Anger has a purpose.

Honouring and respecting the wide range of emotions we experience has been something I have been working on.

Especially anger. Anger is an emotion I didn't experience for quite a chunk of time.

But recently I have to come to love and accept the anger when it comes out of me.

The highest purpose I have seen with anger in myself is that its primary function is to create and establish my boundaries.

What am I available for.

What am I totally not available for.

What will I accept

and what will I not accept.

I used to be a really angry person when I was a younger, alot of trauma caused alot of anger towards alot of people.

It was pretty constant bubbling under my skin.

But a whole lot of forgivness work cleared that base state.

You know your base state - the one you have always in your system no matter what. Even when you're super excited, super sad, you always feel and eventually come back to your base state.

I'd say my base state used to be frustration, irritation, boredom and uninspiration.

One of the biggest rewards of my self healing work is that my base state now is love, joy and inspiration.

So even on my lowest days, even when I allow myself to fully experience the sadness, the hurt, the anger, I still ALWAYS come back to a state of joy, happiness, eventually no matter what I do.

Its my core.

I believe its all of our core, once we peel off the layers of trauma and pain.

And so I didn't experience real anger for a long time.

I experienced frustration, irrituation, annoyance.

But anger?

Real anger?

The type of anger that bubbles up like venom from your system and rages out without the ability to hold it back, it just HAS to come out and you feel like your whole system is shaking and its filling up your body?

I didn't experience that for a long time.

Until a few days ago.

And it shocked me, I observed how my body, my being reacted to this emotion I was so unfamiliar with.

And I observed my mental reaction to it which was ' oh no anger is a low vibration I need to clear it'

And then immeadiately I stopped myself and thought no. NO. youre supposed to feel this anger right now.

Your anger is serving you right now. Don't deny it. FEEL it.

And for a moment I forgot, we have all this beautiful range of emotions that serve us.

And in my life in the past anger has always served me in establishing my boundaries.

Often times it will take ages for me to get pushed to the edge but when I do I snap and anger comes out and I establish my non negitioable boundary.

Healthy levels of anger, that come up to serve us are so powerful.

I have truly come to love and respect the part of myself that gets angry, because she is the part of me who creates the strong boundaries and sets my standards for what I will not accept.

Anger and all emotion is a gift and we experience it for a reason <3

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