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With Athina Bailey and Kassandra Scardino

4 Steps to Running Successful Conscious Events

If you’ve ever run an event you’ll know that people underestimate just how much time and energy goes behind the scenes.


People see the flawless execution but often don’t consider the countless classes, investments, even business trainings that have gone into creating the final result.


Athina and Kassandra have both invested tens of thousands of dollars into perfecting their modality as well as marketing and business courses to help bring their work into the world.


This is a training for conscious community members that are looking to break into their audience.


Its for those looking to find support with like minded tribe as well as have an establishment to thrive from and create a foundation that has been proven time and time again to work.


Kassandra Scardino

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Kassandra is a spiritual teacher, energy healer and psychic. She teaches her own modality (Point of Light Therapy) as well as Crystal workshops, Energy Healing courses and regular Full Moon Ceremonies. In 2015 she opened The Temple in Surry Hills to create a space for concscious community and teachers.

Athina Bailey


Athina is a Kinesiologist, Clairvoyant and Reiki teacher. She teachers Reiki, Seichim and Channellng. She runs regular live energy healing and meditation events along with workshops on Manifestation, Starsseds and more.

She was guided to teach at The Temple by her guides after it opened 



Both run events weekly, from meditations to programs, to modalities, to workshops.

They have both found events to be the most effective ways to reach their audience and share their work.


When Kassandra first started running events she was just feeling into herself and trying to find out what her service to the world might be, she had an idea of what she wanted to be teaching, but spirit guided her in another way.

Kassandra now teaches her own modality (Point of Light Crystal Therapy) which is a consistently full class, along with her other successful courses and workshops she runs regularly. But it wasn’t always like this for her, when she first started she ran by donation events in the garden and assisted any type of workshop, but there were times when it was only 1 or 2 people who showed up.



Similarly for Athina, who now runs fortnightly Reiki courses, online courses and workshops and events that have consistent numbers. But when she first started there was always a fear of whether people would actually show up and many times at the start it was just a couple of people who would come.



On this journey of workshops and events, Athina and Kassandra learnt some valuable skills, tools and techniques that made having consistently sold out heart based conscious events possible.


Kassandra and Athina consistently see practitioners / teachers who have incredible work to share with the world but just aren’t getting the reach they need to make the kind of impact that they want.


That’s why they created this free live training, to help conscious community members to step into their power and share the work they where put here to do.










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Part 1:

The Heart, The Commitment, The Dedication.


An underrated part of doing the work, but one that for long term success we believe to be the absolute key for creating thriving events and workshops.


This is all about the place you’re serving from, the energy you’re sending out and how you show up to your audience.

People can feel your intentions and the authenticity behind it.

Its up to you to align with how you want the world to receive you.


This is all about your purpose, your vision and your dedication no matter what.

In this part we share our story on how we tuned into these different parts of ourselves and how you can too.

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Part 2:

Your Tribe, Your Audience, Your Network.


When we first started we did alot of work for free and alot of by donation events.


We just wanted to do the work and connect with others and share what was inside of us with others.

For a year straight Kassandra ran by donation meditations every Friday night.

By doing this she was able to build a strong community base in Sydney and she will discuss why strong community is so important for running successful conscious events.


Athina was attending multiple events each week, to connect in and meet like minded people as well as running her own free events as well.

And years later these connections still hold strong.


Athina now focuses on creating an online international audience and how through sharing content she has an online community she can connect into. If you don’t have a tribe or an audience its much harder to run consistent events.

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Part 3:

Doing The Healing Work


If you struggle with your worth, your deserving levels, your money story and money beliefs this will translate into your business.

When you’re doing this kind of work your business is an extension and reflection of you.


Doing the healing work to heal past traumas, heal old stories and limiting beliefs is a consistent part of creating a successful business running events.

Being, loving and embodying authentically who you are translates into your work.


Kassandra and Athina will share their routines for how they do the healing work so that they consistently show up for their clients and students in the best way possible.

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Part 4:

Sales + Your Product


What actually goes into selling your product?

And how do you know if a product (event) will sell out?


We talk about executing with divine guidance, listening to the signs and calling in what you need.


We also talk about the errors and mistakes we’ve made in the start when we promoted, marketed our events and what we have found to be most effective in marketing your event.

Ready to sign up for the free training?


It will be recorded live on Thursday 25th October at 6pm AEST

(if you can't catch it live we will send you a recording)

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