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San Pedro - A Journey

April 18, 2018

Its been almost a month since I did my first plant medicine journey. 

Since taking the plant medicine ALOT has changed in my life. 



Yes the big things have changed, like my direction in my business, but also the little things are shifting as well.


Here are some of the smaller shifts I have noticed since the journey;


1. A MUCH bigger and more intense desire to be in nature and rest in it. I cannot wait to have a property I can go to whenever to retreat into the healing nature.

2. One of my personality traits is that I can be a smart ass, or in kinder words, I can be quite cheeky. In an affectionate way, I have always done this. However since the journey I have noticed this trait has significantly increased. Like a lot. Alot. Alot. Whereas before I had to be in a specific mood to be cheeky, now its daily and constantly,  these witty, cheeky comments pop into my head that make me giggle regardless of what the situation. I'm still trying to work out if I like this change or not. 


3. Increased libido. 


4. Weird avoidance of mirrors now? I became aware of it as soon as I got home after the San Pedro and noticed I didn't like the mirror in my room. Every-time I looked at it, it made me feel off, so I turned it around and its been that way since. 


I'm sure there are many other small and large changes I'm yet to integrate and now having had this time to analyse, integrate and absorb my learnings from the experience, I would love to share with you my experience with San Pedro.


Hearing the call of San Pedro



I had long heard about the benefits of plant medicine in particular that of Ayahuasca and spending most of my time around spiritual teachers and healers it was something that was always available to me, yet I didn't have that calling. 


Whenever I do a course, hire a coach, see a healer, book an experience I only do it if I get that feeling. 

I describe it as an energetic resonance of yeeeeess!  I've had clients come to me and say someone recommended you and as soon I heard your name I felt like I had to come see you.

Thats the calling I'm talking about.

That energetic resonance of yes!!! It FEELS right.


Now I knew going into this year, 2018 would be my plant medicine year.

I had actively avoided doing any sort of drugs for most of my life.  The reason for that is my first Reiki teacher when I was 18 told me that when you do a drug for spiritual reasons, you're handing over your power and control over to the drug completely regardless of what you're ready for and discouraged us from doing them.


Whether thats true or not, is irrelevant. It served a purpose for me.

That was enough to scare me into avoiding doing any drugs and as my spiritual and psychic abilities grew and strengthened, I met many people who had been awakened by drugs or whos spiritual abilities came from plant medicines.

I was a clairvoyant and powerful energy healer and thought to myself, wow imagine how my life would change if I actually did those too.


I started to learn more about how plant medicines work and why people take them. For healing, for life purpose, for clearing, for all sorts of incredible things and I was very drawn.


I set the intention; 2018 is going to be my plant medicine year. and so it has been.

2018 started and the universe decided to hand me a shaman. (Note; he actively denies this term) but he is on his plant medicine journey to facilitate and hold ceremonies and his experiences with them have led me into many experiences I wouldn't have had without him.


His stories about how healing and powerful the plant medicines were inspired me along with his recommendations of documentaries on it. I was offered to take Ayahuasca but I noticed I didn't feel that calling when I thought about it.


It felt more like a 'yes its good, but not yet.'


I also knew that I would only ingest something that altered my state if i felt totally 100% safe. When I'm in my own home or The Temple I know the space is energetically secure and its safe for me to channel or enter altered states. Yet going somewhere I didn't know and being around strangers?  It took me being with someone who I felt safe around no matter where I was to finally decide to go


Fast forward to late March and he asks me would I be interested in a San Pedro journey. 


San Pedro.


The words rung that vibrational resonance of yeeeeess!!!


'Yes' without hestiation I knew that that was the one for me.


So we booked in and began our preparations of fasting and clearing our systems.


For the week coming up to the event it was no alcohol, no coffee, no meat, no dairy, no gluten, no sex, no tap water and lots of meditation and energy clearing.






Easter Long Weekend : Friday - Day 1.


We drove up a few hours to the property we would be doing the ceremony on. There were 13 of us all up, I was the only new one and the youngest. They all knew each other prior from past journeys.

One of the attendees had come to my channelling class last year so I knew her too.


The first night we  all chatted, we introduced ourselves to each other, our facilitators, and set up our tents. 

The night was early and we retired into a tent under the stars.

The property was beautiful and I was excited about the next day.





Easter Long Weekend: Saturday Day 2.



Bright and early, 7am start. Breakfast: muesli gluten free and vegan.


The facilitators gathered us around in a circle as we linked hands and set the intentions. The facilitators called upon the ancestors of the land, letting them know what we are doing and to take care of me as the newbie.


We each went inside and the facilitator pulled out two water bottles full of green liquid.


She pointed to one bottle, "this is a mix of cactuses, it is our morning mix. The other bottle is a 50 year old cactus we will be having in the evening."

She handed each one of a paper bag full of dried cactus chips to snack on. It was weighed differently depending on the person. My bag was very small as I was new.  There was also dark chocolate in the bag, this was apparently if you didn't like the taste.


"The cactus is bitter and you may not like the taste, however th