Your Soul Will Call.

When your soul calls you - are you going to step up?

Your soul is going to call you. Its going to whisper at you, scream at you, push you and guide you through your desires.

Not your fears, not your logical mind with all its limiting beliefs, but your desires. Your desires are your compass.

The part of you that wants more, the part of you that feels like what you’re experiencing is not enough or where you’re supposed to be. Like something is missing is you not listening to your souls desires.

We deny our soul by refusing these desires, saying they’re ‘too much’ or ‘not logical’ or ‘unachievable’

You can’t shut down these desires. Everyday your soul is guiding you to where you were born to be through DESIRE.

But the path of following your soul desire isn’t easy.

Its one of constant transformation and growth.

Of highs and lows. Low lows. Dark nights of the soul.

Those who truly embody and honour their soul are the ones that are continuously growing and

evolving because they are constantly going deeper into themselves to confront their shadows.

A fully embodied soul aligned being knows they “need to confront themselves over and over again. Until they are the clearest, stillest channel for spirit to exist within.”

They know that they can’t actually reach their highest vision without doing the work.

To do the work on what comes up. Whenever it comes up. Every time it comes up.

Its total soul embodiment.

Its safe and easy to call yourself spiritual and watch from the outside but refuse to REALLY wholly do the work.

Because if you really do the work, if you really do the healing and address what comes up, your reality changes. You have shifts and growth and expansion constantly.

Staying stuck in the same place for years is an indication you’re not doing the work. Having the same patterns and situations over and over again.

Because anything can change in a heartbeat. But it requires your time, your energy and your dedication.

Those who are doing the work every single day and confronting their shadow selves act as a mirror and if you’re one of these you will notice you trigger others.

Because you’re a reminder that they’re not living their soul embodied purpose.

You can meditate. You can go to all the events and courses you want. You can hang out with the people. You can believe in all the law of attractions + magic + aliens But if you’re not living it. If you’re not embodying it, it fucking shows.

Because when you embody it – its visible to everyone around you. And you get that flow that people talk about. With the opportunities, the right people, the divine guidance. All of it.

And everything, all areas in your life, go to the next level.

In my work I’ve seen these two types of people…

The first is the one who dips their toes in and watches from the outside. They’re the observers. It may even look like they’re doing the work. They’re probably doing some courses but when you look close they aren’t using what they learn. They’re probably doing some sort of plant medicine but not healing what the medicine shows them to work on. They probably even have the tools and resources to heal but when you look close they’re running from it. And they generally stay in the same patterns for years. Whether that be victim mentality or another, they find their pattern and stick to it. Fear rules them, maybe not obviously but when you look closer you see they’re running from doing the work because its too much, too scary for them. They may blame others for where they are, saying they’re not able to move because of the past.And even though a part of them knows that if they just did the work, if they just healed they could get closer to their soul aligned life, but they refuse to, because they’re scared of facing their demons. And I'm not saying its wrong to feel this way or its wrong to be this way. Not at all. But when you want to to create a soul embodied life you have to do the work.

Then there are the soul embodied.

They dive in deep, confronting themselves over and over again. The go fucking deep, they dredge up the parts of themselves that get in the way of their soul aligned visions and heal them. As soon as they’re triggered they go heal the part of themselves that reacted. As soon as they get the guidance they work on it and use it. They take risks and jump off cliffs even when its scary, even when they can’t see the safe landing, but they know they need to move because their SOUL is telling them to.

You know these people when you meet them because they inspire you. They also trigger you by reminding you that you’re not living in soul embodiment… which can sometimes mean you want to run the other way.. or you want to attack them and tell them to stop shining their light. The soul embodied are the entrepreneurs, the powerhouses, the creators and the changemakers. They beckon and call in their demons and face them head on so that they can heal them. They know they have the power to create the reality that they desire. And they do the fucking work to make it happen. They’re constantly evolving and moving up into the next level for them.

There are two types and you get to choose which one you want to be.

You can move from 1 to 2. I see it all the time with my clients. Doing the work moves you. Listening to the stirs of your soul and following it even when you’re scared shitless moves you. . When you go to a course, are you using this to change your life and become the highest version of yourself?

When you receive a tool a skill, the guidance of a coach or a healer, are you applying it ? Are you taking a step closer each day to becoming the purest channel you can be for your soul to shine through?

Are you taking a moment each day to listen to the desires of your soul?

What does your soul desire right now?

Not your ego. Not your mind.

The deepest part of you. Your soul.

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