Own Your Shit.

If you want to maintain a state of peace regardless of the people and situations that pass you in life, you need to get aligned with RADICAL RESPONSIBILITY.

“ Radical responsibility means dropping your expectations and accepting others' actions or current circumstances as information or feedback ”

The actions or words someone else offers you is not really about you. It's about them.

But the way you perceive it is on you.

Some people will perceive the same event as an attack, others as a funny situation, all because they're filtering it through their own programs.

If you CHOOSE to live your life being victim to what others say to you, you will never experience continual peace.

The reactions we choose to have is about us and what we need to heal within ourselves.

Peace comes from understanding that regardless of what anyone says, it's not really about you. But what you learn from it, how you react is your lesson. You heal that, and you experience peace.

Radical Responsibility means owning your shit. Not blaming someone else for how you feel but honoring you are having this reaction to the external world because of your own experiences that need healing.

Victim mentality says: I’m not happy, I feel like shit, so its YOUR fault. Its my job's fault. It's my parents fault. Its my partners fault. Its not my fault I feel how I do. Its on someone else.

Radical responsibility says: Its up to no one else expect me to be happy. Its on me. I CHOOSE how I get to feel and its up to me be happy.

Radical Responsibility is the first step to emotional peace, to easy relationships and flowing with the world around you.

The words others say are about them. Not about you. But if you choose to let them define your experience, determine your emotions and how you feel, you can’t ever experience constant peace.

Radical Responsibility means no longer playing victim.

It means instead of blaming others for how YOU feel it means loving them unconditionally and working on yourself with the reaction you had to what someone said. Knowing the reaction comes from YOUR programming

Radical Responsibility changed my life, and allowed me to take ownership for ANY and ALL emotional reactions that came up inside of me in reaction to the outside world.

I used to look back into my past and blame others for the way I felt., for the trauma I carried. I used to look back with anger and fear. My mentality was that they did this to me.

But when I challenged that notion and decided, how I feel is up to me, not up to someone else, my mindset changed.

If you understand that your emotions are a CHOICE, your reactions are determined by your programming which you can CHANGE, then you understand that the way you experience life is limitless.

If you let others words determine how you feel daily, you will always be a slave to the people around you.

If you know that what someone says and does isn’t about you and heal the part of you that reacts to them, see it as a lesson and a gift, all you can truly experience is love.

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