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Hello and welcome to today's episode of Light Leaders. So in today's podcast, we're actually doing something a little bit different. So this is a video training that I recorded specifically about anxiety. Now I feel like this is something that's really important for people to know about and be aware of. If you are someone who has suffered anxiety or has had any type of anxiety, then this episode is going to be for you. I go into the two different types of anxiety. So if it's chronic anxiety, you know, anxiety that you kind of live with on a day to day basis, then you may or may not have triggers, but it's something that defines your life. And because it's so chronic, it's probably dictating how you live your life, and you're making decisions based on your anxiety.

I also talk about anxiety that's a lot more mild. This anxiety is not chronic, but it comes from being an empath. So I’ll be talking about how we can reduce energetic anxiety like the anxiety you might get when you're around too many people, when you're feeling too much energy, like when you're going to a shopping center and it's too intense. We will discuss how we can kind of avoid feeling this and taking on everyone's energies. We will then also talk about the programs and the beliefs that cause chronic anxiety and how we can begin to identify and shift them, so that our life isn't defined by anxiety anymore. I am someone who suffered from severe anxiety for the majority of my life, and I can now say that I have no anxiety and that I haven't for about five years. So I know that even though you may have seen psychologists who told you that you're only going to be able to manage it and that you're never going to be able to be without it...I can say that here I am, the proof that you can shift it and you can move through it, so it doesn't have to be something that defines your life. So, I hope you find this episode helpful. If you want to continue the conversation or ask any questions about the episode, jump into the Facebook group: New Paradigm of Light Workers. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy this episode.

This will go on to my podcast as well, because I think it's very important information for people to know and be aware of. And even though, you know, I don't really kind of advertise, first and foremost, that I'm a healer (I always lead instead with channeler or business coach for spiritual entrepreneurs), I have a really strong history of healing. First, it was healing myself. I've healed conditions within myself that I was told again and again by doctors that I would never be able to heal. I’ve supported my clients in healing, just a whole bunch of different things.

And so I've studied. I've studied kinesiology. I've studied traditional Chinese medicine. I know the body and its systems very well, first and foremost. And so when people come to me with physical conditions or when my clients say, “Oh, I have a physical condition,” it's hard for me not to enter the space of the healer and be like, ok, what is going on here? And I mean, that's where channeling could be really helpful too as we'll find out today talking about anxiety. There's different reasons for people having anxiety. Where it comes from and that kind of core belief or core reason that it springs from is unique and different for everyone. And, that's where channeling is really important in healing.

So first and foremost, I want to separate two things. Here we have anxiety as a chronic condition, which is literally like your life is built around anxiety. It's kind of like if you have migraines or chronic migraines, not the headaches you get once a month when you’re on your period, but you literally have your life defined by migraines, right? It’s the same with anxiety. Like maybe you get a bit anxious, or is it a chronic daily condition that literally rules your life? Because they are two very separate things. Anxiety is a normal human feeling. It's something that each one of us is going to feel at times. So even though I don't have anxiety as a chronic condition, it doesn't mean that I never experienced anxiety, right? So like, if I go out somewhere and I'm threatened or whatever, the normal reaction will be anxiousness coming up... because I'm human. So the issue is when these feelings of anxiety get so out of hand that we can't live life, because ultimately anxiety is in our brains telling us, “no, don't do this.” To just, “don't go there because something potentially dangerous is going to happen to you.” And so there's literally the brain when it's anxiety mode, it’s fight or flight, right? We've got all this energy. All this blood flow at the base of our brain, our reptilian brain. All this energy is there. We are in fight or flight. Our nervous system is wired and stressed out, and our body is going, “something potentially dangerous is going to happen to me.” For different people, different scenarios can trigger that. So for some people, it's being in the dark. That's a really common one. Like suddenly they are in the dark and they have this thought start coming. They were fine when there was light; but as soon as the dark is there, suddenly their body goes: you're in danger!

Something dangerous is going to happen to you. And this is anxiety. It's funny, because it's like it's the fear of the future, right? It's almost like you're paralyzed. We have these different mechanisms. Some of us freeze. Some of us run. Some of us are completely paralyzed. Some of us fight. So we have these different reactions.

And for me, to heal my anxiety, it was really understanding my brain, my subconscious and the energy that goes in with it. So I have HAD anxiety. I love being able to say that because I'm one of those people that when I decide I'm going to do something I do it, I get it done. I remember at 19 I was like, “that's it, I’m going to heal my anxiety.” I didn't know how or when, but I just knew it was gonna happen. I saw hundreds of practitioners. Some of them did literally nothing. Some of them helped a lot, but it took time. It took me a good year to figure out how to do it. But I had still decided. And so, you know, if you are struggling with something that's just not shifting or that you want to manifest or heal, the first thing you gotta do is decide for yourself and go: Yep, I'm gonna heal this. I'm going to shift this. I'm gonna manifest this. You have to really make that core decision. And so, I had anxiety for as long as I can remember, I can remember being a child and being literally like panicking, freaking out at night, because I was so scared of the dark. Now, to be fair, I was a psychic child, so I saw things and had experiences that I couldn't understand on a logical level that caused me a lot of fear, so that definitely contributed to it. But the anxiety, the fear of the dark as a child, was severe. And as I got older, it didn't get better. It got worse. And then suddenly this anxiety as a teenager was so bad I didn't sleep for stretches of time. I was only sleeping a few hours. I had to sleep with the light on every night which sucked for my teenage boyfriends because I was like, I have to have the light on because I have such severe anxiety. And it kind of reached a pinnacle where I was getting anxiety around eating, like just the idea of getting food would cause panic.

Going to sleep, I would have panic attacks. I couldn't go out alone or panic attacks. It was really, really hard for me, going out into the street alone. I felt like I had to have someone there with me, or it was like I was paralyzed. And I remember it hit a peak for me because I had seen all these doctors and they were kind of like, you know, we think you would be really better going on medication. And I was like, um no, I'm not into that. I didn't want to medicate myself. And it hit a peak for me when I was at home with my then boyfriend and we were watching a movie. It was like a romantic comedy kind of thing. And suddenly I just started having a panic attack out of nowhere. And I was like, I can't watch this movie because I'm having an anxiety attack.

And I was like, I can't live like this. And in that moment I just decided, like that's done. I'm gonna heal. I'm gonna figure it out. I'm going to sort this out. It's no longer going to affect my life. I started taking the medication, because I didn't know what else to do. It was a really low point for me. And after that, I also began to study psychology. So I was getting really interested in the actual chemistry of the brain and how it all worked, how it all connected. So I went off the medication very quickly, because I didn't like what it was doing to my body. So I’m one of those people who believe if you are taking a supplement or if you have to take a medication to manage your condition, then you're not curing the root cause of it.

Yes, I know if you're in a position where you're like I have to suffer or take these supplements or medications, then definitely take them. But just know that it’s a band aid. You want to get to the core of it and you want to heal the root of it, so that you're not dependent on something for the rest of your life. So they are just band aids. Medicines are not the cure. And so I went off the meds really quickly, as I began to study NLP. I was studying hypnosis. I was studying kinesiology. I was studying Reiki. I was studying all of those things, because I had been studying psychology for ages. I had been seeing psychologists over and over again, and every single one of them was kind of saying to me, well, you just have to learn to manage it.

They were saying you have to learn to live with it. And that just was unacceptable for me. I'm like, “No, I have something that I know I can heal.” I know I can change. I'm not just gonna learn to live with it. That's unacceptable to me. And I also found that a lot of psychologists would say that you have to have a thought before a reaction, because they were working with psychological methods like CBT, for example. I would say, “No, I'm just having the reaction” and they wouldn't always believe me which was really frustrating. And they’d say, “No, no, no, if you really go in there you'll find you have a thought first.” So I just thought this is not for me.

And then when I was studying NLP and the subconscious combined with hypnosis, when I went into it and examined the root cause of my anxiety. This was delving into the past lifetime, and I found that I had a core program, like a core belief in me, that I am not safe. Because of that, I felt unsafe, not just in the dark, but all the time. If you maybe have a phobia when you're on a ship, then that’s just on a boat. But the sense of not being safe was everywhere for me and because of that, I had generalized chronic anxiety because literally, all the time, my body was like,”you’re not safe.”

If you have the core belief, I'm not safe when I am around men, which women do as I've seen it. I've seen it. Then you are going to have anxiety whenever you're around men or in the presence of men. Or it might be, you know, when you're flying, you say, “I am not safe.” When you’re flying, that might be the core belief. And so then you have anxiety whenever you fly. The entire time that you are flying, you have chronic anxiety. It doesn't just like come and go. It's there . And so I had just that I'm not safe in this body. I'm connecting to how big that was for me. It was massive, the core belief that I'm not safe in my body. I'm not safe being a human. That was my core belief that I held about my body. And then realizing it, it was like...well, no wonder that I’m living in fear, in stress, and in panic all of the time. And so for me, a big part of it was clearing the root cause which was for me a past life. Going into that, clearing it. With past lives, I don't believe in past readings. I believe in past life healings. Sure, I could tell you like what you did in your previous lifetime, but it's being shown to us for a reason, and it's generally because there's something that needs to be healed in it. So when we go back, we want to close contracts. We want to disconnect. We want to heal and shift. And so that's the really key thing when we're working with past lives. So I went, I did that. I cleared and reprogrammed that core belief that “I'm not safe in this body” to “I am safe in this body.” And that was transformative, but at the time it wasn't like as soon as I did that. I didn't really feel that much right away. I didn't have this huge shift. I always thought when I was finally healed, that it would be like... wow, I see angels and it would be like this massive thing.

And it totally wasn't. I was like, “that’s it? I don't feel any different.” And then I remember that I went home. I turned off the light, and there was this quietness just within me. There was no reaction. There was no fear. And I was like, “Holy shit! Oh, shit.” I didn’t feel any fear or anxiety. There was nothing there. My relief was overwhelming and exciting. And since then, I've never had chronic anxiety ever again, because I cleared the core root belief. Now, that's not to say that when I was dealing with chronic daily anxiety, that doing things like taking supplements, meditating, saying mantras and affirmations didn’t help, because it did. It helped manage the symptoms, but it never really got to the bottom of it. It never fully cleared up, because I wasn’t actually healing the root cause.

Whatever your condition is...I don't care if it's physical. I don't care if it's anxiety or depression. You have to find the root cause and heal it. That is the only way. Otherwise, we're just managing the symptoms like applying a bandaid, and we haven’t completely broken free. And for me, my anxiety...I was a slave to the condition, right? And so many of us here are slaves to our conditions. They rule our life, and until we find the root cause, we can't disconnect from them. So after that, my anxiety was gone. I haven't had chronic condition anxiety since then.

What I have had is normal human anxiety, and this is where we can kind of start to talk about, you know, energetic anxiety. What anxiety as an empath is like. The anxiety when we're dealing with entities, you know, and how to recognize what's going on in our body. This anxiety can be what we've taken in from other people. This is where the boundaries are coming in, physical and emotional anxiety, because that's normal in human life. But if you're dealing with chronic condition anxiety, you need to heal the core belief or the core program, because there is something within you that is telling you, I'm not safe. It might be like me - I'm not safe in this human body, especially if you're a star seed. It might be: I'm not safe in the dark, on a plane, on a ship, around men, or around women. But you have to heal that core belief first, because otherwise, like, you can't tell what's yours or not. You're just living in fear all the time. Once you clear that root belief...and the anxiety stuff, we're working with two chakras, right?

We're working with the root chakra because that's survival, right? And it's your survival. And chronic daily conditions of anxiety are fear survival. You're literally scared. You're living on edge, you're paralyzed. Your life is dangerous to your mind, to your subconscious. And then you're also dealing with the solar plexus chakra, because anxiety is also an emotion. So you're dealing with these two different parts. If you're an energy healer and treating someone with anxiety, I would be focusing on those two areas. But the thing is if you have had anxiety developing for most of your life, your body has developed around your condition, right? You did not develop into a human, then have a condition. As a human adult, you've developed with anxiety, which is what happened to me. And suddenly I had a dysfunctional nervous system, right? Because my nervous system was in fight or flight for most of my life. And so I had to work with a craniosacral therapist doing things like shaking. Shaking therapy was so helpful and addressed my nervous system… and really focusing, like for me, it was really easy to drop into anxiety and interfere, because that was what I was used to in my life. So now when I'm working with people on phobias or fears in my healing sessions, we're working on so many different levels, but the key thing is that we're clearing the root cause or the root belief… and that's like the core, the core thing there that we first need to clear. A lot of people, they go first to affirmations, mantras, or mindset therapy because they're thinking that they have a belief that they are not worthy or not safe or not enough.

So they are thinking I'm going to address it by doing affirmations, mantras, etc., but they're not clearing through belief. And so what we're looking at is two different things here, because you have this core root belief such as, I’m not enough or I'm not worthy. This might be from a past life, it might be ancestral, but it is a trauma there that created a route belief, Right? So take, for example... me. I felt I was not safe in my body, because I had this core belief. It manifests as emotions. It manifested physically for me, too. I had physical issues such as digestion issues, that's all anxiety related. But then I also had the program going through my mind. And so literally when you have the same thought over and over again, your neural pathways are forming it.

So every single time when I was anxious, I was thinking that I'm not safe. You're a pathway phone. I was having that thought 30 times a day. If you’re dealing with thoughts like, I'm not enough, then that's the core belief. That's a core program. You're probably going to be thinking that, maybe not. I might be like... I don't think I'm good enough for this or that...or, you know, whatever variation.So this neural pathway is forming over and over again until it solidifies. And so for you...yes, you can stop the mindset from happening. You can stop the thoughts from coming. That's the easier part to do, because that's having a disciplined mind...not allowing those thoughts to come in... but the core wounding that still needs healing, not just an adjustment in your mindset, right.

And this is the thing that I see really missing from mindset work, because I see people going...but, I'm doing my mindset work every day! I’m telling myself that I'm enough, that I'm worthy, but fuck, I still don't feel like it. When I hear this, I always like because the core wound hasn’t been addressed. And so when you are addressing a deep belief or wound that you know you have, if you can do yourself, that’s great. Or if you need, go see a healer who can define and clear the core wound. Then once that’s cleared, I say to my clients when we're doing this work, that you will then probably still have the thoughts. No, not for a long time and they're going to be a lot less intense...But the neural pathways have already been formed there due to years or months or however long of you having the same consistent thoughts.

And that's where you then have to start with the mindset work. But the mindset work is like the top layer, right? First, you need to deal with the underlying one. But you can kind of, you know, you can kind of ignore this one more than you can this one. Because if you don't address the core root belief, then nothing else matters. You're still gonna have issues. It's kind of like the band aid analogy again. And, so I'm not about the band aid life. I'm about going to the core root. So once you've shifted and healed the core belief, anxiety is no longer a chronic condition. You can start having normal anxiety responses as a human.... and to be honest, if you are a highly sensitive person or if you're an empath, you're gonna probably be feeling a lot more anxiety than the average person. Because you feel it, you perceive it... and this is where working with energetic boundaries is really, really important

So if you're walking through your day and all of a sudden, like if I was at home right now doing nothing and I got severe anxiety out of nowhere, my first thought would be: Someone is thinking about me, worrying about me, or psychically attacking. That would be my first thought. This would just involve if that did happen to me, then I would be like...Okay, disconnect from that energy, send it back where it came from with love, call back my energy, and cut the cords between myself and this person. Usually that's enough, and it's actually asking first. And I do this with every emotion I get. If I get hit with something out of the blue, I always go...Is this mine or someone else’s? Because the cords you have between you and the people that you love, that you're around a lot, you're sending each other energy constantly, and so if you're very sensitive, then you're gonna be feeling the stuff that other people are feeling. Like when my boyfriend is anxious or stressed, I can feel it, so I disconnect and go...that's his stuff. I don't need to feel that way, because I'm not supporting him in feeling that way. Being an empath... like it's not about protections, protections, protections. And I know that, like as empaths...we get hammered so you have to protect yourself...you have to protect yourself. And, yeah, psychic shielding is important. But as an empath, it's not the end all, be all. And you can put on protections, protections, and protections but you're still going to feel other people's stuff. Why? Because that's your gift. You are an empath. It's who you are. It's not something you can shield yourself from. It's a gift that you learn to manage and you learn to manage it by not going... I won't feel anything. I don't want to feel anyone and blocking it all out.

You learn to manage it by going.... as something comes in and you feel it, you recognize it. You sit...and go, okay, I'm feeling anxiety or I'm feeling anger. Okay, I know this doesn't belong to me. This belongs to my client or this person that I'm working with. Okay? Body, thank you for letting me know and then you breathe out and release it. The empath has a highly sensitized body and nervous system which makes us fantastic healers and channelers. When I'm working with a client...if they have an issue in their back or knee, then my body will go… my back or my knee will go “ting”... like little bursts of pain. So I'll say... you got something going on in your knee or in your back? The client is always like, yeah, how did you know? And I’ll say relax, body, breathe it out. Let it go. It's not mine. What most empaths do is that they will be around someone who's got anger or anxiety... and they'll literally go, It's mine now. I'm not letting it go. This anger or anxiety belongs to me now... rather than going, okay, here’s some anger or anxiety. Thank you, body, for letting me know. That's what this person is going through now, but it doesn't belong to me. And so it's like we see it...we become aware of it, but we don't take it on. And that's the thing... empaths aren’t taught how to be empaths. So we take it on in our energy field and make it our stuff, even though it's not. So next time you begin to feel an emotion like anxiety and you're going….hmm, this doesn't belong to me. I can feel that is coming from this person. I want you to just go... Thank you, body, for letting me know this. And now, I'm releasing it. Just literally visualize it, exiting out like your breath. Don’t hold onto it like oxygen, just completely let it go.

For me, as an empath...I remember when I was 19 and was working in healthcare. I was working as an optometrist’s assistant. Being an empath was debilitating, like I was just always crying and always emotional. I was like... people, I need to be alone, I can't be around people. It's too much. I can't handle their energy. And I started work. And, you know, I would see psychics and healers for their protection, but it wasn’t working. And then one day, I stopped trying to protect myself and I started focusing on just letting it go. Body, let it go, you don't have to hold it... And it was like the game changed, so I wasn't so ruled by others anymore.

And so it's releasing the energy as you get it. Now if you're going into the city, maybe around a lot of people in a shopping center, then you definitely want to still have shields up... because you want to protect yourself from any energy.

Entities, like if you're out of the blue feeling so anxious and it's just overwhelming... and you can't get rid of it, then chances are it might be an entity. And that's where it's good to do some deeper clearing. You know, you can go ask your guides to come in and support you. Go sage yourself and all of that stuff. Sometimes if you're not an experienced energy healer and you can feel that you have an entity, you could see someone because entities can be tricky to shift ...because they lower your vibration and then it makes it tricky to shift.

But if you feel overwhelmed anxiety, that's generally where you want to look...into cutting your cords...cutting the cords that we have to our loved ones every single week, at least, so that you're not taking on their stuff...because if not, you're gonna be feeling that and then breathing out the stuff that doesn't belong to you, because that's really the only places energetically that you're going to feel anxiety... unless and I want to say unless... because this year we've all felt it. There is some big thing going on globally. So I remember the election night in the U. S. which was two weeks ago. I remember just thinking, “oh my god, I feel the entire world's anxiety right now.” Or when COVID, the pandemic, first started and everyone was panicking... I was like..Oh, my god, I can feel the collective consciousness And that's what we're talking about. Not any longer like you're taking on the energy of a friend or client. You're taking on the energy of the collective consciousness and that's where we need to disconnect from, on that level.

And if you are feeling anxiety... I believe that we have emotions for reasons. Like anger, I think anger is so sacred. When my anger shows up, I'm going...What are you showing me anger? Where in my life am I letting someone cross a boundary... and my anger says, “this is what you're not okay with and you're letting this person step over your boundary.” So I say thank you, anger, for showing me that. And it moves through, because emotions are there for a reason. So when anxiety comes up, it might be your gut saying, “Hey, this person, their intentions are not good. Get away from them.” You know, listen to that. Listen to that, because that's your ultimate red flag. If your anxiety is like the situation is not right for you… and I’ve had it, even on sales calls...you're like this pitch sounds really good logically, but your anxiety is coming up. That means this person is not right for me. Listen to it. So, work with your anxiety. It is a blessing. It is not a burden, unless it is chronic daily anxiety. And then in that case, there's a core belief that you need to heal and you need to shift. Otherwise, it's learning to work with it and managing your energy boundaries as an empath. And remember it’s boundaries, not protection, but boundaries...and then learning to love your anxiety and knowing that it's there for you. When those little feelings come up, go... Ooh, buddy, what are you actually telling me is wrong? What are you showing me is going on?

For those of you who are wanting to do the work on yourself and you're wanting more support, I would recommend the Quantum Activation, which I'm doing. And you can find that on my website at athinabailey.com That’s where we do more healing work, and we go deeper into your energy field. And I also have the course, Energetic Hygiene and Boundaries on my website. And that's the ultimate empath course, in my opinion, because I teach you how to manage your energy completely, so that it's not kind of ruling your life. But thank you guys...so much for joining me. Hopefully, this has been helpful. Post any of your questions down in the comments, and I will see you in the group. Thanks, everybody! Thank you for tuning into this episode of Light Leaders podcast. I'm your host, Athina Bailey. If you enjoyed this episode, I'd be so grateful if you subscribed and left a review. Sending you so much love! I'll see you on the next episode of Light Leaders.

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