The Empath – Psychopath Spectrum

July 30, 2017



Okay so many of us in the intuitive world are Empaths. We are super sensitive to others energy and feel it affect us. An Empath really feels anothers emotions and energy as well.

And it can be reaaaally hard if we work with people in close proximity especially in an environment where we offering healing services or work with the sick.

You are also really intuitive to how people feel, their intentions, what they want of you and its super easy to pick up liars. When someone says something in inauthentic or a lie we feel it. So if you’re a spiritual practitioner most of your clients are probably empaths so just be aware they will feel if you’re being inauthentic!


The thing is empaths pick up others energies and hold them in their aura. The good and the bad stuff.
They tend to get super fatigued and have environmental sensitivities and unexplained aches and pains. And they will need time to recuperate and recharge!


And due to my background that recharging on my own thing was super confusing. I am licensed to facilitate the Myers-Brigg personality test, where you can find out if you’re an introvert /extrovert. And in every test I did on myself there I came up as an extrovert. EVERYTIME I was tested. YET the fundamental aspect of being an introvert  is that you need time to recharge after spending time with people was true to me.

An introvert: needs to recharge after being with people by being on their own.

An extrovert: gets energy from being around other people.


And so I was confused why am I drained after being around people when I’m an extrovert? Because I’m an empath!

An empath NEEDS to rech