Starseeds - An intro


Essentially a Starseed is a person who has lived the majority of their lives on another planet in another dimension and has come to earth at this time to help the ascension of the earth by living in a 3 dimensional body. Many starseeds are sent here on a mission, some may rememeber who they are and others may not. Very often they have a pre-determined awakening and many have not had much experience within a human body. However some have had many previous lives on earths and some are new to the human body. Adjusting to earths density can be quite tricky.

Its star seeds mission to raise earths vibrations as we move into the 4D

What are they?

One of the most common and outstanding signs is the feeling of not fitting in. The feeling of being different and often this can be quite a negative feeling. The feelings of isolation come alongside the problem connecting to people. It can be quite hard to easily connect and get along with other people, and often we can't understand why they have certain behaviorus or act certain ways. Its good to find your own kind, it can be alot easier adjusting and being here on earth. Be aware that everyone has different characterristis depending on your home planet.

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