Your Feminine/Masculine Flow

We’re all constantly going through cyclical rhythms of expansion, creation and then retreat and inner rest. ☀️🔥🌧️💧

The start of the year was a collective retreat and many of us who are used to action and creation felt stuck, impatient and like maybe we’ve hit a dry spell.

That’s because it’s been a time to sit and do the inner work.

When we do so much self work, personal development and healing often times we can hit a plateau, where something in our life needs to give, needs to shift out so we can continue to reach the next level.

This may look like leaving an old relationship, like healing your inner child, or dealing with some shadow parts.

But to reach that next level the inner work NEEDS to be done. That thing is holding you in your plateau so you’re not feeling inspired, aligned and on fire like you’re used to.

Instead of pushing and wondering why you’re not creating and flowing, why not ask, what right now do I need to heal, release and resolve so I can reach the next level and be in creation/action mode.

What needs to be let go of, so you can create space to raise your vibrations and go to the next level?

If you’re feeling stuck, it may time to release something.

We all go through these cycles of creation + action, and then withdrawal and healing and learning.

It’s a flow, and collectively since January we have been going through this and only as we stepped in Aries season you may have felt that fiery action flow start to creep back in.

Reframe your mindset to honour that it’s a time for healing and release and its OK to sit with it, meditate and journal more during this time rather then create content and work like crazy.

When it feels good to work and create content and market then do that. When it feels good to sit and meditate and journal do that.

Align with your feminine, and your masculine, it all flows.

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