If you don't share your message, your guides will give it someone else.

You have a soul contract to bring through specific information and frequencies onto earth in this lifetime.

But if you’ve noticed yourself continuing to refuse to share that information and energy because of your excuses and refusing to do the work…

Guess what’s going to happen.

They’re going to download that information to someone else.

That information and frequency still NEEDS to come to earth and humanity. You were chosen as a representative and a channel for that information and energy.

But if you refuse to step up and fill your soul contract, your guides will take it on themselves to make sure that important information will still come through.

They will find someone who is READY, WILLING and ABLE, to show up, step up and share the message you continue to refuse to.

They will literally find someone in alignment with your message and get them to share the information through because that information is WAY more important than you. I have seen this happen SO many times. A friend has an idea she divinely receives. It takes her years and I hear excuses and excuses as she refuses to step up. Finally, someone else starts sharing the exact idea she had through their own work. I've been a receiver of it. When I had a teacher I knew step off her path and decided she would no longer be channeling through her teachings, despite the fact she had changed so many peoples lives I remember receiving so much new information from my guides that following week. And when I told her about what I was receiving she was shocked saying that was her final project she never finished.

Because we were in alignment, both spiritual teachers sharing frequencies, but one of us refusing to share what was coming through. They just need someone to share it through. When I get an idea or energy come through I always have an urgency to share it ASAP. Because I know if I don't they will pick someone else as the microphone for it.

In the higher realms, ideas don’t belong to people. Up there ideas are just information and frequencies that need to come here and they share it anyway they can!

So if you know that you’re sitting on an idea, a course, a business idea that is transformational and fucking needed by the world but you refuse to share it because of your excuses?

They're going to assign someone else to share it. Because that message is WAY more important than you.

You volunteered to show up on earth and share that message but if you let yourself get bogged down by other stuff and refuse to do the work you know you were here to do? Someone else will do it. Someone else will live the life you were supposed to and share your message. Because you won’t show up. So show the fuck up. Share your message.

Its more important than you. More important than your excuses. More important than your fears and insecurities. Sharing your message is more important then thinking you’re not good enough, you’re not ready, that people will judge you, you’re too young, too inexperienced. Your soul doesn’t care about that. It just knows it needs to share the message that will help the world. Share your fucking message or someone else will.

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