Raise your Vibrational Frequency!

Raising your vibrational frequency is key to living a healthy and spiritual life, it is key to channeling and contacting higher light beings, it is key to being safe from negative entities and it the key to creating the life you want to live.

Often in life certain people, situations or events can have us feeling low vibrationally, tired and depressed and it is important to keep your vibrations high; here are my tips;

1) Connect with angelic beings, and any light beings. Pray and talk to them, send them love and gratitude, this gratitude will raise your frequency as well.

2) What water are you drinking? Depending on what part of the world you are in your water may have chemicals and fluoride. The energetic body of tap water is weak and damaged due to the intensive cleaning processes it goes through. I recommend natural spring water, the energetic frequency of pure spring water bottled at source is the best for the human at body.

3) Consider changing diet during the adjustment to higher frequencies – if you do not have intention of having vegetarian or vegan diet I do recommend cutting meat out for a couple of days as meat severely lowers vibrations and at this time we need to do everything to raise your vibrations. Eating healthy fresh organic fruit and vegetables will raise your vibrations

4) Deep Pranayamic breathing to open up your diaphragm and get the Ki energy flowing.

5) The Pillar of light is absolutely crucial morning and night and focus on brining in that light throughout the day.

6) Listen to uplifting high vibrational music I recommend Nahko and Medicine for the people – I always listen to it prior to healing and the song ; heres one of their best ones;

7)Chakra clearings and meditations. If your aura is open you need to clear your chakras and clear your aura. Meditation will also help raise your vibrations.

8) Being in nature, connecting to the beach or forests and grounding yourself in those energies

9) Clearing your space will raise you to a high vibration

10) Affirmations I highly recommend this one; The I Am Light. I use it myself and sometimes when I feel a space needs to be cleared I just play it in the background it does wonders. You can literally straight away feel the raise in vibrations.

11) Reiki. Having that balancing powerful energy move through you heals your aura and chakras as well. Consider having a Reiki treatment.

12)Bringing light into your body constantly, opening that connection, interacting with light beings and keeping them around you

What other tips and techniques have you used?

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