Seeing An Energy Healer

September 15, 2018


Working with an energy healer is something you do need to be picky about.


I’ve seen some interesting posts lately on Facebook about energy healing experiences and want to add into the conversation.


Recently I went to visit a friend and she told me a story about how she had been in India and saw an energy healer.


The story goes as it always does in these cases, the energy healer said working with her would be really good for her and the energy healer definitely had the best intentions.

Despite her gut feeling my friend went for the session not having ‘a valid enough of a reason’ to turn it down.
(Please note your gut feeling is a valid enough reason to turn anything down!)

For the next month, she felt unlike herself. She felt anxious, could feel negative energy in her system and just felt out of sorts.
She just didn’t feel like her normal self.


When she told me this I immediately saw an entity attached to her and after we removed it she started to feel like her normal self and felt better.


If an energy healer doesn’t look after their energy or maintain energetic hygiene they can act as gateways for this kind of energy.


These energy healers usually have the best intentions. It's just as energy healers we need to practice energetic hygiene and practice what we preach.


I am SO SO SO picky about the people I see for energy healing because I know this.

I only work with certain energy healers and I like mine to be psychic and have a background in various modalities. (Thats just my preference not necessary for a good energy healer.)


Often times unfortunately there are energy healers out there who haven’t had proper training or