Lets Talk About Indoor Plants

Anyone who knows me know I love plants. In every single room of my home I have at least 6 different plans. I especially love any forms of Ivy and how the leaves grow up the wall and down the furniture, it gives my home a nature-y feel in my city apartment! So whats the benefit of having plants at home and why do they make the home so much better? Here are my reasons;

1. Purify the air

The most obvious and common reason is that they purify the air. They absorb fecal matter, and carbon dioxide Azalea's absorb formaldehyde, Ivy absorbs fecal matter and the peace lily is used by NASA for filtering chemicals from the air. I recommend using a variety of plants whichever you're intuitively guided to.

2. Good for your heart chakra.

Greenery is amazing for your heart chakra. The energy flowing in your heart is green coloured as well and is activated by nature. Walking around in nature barefoot, sitting with a tree are great ways to open up your heart chakra. My beside table is covered with a wall of plants and I always have my bed facing towards a window with trees outside of it. I wake up and go to sleep looking at plants and it does wonders for my hearts energies!

3. Great for animals

I have two cats, and boy do they love to eat plants! For this reason I am super careful as to what plants I buy as some of them are posinious to animals! Please do your research before you buy a plant to ensure its safe for your pet. For cats I recommend the obvious: cat nip plant they chew on this and it makes them happy! You can buy it from most pet stores. I also recommend grass - some plant stores specifically sell it for cats in a little pot. My cats favourites though are palms and ferns! They really chew through them!

4. Plants have their own Energetic Field similar to crystals.

In the same way that when you work with a crystal its energetic field combines with yours and influences you in healing ways, plants do the same. Various different plants work in different ways I recommend looking into it and seeing which ones would benefit you.

5. Great to practise Reiki on

Plants love Reiki. They are very responsive to it, its also a great way to connect with a plant. Give Reiki to plant and feel its energies and its aura, its very different to a humans energies and it can help them heal if they are not doing so well.

6. Elemental Creatures

Every plant is a home to an elemental being. Very often fairies and various other elemental creatures are around these plants and they add a positive energy to the home as well! Their energies are healing! As I was writing this I am next to a plant and a fairy made herself known to me, introduced herself as Danika with beautiful wings and dark long black hair. She said to me 'plants are our homes, please look after them and think about how you treat and move them.' <3

Love & Light

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