How often are you self healing?

Hey lightworker,

You've probably been told about the importance of self care.

How vital it is to spend time looking after yourself, to nourish your mind, body, soul.

I agree, the meditation, the resting, the eating well, its crucial for you, to live a fully soul aligned life.

My question is though, how often are you self healing?

If you're like most humans, we have quite a few things issues. If you're like most lightworkers, you're probably more aware of these issues than others. Many issues aren't even from this lifetime, many aren't even yours. But it's still our responsibility to heal them.

As I've spoken about before, healing work is so powerful. As we shed our old pain, old traumas, old beliefs, we rise into the highest version of our selves. If you've watched my free manifestation course, you'll know that healing is one half of manifestation - if we can't let go of the old, we can't bring in the new.

The unhealed parts of you, keep you stuck in your patterns, in situations and in relationships that aren't serving you. They keep us moving from a place of attachment and fear rather than love and expansion. Once we heal, we can align with what our soul actually desires. Rather than being aligned with what the unhealed part of ourselves desires.

My healing practise is something that is constantly evolving. Even as I work on myself constantly, I find layers and more to work through. It's an ever ongoing process. If we were perfectly healed, we wouldn't be here.

Healing amplifies our psychic abilities, brings us more fulfilling relationships and raises our wealth levels.

So whats your self healing practise? Myself personally, I keep a little note open in my phone thats dedicated to self healing.

When I see a pattern, a belief, an action, a physical pain that I don't like and don't feel is aligned to me, I write it down. Often times its on the go, throughout the day. And then I come back to it and I journal and ask my guides. I ask where it comes from, hows it impacting me, what are the beliefs around it and how to clear it. I will do energy work, past life work, and channel my guides about what needs to be done.

The shifts are often profound and tremendous.

Living a soul aligned life as a lightworker is a commitment to your work, to doing the inner work and contiuing to evolve.

This means facing your shadow and not ignoring it.

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