What if you just decide?

Our core beliefs shape the way we live and what we experience.

The core beliefs we have about people, reality, and our world.

These core beliefs can either be serving you - 'people at their core are loving and kind' or not be serving you 'everyone is out to get me.'

What if one of your core beliefs was that when you decide you will have something in your life, the universe will create it for you, just because you decided.

Have you ever decided on something like 'one day I'm going to have/be/do ____' and you just knew in your heart it would happen?

Without a doubt, you just knew.

Maybe you even announced it to people and they may have even laughed or not taken you seriously.

But you didn't care because every fiber of your being knew this was going to happen.

And it did.

And what if you could decide that about all the areas of your life.

Simply because you desire it and you decided exactly what you wanted, you let it go and just trusted and knew that it was going to happen.

Because your core belief is: you decided it therefore it happens.

We have such an untapped power within ourselves to co-create our reality and existence, as extensions of creator source energy, it's in our DNA to create.

its who we are.

There are systems and programming in place in the world that stop us from remembering who we are and how powerful we are - but when we truly tap into that and release the layers of programming and beliefs and shift them - we become deeper connected into who we are. At our source. and that's where our power and potential truly lies.

Remembering who we are and why we came here to move from desire and to co-create with love.

We are like source, limitless, expansive and pure potential.


Have you checked out The Lightworkers Association?

The home for lightworkers to awaken, activate and expand.

It includes:

🔮Resource library of trainings, ranging from Manifestation, EFT, meditations, timelines, pleiadian work + more.

🔮Monthly energy healing

🔮Monthly masterclass and training

🔮Energetic container - an amazing group of other lightworkers to connect and hold space for you

This was a creation that came to life remembering how lost and alone and then obsessed I was with all the metaphysical things during my awakening.

From remembering in my activation phase how I never knew how badly I needed the energy work, where accessing resources and having a safe space to share my experiences would have been exactly what I needed.

From remembering when I first started sharing this work how I needed help and assistance knowing HOW to do it, how to even start!

Its literally only AUD$22 a month (cancel at any time)

Join our energetic container : https://www.athinabailey.com/lightworker-association

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