Are you willing to die for your vision?

Are you willing to die for your vision?

this week I signed up to a new business mastermind and one of the live coaching calls we were asked this question.

It’s one of those questions that really reverberated within in and left me thinking about it.

She told us: If you’re not willing to die for your vision, get a better vision.

Your vision should be aligned with your soul and your purpose to the point where you can’t not do it. It’s who you are and why you came here.

Not doing it for the money but doing it because you can’t not do your souls work and you couldn’t avoid doing it even if you tried.

It’s your soul expression and it’s so consuming you’re willing to give it all you’ve got.

In the past I have sacrificed a lot for my vision. My first year in my business I put in all my money, all my time and energy to it and put everything else in my life on hold.

My health and my relationships were sacrificed but to me it was all worth it.

And I didn’t sacrifice it intentionally but just because nothing had ever lit up my soul as much as doing that work. It wasn’t about making money it was about creating something that was a physical manifestation of my soul.

Nothing had the ability to bring me as much fulfilment, joy and energy as this.

I gave up a lot that year, but I gained so so much more.

And everything that I gave up I didn’t even think twice about because I knew nothing else mattered as much as my vision.

That’s the kind of energy that creates and manifests. That’s the kind of energy with momentum and power that transforms into something magical.

Your vision should ignite you so high it transcends past any fears and resistance 💖 that’s what will have your vision manifest.

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