Surrender In Full Faith


My motto for 2018 is surrender in full faith.

Last year even though I had my guides tell me one thing or I would get the intuitive nudges to do something I still would a lot of the time go ‘hmm nah, my logical mind is telling me something else’ 
talk about self sabotage….

In the areas where I did surrender in full faith and allow that guidance to show me the path, everything flowed easily.

Everything showed up in perfect harmony and sync without needing to hustle or push. It was easy. And I thought fuck it.

2018, is my year of surrender in full faith.

No resistance. No doubting.

Just get the guidance and go even when I don’t see the full picture. Even when I’m scared shitless. Even when I don’t understand it.

Taking leaps of faith. Surrendering in full faith.

With that simple change, so many things changed drastically. I work half as hard for double the amount of money.

My soulmate clients aligned with me in massive easy ways. I reached out to people just because I had that intuitive nudge to which lead to speaking gigs and amazing collaborations as well as relationships + powerful friendships.

Last night my guides gave me the name of my next mentor/coach and this morning opening up Facebook I see her show up on my feed, never heard of her or even knew we were connected on Facebook, but here she is. I ask my guides – is that her? Yep. Okay cool, discovery session is booked.

Even though I JUST joined a business mastermind. Even though I am already working with a kick-ass life coach every week. Even though I didn’t really think I needed a new business coach right this second nor have I budgeted for it. Even though logically I’m thinking I should wait, and what if we’re not a good fit??

But then I come back to, Surrender in full faith.

My intuition is screaming at me to go see her. Surrender in full faith.

Your intuition already has everything sorted for you, it already has your pathway to bring you all the happiness, joy, abundance your heart & soul desires, but its our own resistance to that intuition that sabotages what we really desire.

Just by listening to that intuition and guidance we show the universe we’re ready to fucking level up.

Surrender in full faith.

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