Are your issues even your own?

If I know anything about lightworkers, it's that we take on other peoples stuff.


We can't help it.

We take on their pain, their suffering, their emotions....

We're incredible healers and we know it.

People are healed simply by being in our presence it's who we are.

So when someone comes to us struggling, we can't help but take on the stuff that isn't ours.

IN FACT, it happens so much that I often ask first thing when I see a client for healing work, 'does this issue belong to someone else'

You would be shocked how many times it does, in fact, belong to someone else.

A couple of days ago I was receiving a bodywork healing, and the healer said, 'you're carrying sadness that's not yours.'

And I thought to myself, I have been feeling a bit sad of out of the blue lately, for no real reason.

He cleared it, and sure enough, I left and felt my normally shiny happy self.

I'm very grateful that my natural resting state is an open heart and a happy disposition - though it wasn't always like that - I feel the more healing I did on myself I was able to just be the energy and love that I really am.

And so when I felt this sadness, it didn't even occur to me it could be someone else's, but there it was.

And I see it with my clients all the time too.

The things you are feeling, the suffering you have, is it yours to carry? Or does it belong to someone else?

As lightworkers, we naturally feel called to help others and so often without realising it, we actually create cords between others to take on their stuff, so they don't suffer.

But that doesn't actually help them at all.

It's their lesson to go through.

We're just choosing to struggle with them.

I love your open heart and your deep desire to help others, but its time to stop taking on other people's lessons that are weighing you down.

Ask yourself, is this mine?

And when you're with someone and naturally feel yourself taking on their stuff, say to yourself 'this isn't mine' breath out, and consciously choose to let it slide off you.

You already have so much on your plate and don't need to be taking on more than you have.

Much love <3

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