Ask Your Guides for Signs!

I was talking to a client of mine the other day about guides and asking your spiritual team for signs, she mentioned how yellow buggies are the sign she asks for her and her Uber that rocked up to pick her up was a yellow buggie!

I first asked my guides to show me a sign when I was about 16 and I remember reading a book where they talked about this concept and so I decided to try it - and just ask.

'Ok Spirit guides if you're listening, show me a sign'

and I remember I was on a bus and I looked up, and there was this HUGE billboard in front of me - and you know what it said?

'This is a sign! - Buy a sign!' I cracked up laughing - they have a sense of humour!

Then my angels used to bring me white feathers all the time, and my guide Athena would bring me greek coins 😂

So if you haven't try it - Give it a go! Ask for a sign! And If your spiritual team shows you signs how do they show up for you? 💞

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