✨3 steps to manifest what you want in 2018 ✨

1. 🙌🏻Decide what you’re energetically available for.

This step is something I see overlooked allllll the time. Yet it's SO important. If you’re settling for less than you want, you can’t bring in what you would rather have. Nature fills a vacuum. Create space for something better.

I see this with people all the time. If the people in your life aren’t what you’re wanting it’s time to disconnect to create space for what you DO want.

There is always better. What you actually want in ALL areas of your life is always available. It’s just up to you to choose to get available for it.

AND… become energetically unavailable for what you don’t want.

I mean if someone’s treating you how you don’t deserve to be treated, say to yourself, I don’t want this, I’m energetically unavailable to be treated like this. And you immediately create an energetic shift.

Your vibration and what you’re energetically available for decides what you attract into your life.

2. 🙌🏻Get emotional.

E – motion.

Energy creates motion to bring you your desires. Whenever I help clients/friends manifest people or situations into their lives I ask them to write down everything they want on one side and then on the other side of the paper write down how it's going to make them feel to have that in their life.

Those powerful emotions are whats going to align you energetically and bring those things to you. It’s the energy behind the manifestation!

3. 🙌🏻 Expect it, believe it, focus on it.

Once you write it down what you want, I like to write ‘it is done,’ x 3 at the bottom of the page. Because it is done. I believe it’s a cosmic order and its on its way now.

I know its coming, I expect it and now it's my work to get myself aligned with it for when it comes into my life. Where you focus is what you manifest. So focus only on that which you want.

Give no focus or attention to that which you don’t want.

Manifestation and having what brings you joy in your life is your birthright and is a skill available to all of us <3

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