Seeing An Energy Healer

Working with an energy healer is something you do need to be picky about.

I’ve seen some interesting posts lately on Facebook about energy healing experiences and want to add into the conversation.

Recently I went to visit a friend and she told me a story about how she had been in India and saw an energy healer.

The story goes as it always does in these cases, the energy healer said working with her would be really good for her and the energy healer definitely had the best intentions.

Despite her gut feeling my friend went for the session not having ‘a valid enough of a reason’ to turn it down. (Please note your gut feeling is a valid enough reason to turn anything down!)

For the next month, she felt unlike herself. She felt anxious, could feel negative energy in her system and just felt out of sorts. She just didn’t feel like her normal self.

When she told me this I immediately saw an entity attached to her and after we removed it she started to feel like her normal self and felt better.

If an energy healer doesn’t look after their energy or maintain energetic hygiene they can act as gateways for this kind of energy.

These energy healers usually have the best intentions. It's just as energy healers we need to practice energetic hygiene and practice what we preach.

I am SO SO SO picky about the people I see for energy healing because I know this.

I only work with certain energy healers and I like mine to be psychic and have a background in various modalities. (Thats just my preference not necessary for a good energy healer.)

Often times unfortunately there are energy healers out there who haven’t had proper training or who don’t have the experience to do the kind of work you need.

Though that being said If you have negative entity attachments or negative energies and have seen an energy healer, it doesn’t mean its directly linked to the healer.

You could have had them before.

It does not mean it came from the energy healer it could be contracts you need to clear, a training you're going through or whatever else, and not all energy healers know how to clear them or deal with them.

Its really not about pointing the finger here.

In my time as an energy healer some less than light things I have seen: Demonic Possession Entity Attachment Lost souls hooked onto people People regressing into traumatic memories (past life ones too) Having negative energies try to attack me for clearing contracts Clearing curses and blood oaths.

(that being said if you’re an energy healer and reading this, the universe will never give you a client your can’t handle – I didn’t have most of this stuff happen until later into my career)

Being an energy healer can be really full on.

You need to be prepared that if you’re dealing with the energetic world you’re dealing with all of it. This isn’t an all ‘love and light’ situation.

This is dealing with the fact that your clients are going to come to you with a whole range of things and you need to be prepared to deal with the shadow side of it too.

Often times as an energy healer I need to step into my warrior woman to clear these energies.

Love and light is, yes, super important but we’re currently in this dimension, where we have this shit to deal with and people spiritually bypassing isn't helping anyone.

People are having to deal with darker shadow energies and they don't know what to do about it. When I was 15 thats exactly what happened to me. As energy healers we are not supporting them if we try to spiritually bypass them.

And if we choose to turn a blind eye to it, we’re not really dealing with it or solving the issue. Just avoiding it. And this, unfortunately, happens A LOT in my industry.

But that being said there’s an incredible side of energy healing too. And the amazing experiences outweigh the negative experiences 100 to 1. Some highlights:

-People having massive heart openings and feeling their entire life shift through this - Working on pregnant women and connecting to the soul of the child that’s coming through them and feeling their energy -Reconnecting with loved ones on the other side - Finding out your soul origin and feeling that sense of home - Uncovering that massive block that’s been holding you back and feeling that massive release of clearing it and getting on with what you know you need to be - Reconnecting to your souls purpose and understanding what you are meant to do. -Spontaneous healing of physical conditions after years - Manifesting a partner, a home, a job after the session

Sometimes I finish a day of energy work after having the most interesting, bizarre, incredible experiences with clients and think to myself good lord, I have a strange job.

But I love it. Every second of it.

So if you’re wanting to see an energy healer (WHICH I SO RECOMMEND) here are a few things you need to know from the perspective of an energy healer.

Because this post is in no way meant to put down other energy healers. I am an energy healer and I see an energy healer weekly and its responsible for a massive amount of healing and creation in my life.

But just like in any industry, there are some good apples, some bad apples, and those bad apples, unfortunately, give the industry a bad name.

Energy healing is incredibly amazing and if you're feeling the call, go for it.

✨✨Here are my tips for finding an energy healer✨✨


A Reiki healer and an energetic healer do not equal one and the same thing.

A Reiki healer acts a channel for the Reiki energy which does not cause harm.

It is NOT directed by the healer, it is directed by the higher power.


Energy healing is most often directed by the person, not a higher power. Now i'm not saying this is a bad thing but i'm saying this is where it pays to be aware and listen to your gut!

There is a reason they say Reiki causes no harm, and its because the person is purely a channel for the energy that is coming from the higher power, the person does not necessarily interfere with your own energy.

HOWEVER. An energy healer can use Reiki as part of their tool box (in fact that’s what I do, and what most Reiki masters do as well).

An energy healer will work with your energy in whatever way they feel best. And this is where using discretion is important.

If you have a powerful, well adjusted, practice what you preach energy healer, this is great as they will be adding what you need into your energy system and clearing what doesn’t serve you and you can have the most amazing incredible break through and shifts.

On the other hand if you have an energy healer who doesn’t practice what they preach and doesn’t clear their own energies you can have some negative experiences and in some cases spend days/weeks reeling and recovering from it.

In my years as an energy healer, I have seen this happen so many times. I have had clients come to me just for help recovering from these experiences.


Energy healers are humans. We’re not supposed to be perfect, we have our own shit to work on too. However we do need to be clear vessels and practice energetic hygiene. When I do see someone who is an energy healer who I can feel is not really energetically clear, its pretty obvious. I can see it in their eyes and I can feel it in my energy system. And from people who have had these negative experiences I always hear the same thing ‘oh I felt icky around them but it was a good deal so I took it even though my gut was saying no’

ALWAYS ALWAYS TRUST YOUR GUT. I just cannot emphasise this enough, when you think of working with that healer, how does your body react? How do you feel? Trust that.


There are tonnes of energy healing modalities out there, I’ve personally studied, Reiki, Seichim, Theta Healing, Kinesiology, EFT, and can tell you each one is SO SO SO different from the other.

I know energy healers with tonnes of certifications, some without any certifications at all. At the end of the day what matters is that they have experience working with energy and know what they're dealing with. Whats their reputation, have they been doing this for a long time? Are they teaching this? Do they have proof of clients and testimonials? Can they back up their work?

An energy healer is not necessarily psychic but consider whether this is important to you or not.

TRUST THE SIGNS. Often times I have clients come to me saying I had a dream I had a session with you or you kept showing up when I asked for help, etc etc. Trust the signs. If you're asking for help and notice a healer keeps popping up whether through a flyer or in your thoughts, trust it.

Energy healing is something that we all need so much at this point in the earth's evolution. Its incredible, powerful, life changing work. And just like any other industry, use discretion and trust your gut.

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