San Pedro - A Journey

Its been almost a month since I did my first plant medicine journey.

Since taking the plant medicine ALOT has changed in my life.

Yes the big things have changed, like my direction in my business, but also the little things are shifting as well.

Here are some of the smaller shifts I have noticed since the journey;

1. A MUCH bigger and more intense desire to be in nature and rest in it. I cannot wait to have a property I can go to whenever to retreat into the healing nature.

2. One of my personality traits is that I can be a smart ass, or in kinder words, I can be quite cheeky. In an affectionate way, I have always done this. However since the journey I have noticed this trait has significantly increased. Like a lot. Alot. Alot. Whereas before I had to be in a specific mood to be cheeky, now its daily and constantly, these witty, cheeky comments pop into my head that make me giggle regardless of what the situation. I'm still trying to work out if I like this change or not.

3. Increased libido.

4. Weird avoidance of mirrors now? I became aware of it as soon as I got home after the San Pedro and noticed I didn't like the mirror in my room. Every-time I looked at it, it made me feel off, so I turned it around and its been that way since.

I'm sure there are many other small and large changes I'm yet to integrate and now having had this time to analyse, integrate and absorb my learnings from the experience, I would love to share with you my experience with San Pedro.

Hearing the call of San Pedro

I had long heard about the benefits of plant medicine in particular that of Ayahuasca and spending most of my time around spiritual teachers and healers it was something that was always available to me, yet I didn't have that calling.

Whenever I do a course, hire a coach, see a healer, book an experience I only do it if I get that feeling.

I describe it as an energetic resonance of yeeeeess! I've had clients come to me and say someone recommended you and as soon I heard your name I felt like I had to come see you.

Thats the calling I'm talking about.

That energetic resonance of yes!!! It FEELS right.

Now I knew going into this year, 2018 would be my plant medicine year.

I had actively avoided doing any sort of drugs for most of my life. The reason for that is my first Reiki teacher when I was 18 told me that when you do a drug for spiritual reasons, you're handing over your power and control over to the drug completely regardless of what you're ready for and discouraged us from doing them.

Whether thats true or not, is irrelevant. It served a purpose for me.

That was enough to scare me into avoiding doing any drugs and as my spiritual and psychic abilities grew and strengthened, I met many people who had been awakened by drugs or whos spiritual abilities came from plant medicines.

I was a clairvoyant and powerful energy healer and thought to myself, wow imagine how my life would change if I actually did those too.

I started to learn more about how plant medicines work and why people take them. For healing, for life purpose, for clearing, for all sorts of incredible things and I was very drawn.

I set the intention; 2018 is going to be my plant medicine year. and so it has been.

2018 started and the universe decided to hand me a shaman. (Note; he actively denies this term) but he is on his plant medicine journey to facilitate and hold ceremonies and his experiences with them have led me into many experiences I wouldn't have had without him.

His stories about how healing and powerful the plant medicines were inspired me along with his recommendations of documentaries on it. I was offered to take Ayahuasca but I noticed I didn't feel that calling when I thought about it.

It felt more like a 'yes its good, but not yet.'

I also knew that I would only ingest something that altered my state if i felt totally 100% safe. When I'm in my own home or The Temple I know the space is energetically secure and its safe for me to channel or enter altered states. Yet going somewhere I didn't know and being around strangers? It took me being with someone who I felt safe around no matter where I was to finally decide to go

Fast forward to late March and he asks me would I be interested in a San Pedro journey.

San Pedro.

The words rung that vibrational resonance of yeeeeess!!!

'Yes' without hestiation I knew that that was the one for me.

So we booked in and began our preparations of fasting and clearing our systems.

For the week coming up to the event it was no alcohol, no coffee, no meat, no dairy, no gluten, no sex, no tap water and lots of meditation and energy clearing.

Easter Long Weekend : Friday - Day 1.

We drove up a few hours to the property we would be doing the ceremony on. There were 13 of us all up, I was the only new one and the youngest. They all knew each other prior from past journeys.

One of the attendees had come to my channelling class last year so I knew her too.

The first night we all chatted, we introduced ourselves to each other, our facilitators, and set up our tents.

The night was early and we retired into a tent under the stars.

The property was beautiful and I was excited about the next day.

Easter Long Weekend: Saturday Day 2.

Bright and early, 7am start. Breakfast: muesli gluten free and vegan.

The facilitators gathered us around in a circle as we linked hands and set the intentions. The facilitators called upon the ancestors of the land, letting them know what we are doing and to take care of me as the newbie.

We each went inside and the facilitator pulled out two water bottles full of green liquid.

She pointed to one bottle, "this is a mix of cactuses, it is our morning mix. The other bottle is a 50 year old cactus we will be having in the evening."

She handed each one of a paper bag full of dried cactus chips to snack on. It was weighed differently depending on the person. My bag was very small as I was new. There was also dark chocolate in the bag, this was apparently if you didn't like the taste.

"The cactus is bitter and you may not like the taste, however the first taste is your first relationship with the plant. Do not energetically send to the plant, I don't like how you taste. its important you greet the plant as it enters your body"

The facilitator was very small, yet she was very intense, she had studied in Peru and had been doing plant medicine for over a decade. You could see she took this work very seriously.

She called me over, and muscle tested the amount she poured into my cup. She then told me to stare into it and set my intentions.

Ah the intentions. So apparently intentions shape the whole journey. Which is exactly what it did my whole journey revolved around the intention.

I set two intentions for the journey.

1. Healing. Physical Healing. I had been getting a few headaches coming up, and I knew my liver wasn't in the best shape.

2. Getting clarity on the direction in my business.

We all drank it together. It tasted fine by me, I have had many a worse herbal tonics prescribed by naturopaths that I found the taste to be herby and pleasant.

'Ok kids, time for the hike'

We would be taken for a long hike up the mountains, on the ancient Australian land.

There is so much I am grateful for and one of those things is living on Australian land. The land is so full of powerful energies, tens of thousands of years of energy work and love for the land held in each of the rocks and plants and trees that the Aboriginal ancestors poured into it. If you have walked in Australian nature you would have felt that deep and powerful energetic resonance. The Aboriginal Australian Ancestors energy is still so present and strong.

We began to climb up the mountain.

And my lord what a climb.

I had woken up with pains in my body and it was one of those climbs where often I had to be on all fours and grabbing onto whatsoever I could find to hoist myself up the next bit of rock. There were many falls and scratches and cuts.

We stopped every so often to refocus. As we were lead up the mountain the facilitator talked about the ancient land and the energies it held. He compared it to raising vibrations, Physically. Each bit we climbed up the more we raised our vibrations

Also San Pedro needs to be activated through physical movements to move through your system. The more you eat and move the stronger it is.

After 40 minutes we reached a beautiful mountain peak. The view was incredible we could see across the valleys and the mountains as we sat on this big beautiful rock.

It was here we began to ingest the chips. The chips were dry and easy to eat. I ate two because I felt like If i ate anymore I would throw up so I took it easy.

I noticed I was getting quite a bad headache and starting to feel nauseous.

I would ask my boyfriend later about his experience with this and he would say he was receiving so much during this walk. For me the mountain hike was totally in my body to the point where I couldn't focus on anything else but the San Pedro moving through my body.

I wont lie it wasn't a pleasant experience that morning. I felt sick and in pain and the last thing I wanted to do was trek it up a mountain. Everyone else seemed to be having an amazing time walking and sweating and enjoying the cactus yet I felt so sick. It was soon to pass though fortunately.

After some energy work on the rock we began to head down again, we were discouraged from having social conversations but to focus on the walk. Apparently the hunters used to take the cactus and hunt. I certainly didn't understand how this was possible but apparently my boyfriend totally understood this.

We got back down to nature and sat on the open grass playing music and resting for most of the day. This part of the day lasted 8 hours, we ate the chips and it went by SO quickly. I actually can't remember how it passed so quickly. We ate the chips and we were all in a slightly altered state and sometimes we would just have our eyes closed and rest and receive.

It was at this point I started to become very aware of the San Pedro spirit.

All the plant medicines and all drugs in fact have a spirit who resonates with the energy.

San Pedro is the grandfather.

The spirit is very cheeky and focused.

I also found him to be very humbling.

You start to notice theres a clear communication thats coming in externally from the same voice.

The same way when you meditate and ask a question you might notice the different voices responding; the ego, the subconscious, your intuition, your higher self, they all sound slightly differently and the more you listen to them the more familiar you are with what each one sounds like.

Well add another voice to it thats clear and dominant and thats the San Pedro, you start to notice you're having internal conversations with the spirit. You ask questions and receive answers as thoughts and images.

As we were sitting on the grass I finally started to recieve answers and guidance about things. Just these beautiful insights and then a nice humbling as well.

My intention going in was to get more clarity about my work and souls purpose the direction it needs to be in.

From a young age I was aware of my purpose and my mission and its always dictated ALL the things in my life.

From who I would date, to what i would wear to, to how I spend my time. I made ALL my decisions based on that. And for the first time I had been feeling a little like whats the next step? The next direction?

The San Pedro came in and said:


What would you be doing if you weren't so focused on your soul purpose?

What if you didn't prioritise it above everything and honoured your own desires, joys and wants?

What would you be doing if you knew you didn't have a soul purpose?


This question totally freaked me out to be honest, I had no idea, my identity is my soul purpose...

Ok. It would be a question I would come back to and journal about I agreed, but I did begin to think. What would I be doing?

And it was from that space that I began to decide on taking a new direction in my work. It would have the same energy and resonance but it would be expressed slightly differently.

When I came back to Sydney and decided that after working with some of my coaches and psychics and processing what I learnt and deciding yep Im taking a new direction, 2 of my coaching clients, cancelled their packages for financial reasons!

I took that as a sign the universe was encouraging my new path...

Back in San Pedro Journeying,

I just sat and talked with the spirit for most of the day as did most of us. Pondering and reflecting and recieving.

We walked over to the cactuses and looked at them growing, they looked so happy soaking up to the sun, I instantly felt love for them.

Our facilitator called us over to begin the last journey.

She poured everyone a cup of the San Pedro the same way of the 50 year cactus.

We drank it down together.

Within 10 minutes I felt it.


Words cannot begin to describe how incredible it felt.

It honestly was incredible.

I felt total heart expansion and joy. It was quite psychedelic, as I looked up at the trees everything was moving and shifting.

My boyfriend and I decided to have a walk into nature. I felt like being alone and sitting with the insights coming to me, everyone else was singing and playing in music.

We walked over to the trees and plants and I stared out into the nature and I remember just feeling this total love, respect and joy for the planets. I felt so SO connected to the earth, I understood I was just a part of it and the same way plants tell us what they need, the body does too and we listen.

I don't know how long I sat there staring into nature and feeling gratitude for the beauty of earth.

I then tested out doing energy work.

Holy shit.

Doing energy work whilst on San Pedro was so so so incredible. You feel everything so strongly and all the energy shifting.

The San Pedro was downloading herbs into my hands, It was like almost Homeopathic energy work.

It would show me a picture of a plant and then I could see the energy of it pouring into my hand and then it guided my hand to a part of my body. It was healing various physical parts of me.

By this point you could feel the spirit right next to you talking to you.

I was overjoyed and walked further barefoot. I was in awe of nature and all its beauty, it was so stunning and beautiful.

You develop this clear communication line with the San Pedro where its constantly showing and talking to you.

As I stood there, it showed me a picture of a fox.

"Thats your totem animal."

I was over joyed at that moment!

I had spent so much time with my family at La Renarde (the fox in french) in France for many years and loved the cheeky cunning smart fox. I instantly felt the energetic resonance.

The first San Pedro journey they say is an introduction and thats exactly wha it felt like. It was just showing me the potential, introducing me. showing me my totem animal, apparently its the second journey where you get the big major insights. I can't wait to do it again.

The rest of the night we wandered around, gazing at the moon, the stars everything was beautiful and stunning, I had no desire to eat and didn't.

I felt so safe, so at ease so comfortable, the night and full moon was magical. We fell asleep with the moon shining onto our faces and we lay under the stars soaking up the magic of everything.

I felt so at peace and just ease and my god, I was so in love with the nature.

I can't remember how I slept, deeply and without dreams I believe.

The morning I felt good still. The effects were gone but I felt good.

That night everyone had sat around the fire playing drums until late. I felt i wanted to be alone not social.

Easter long weekend - Sunday Day 3

This day was a bit of a shock to my system.

I found out the facilitator didn't like the work I did, and was energetically sending me things.

I always find it interesting that with the work I do and I know it can be controversial, however its not from people who don't believe I felt the most resistance to it, most of them are just like

'you're crazy' and we laugh it off.

She mentioned that it was because she believed that everything should come from us rather then from an external energy such as an angel or guide.

And whilst I agree, plant medicine is also an external tool.

There are tools we have access to to help our paths and journeys. Some reach to the earth and others to the heavens for these tools.

I'm a cosmic starchild and I always reached to the heavens and am only now beginning to reach for earths tools that have been here all along.

Obviously for me to come out of a journey, and be psychically attacked in front of others (when I say psychically attacked I mean she was energetically sending things to me I had to later clear through her words. I won't go into details but she basically tore down my work and what I do called it all bullshit, etc. in front of other people and it was quite a long rant) wasn't the most pleasant morning.

AS ALWAYS with any work we do there will be people who don't like what we do.

I went into this work KNOWING if i'm going to talk to spirits for a living there are people who will judge me and I got over that when I was 16 and dealing with demons.

Whenever ANYONE attacks what we are doing we have to remember that we are mirroring something within them they have not healed.

Whenever someone reacts to us in negative its because a part of them is healing

Her reacting in anger to my work, is some belief system or trauma in her that is not healed. It actually has nothing to do with me I am just the mirror for her own healing. When someone criticises you its about them, not about you.

You are simply the mirror.

But like anything it happened for a reason so I asked my guides, why did that need to happen this morning? WHY this morning of all mornings?

'So that you learn to believe in your work no matter what ANYONE says about it. Regardless if you respect them as a teacher. You need to believe in the work you do no matter how much you're criticised for it and when you're most vulnerable.'

And it was challenging because I was torn down by someone i respected as my teacher in front of two of my students and my boyfriend.

My reaction to her anger was no reaction, I smiled and sat there and let her express what she needed to understanding I was a mirror to her unhealed self. And then I dealt with the part of me that wasn't reacting well to what she was sending.

Whenever you do your souls work you will always have people who don't like it.

People will set their standards and expectations and project them onto you, its your job to only judge yourself by your own standards.

This lady only started facilitating when she was 30, maybe me being so young and doing the work already is triggering her? I'll never know what really triggered her and truthfully I don't need to, its her stuff. I only need to worry about MY stuff.

John De Martini says ;no matter what you do there will be people who love it and those that hate it. So you might as well do what you love.

If you do what you love, do it well, change lives, get paid well for it and make it easy OF COURSE its going to trigger to people.

But if you let it get to you every-time you're going to feel held back.

Its your job to retrain your mindset, see why its bothering you, clear it and then hold yourself to your standards.

With this women I had felt resistance from her all weekend and thought I may have been imagining it but i found out i wasn't. (See even I'm still learning to listen and trust ALL the subtle intuitive energetic nudges.)

The morning for me was challenging, I was very open and vulnerable and felt a little bit publicly shamed and so I wasn't feeling good. I walked around and cleaned, and sat with what was coming up for me.

I wanted to leave but knew we had to stay.

We had breakfast, talked with some other people, shared experiences in a circle.

Everyone went around and talked about how their San Pedro experience was, what they got out of it and then we packed up.

I thanked the faciliator, hugged her, sent her love and we were on our way.

I didn't eat all weekend and being an avid believer and practiser of fasting I wasn't fussed, but in that instant I felt a huge wave of hunger come over me. It was all I could think about, I was grumpy until finally we ate.

I crashed early that night back.

The next few days I was inegrating, sitting with it, reflecting, journalling and writing.

I can still feel its integrating.

It was an incredible experience connecting with the San Pedro energy and I honestly can't wait to do it again.

If you feel the calling like I did, Its life changing.

Last year I was focused on learning from seminars, courses and books.

This year the energy had shifted and the learning is coming from experiences working with healers, psychics, coaches and plant medicine journeys, meditation retreats, etc. Its more of a tapping within energy whereas last year it was getting the knowledge externally.

Have you had a powerful plant medicine experience?

Share it with me here:

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