative, effective, talented, spiritually grounded yet open to all possibilities- this is what it is like to work with Athina. 

My training has been some of the best I have experienced.

Reiki Practitioner & Teacher

Marina Blue Jarette

Phenomenal energy, what a gift working with Athina is!

Warm personality, great communication and response time, spot on use of time and structure— she makes it really easy for you to trust her in all aspects.

Her ease of use and command of both her natural abilities and her impressive range of trained skills allowed a beautiful flow during our session; the things we talked about continue to resonate and create shifts in my decision making and day-to-day flow, having gleaned personal insights as well as guidance for healing what is out of balance.

I’m truly grateful to have been connected with Athina, I would work with her again on any number of things and highly recommend you do the same if you’re seeking authentic connection, healing, and guidance!

Athina Bailey | Spiritual Business Coach | Learn Reiki | Energy Healing | Learn Channelling | Sydney

NYC, America

Helen Mullan
Screenshot 2020-04-15 at 3.21.34 PM.png

Reiki Master +  Yoga Teacher

Sydney, Australia

I met Athina by chance, just over a year ago through all of her wonderful and free offerings on her Facebook pages and groups. After getting to learn more about Athina’s work and be a part of these offerings, I was... “legit”hooked! Athina is unlike anyone I’ve met before, truly! And the way she nurtures, supports and encourages her community to grow and evolve is just simply, life changing.

I have now had the absolute pleasure of doing Channelling Spirit Academy, a range of  sessions and am currently a few months into our business program.

As I was, in comparison to many of my wonderful peers; earlier on in my spiritual entrepreneurial journey, I was beyond ecstatic when Athina had posted she was creating this course.

I was so happy as this was my time!! It was like a gift and the biggest neon sign sent directly from my angels and guides, and one of the easiest decisions for me to invest in. I had such a profound calling to share my work and support others but I really needed some help.

Help with direction, strategy and spiritual “kick me up the ass” guidance!

Of course this beautiful offering and facilitator has lived up to all my expectations.

Through Athina’s coaching, mentoring and inspiring expertise, through being both a speed dial line directly to my spiritual team, and also a friend and confidant; this has been an incredible experience for me. I have birthed and launched my beautiful Reiki and Yoga biz with the guidance and support of Athina.

Continued to grow and evolve through her mentorship. Continuously been brought out of my comfort zone, learned how to love, value and abso-frickin-lutely back myself!

I am exactly where I am suppose to be, doing the work that fills my heart and that I came on this earth to do. I am still at the early stages of my business, but so incredibly far along on my path in comparison to where I was a year ago

. Thank you Athina for my light is well and truly ignited. If you are feeling a pull and your story is similar to mine then THIS is your sign, highly recommend working with her.

Screenshot 2021-04-14 at 1.39.59 PM.png

Working with Athina in Channelling Spirit Academy benefited my life and spiritual connection by helping me connect to my higher self, passed loved ones and the divine with ease. I have been able to trust the intuitive guidance that is coming through and feel confident in my abilities.


I have loved being part of Channelling Spirit Academy. What I have really enjoyed about it is the structure of the whole course and also the student work book.


All the processes are clearly set out, you follow a methodology that is safe, using spiritual protection and you are able to achieve clear guidance with ease. Having regular training calls and practise sessions helps you gain your confidence and also to be able to ask questions and gain support.


Thank you for such a wonderful program Athina. I thoroughly enjoyed it and highly recommend it to anyone who is wanting to strengthen their spiritual connection and channelling abilities.

Lauren Prosser

Wellness Life Coach + Quantum Practitioner


Screenshot 2021-07-12 at 1.14.33 PM.png

Working with Athina today provided me with with clarity and momentum.

She is very grounded and strategy oriented.

For someone who is so multi passionate like me she provided me with a step by step action plan.

She also allowed me by holding space to be the scatter brained person that I am, directed her questions in a way that allowed me to work through some scatter brained ness and come up with more realistic ideas for the current time.


I liked Athina's energy as I we both can relate on kinisiological aspects of our prior jobs and facilitation experiences.

Athina has got such a welcoming energy, and is very grounded in her approach.


I feel like I have some forward momentum now, and can concentrate my work on a few steps at a time while still keeping the end goal in sight.

Thank you so very much Athina!

Marina Michelle

Intuitive Business Mentor

Athina Bailey | Spiritual Business Coach | Learn Reiki | Energy Healing | Learn Channelling | Sydney

Athina helped me really break through some of my own limiting beliefs I can now see my future ahead with excitement and ease. 

I recommend Athina's work to anyone who feels they need emotional harmony.

Sonia Petersen

Wellness Coach, Kinesiologist

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Selaphin Sadhharti

Athina straight up changed my life.

She is my go to person/coach/intuitive to reach out whenever I'm in need of guidance. 

Just crossing paths with Athina has been one of the most amazing highlights of 2017. 

She is such a blessing to have in my life and such an honour to learn from.

Shadow Healer

For anyone interested in having energetic healing, channelling sessions or learning about these subjects more yourself, I cannot recommend Athina enough. 

I had such an insightful channelling session and she is so authentic and really works from her heart space.

Alysha Habgood

Naturopath +  Yoga Teacher

Sydney, Australia

Athina Bailey | Spiritual Business Coach | Learn Reiki | Energy Healing | Learn Channelling | Sydney
Yossi Nachum

 I have had a truly great experience learning from Athina, she goes above and beyond when facilitating and teaching.

I always felt very supported and encouraged as she held space for me to grow and ask questions.

She has truly given me invaluable skills in the courses that I have done with her, and many will benefit from my sessions with clients due to the through knowledge that I have gained from her.

I am so happy to have chosen to have done my courses with

Would highly recommend any of her courses!

Reiki Practitioner - Massage Therapist - Photographer
Brisbane, Australia

Screenshot 2021-07-12 at 1.30.50 PM.png


" I attended Athina’s Channelling Spirit Academy and it was a wonderful experience.


She’s so professional and passionate in everything she does.


She has excellent correspondence and checked up on me after the class.


I felt very cared for and well looked after. I highly recommend her classes and services.

She is very dedicated to her work and her knowledge and expertise truly inspires me. "

Susie Vu

Transformation Coach & holistic counseller

Screenshot 2021-07-08 at 6.01.16 PM.png

I had a really amazing call with Athina, she helped centre all my thoughts and gave me great valuable insight.

I highly recommend working with her.

Maria Wik

Business Coach

Iman Iskander

CEO Culture of Care , Relationship Counseller

Sean Beveredge

Whole foods Plant Based Alchemist

Penelope Jayne

Transformational Health Coach

Rachel Hale

Best Selling Author, Master Coach

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