Oracle Card Pulls

How to play:

Pick a card you're most guided to 1, 2 or 3. Listen to your intuition. Ask what you most need to hear right now. 
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Card 1

  1. Angel of Finances
    Honour and give thanks for the blessing you are about to receive


Channelled from my guides: release your money fears, the energy around money is interrupting the flow of money to you. Turn the fear into gratitude and love around every situation money related. Express gratitude for every opportunity to spend money whether a bill or the groceries as you are abundant and gratitude attracts the money flow.

You are about to receive a substantial sum of money or a substantial stream of money is about to enter your lie. You have drawn this card because of your faith in the universe and your strong commitment to your purpose.

The angel of finances is here to remind you that external wealth simply mirrors our internal beliefs. You can choose to see the world as lacking or you can see it as abundant. You have realized that money is simply energy, a means of exchange which reflects your values and the way you view your life. Honour and give thanks for the blessings you are about to receive and remember to put your money to good use. Spend and invest your money n ways to help you further your true purpose and long term goals, whatever they may be.


Card 2

Angel of Emergence

Its time for the real you to emerge


Channeled from my guides: Whoever picks this card day is urged to remind themselves of their work here, the soul purpose they have chosen to walk on, and that with this path, comes abundance and fulfillment. Allow the knowledge of your soul path to remain present in your mind day to day to allow it to enter into your vibration and attract opportunities to walk that path.



From card deck info:

This card mirrors the start of a wondrous transformation that is about to occur in your life. For far too long now, you have felt second best and remained in the background. It is now time for the real you – the talented beautiful and wondrous you, to emerge. This is the emergence of your true nature, which until now you have denied to most of those around you and often also denied to yourself. Over the coming days and weeks you will begin to feel a newfound sense of confidence and excitement for your life. Embrace it! Give thanks ad above all respect and honour the beautiful and talented person you are!


Card 3

Angel of Relaxation
Let go of desired outcomes and you will get what you want


Channeled from my guides: Loosen your grip on this, your prayers have been heard. Its coming your way, and it will happen in the right time. You can release it to the universe, have faith its coming your way in good time.


Everything will fall into place and become clear when it is meant to. So switch off and take it easy for a while. The angel of relaxation has appeared in your reading to help you relax. By keeping your focus on all it is you wish to happen, you are in a way, preventing the natural flow of events to unfold. Surrender any project or concern to the angels in the knowing that all is being taken care of. Focus on all you have achieved to date and on all your many blessings. Take time to nurture and pamper yourself and start to do more of those things, which nourish your soul instead of worrying about the future. By relaxing and letting go of the desired outcomes you create the space for the angels and the universe to give you what you want!

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