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Dna Recoding & Reactivation

May 11, 2017


Formula of Compassion



This article is an excerpt out of the book by Jelaila Starr. It is the first step for DNA Activation and Recording.



The Formula of Compassion (the Formula) is a multidimensional tool that has many functions.  First and foremost is used for deep emotional clearing, permanently dissolves layers from you emotional blocks.  The Formula unlocks and reactivates the  “Inner Technology” within your body in order to do this.  And best of all, each time you successfully complete the Formula and feel the “Inner Technology” work, your DNA will recode a bit more, changing from from carbon to crystalline. (Read the DNA Recoding Overview for more on this.)

The Formula allows you to move through enough of the lessons on your Life Blueprint to achieve the frequency necessary for full consciousness. In other words, the Formula lightens your bodily frequency each time you use it to handle a conflict and integrate the fear involved in the lesson behind the conflict.

Lessons come to you packaged as conflicts. I have found that I could not complete the RRA process without the Formula because the Formula enabled me to remove the negative emotions of the conflicts from my physical/emotional bodies by moving them up through my heart into my high heart, transmuting them there into compassion.

Another benefit of the Formula is the activation of the dormant psychic glands. Each time you use the Formula you exercise these dormant glands. By the time you finish DNA activation these glands are ready for full-time use.

Tips to remember when using the Formula of Compassion: 

1. Begin using the Formula only after you have expressed the anger or other negative feelings you have.  It will not work if you miss these steps.  Read the 7 Stage of Emotional Clearing TMfor more on this.

2. Feel the feelings of your situation, express them verbally and physically first, then begin the Formula on the issue.  Feeling them and physically expressing them brings the emotions up through the Heart Chakra and into the High Heart Chakra where they will be transmuted and released. These dense, lower frequency emotions are the fuel that once transmuted into the higher frequency of compassion through the High Heart (acts like an incinerator), floods through your body like an orgasmic release and changes your DNA at the same time.

You will continue this cycle of bringing up old issues as well as dealing with new lessons using the Keys of Compassion until you have cleared enough to complete the rewiring of your 12 DNA strands.  Afterwards, you will continue to clear emotionally in order to complete ascension, but now you will have the support of new neural pathways and their associated healthy behavior patterns.  Ascension is presently scheduled to be completed around 2012.  Now let’s move on to the 9 steps of the Formula of Compassion.



The Nine Steps of the Formula are as follows:


Step One: Lesson
What is the lesson I wanted to learn regarding this person and the conflict we are experiencing?

Ask your Higher Self/Soul, angels or spirit guides to help you.  Ask them to show you the lesson you wanted to learn.  It will be on your life blueprint.  Your life blueprint is your roadmap through your present lifetime.  It contains all the lessons, contracts and major events for your present lifetime, along with the people involved.

    Step Two: Contract
    What is the contract I made with this person?

    Ask to be shown the contract(s) you made to learn this lesson.  If using the Formula to release one individual, ask for the contract that pertains to you and that person.  There are usually many contracts with many people to learn the same lesson.  The ratio of contracts to lessons varies depending on how long and how many lifetimes you have been trying to learn that particular lesson.  The more lifetimes, the more present lifetime contracts for that lesson.

      Remember that no one agrees to make a contract with you unless they too, need to learn the same lesson.  In some cases the other person in your contract is there to learn the flip side of the lesson.


      Step Three: Role                                                                                              

      What is the role this person is playing to act out his/her part of the contract?

      Ask to see and understand the role you play and the role the other person is playing in the contract.  Ask for assistance in understanding how the roles look as they are being played out.  I visualize a stage and myself as a actress and the other person as an actress/actor.  It helps me to see the roles more clearly because I am able to view their behavior as a performance.

        Step Four: Aspect
        What is the aspect of myself this person is reflecting back to me?

        Once again ask