Signs You're Reaching the Next Level of Your Life

May 15, 2018


When you're reaching the next level of your life, the old stuff comes up to be cleared out.


You can be celebrating reaching your goals, reaching that next level vision you had for yourself and then out of the blue start having panic attacks.

About shit you thought you had already dealt with.
About stuff that turns out you only partly healed.


I believe we have 7 main areas in our life:


Spiritual - our soul mission
Emotional/Mental - our healing /creativity / disposition
Vocational - our work life
Financial - freedom + relation to money
Familial - love + intimacy
Social - friends + influence
Physical - physical health + wellbeing



In each of those areas in our life. when we start to reach the next level some old wound comes up to be healed from all areas.


And from a vibrational perspective, I get it, like you raise your vibration to a new level so all the low vibrational trauma and old patterns come up to be cleared so your whole system can match the new level of life you're entering... but it can be so full on.


When you move into alignment with your Spiritual Soul Mission into a higher vibration, the other stuff has to get into alignment too with the higher vibration.


Lets say, you start calling in + living in alignment with your divine purpose and start experiencing shifts.



This can look like:

Emotional/Mental: old belief systems coming up to be cleared, old traumas and wounds from childhood coming up to be dealt with.


Vocational: the system or 9-5 work you're in becomes challenged and you feel pushed to get the fuck out of it.


Financial: you start to feel like money is just an energy and do you actually have a scarcity mindset because why don't you have enough to create what you want?


Familial - You start to attract partners that are on your level and challenge you to own your dark shadow side and push you to live in alignment with your mission.


Social: friends start falling away that aren't in alignment with your new level. You start living in a bubble where all those around you just get you on a soul level.


Physical: your body starts to let you know what it wants and doesn't and becomes sensitive to things it never was before.



All these areas affect each oth