Whats's Your Soul Expression

Each of our souls has an essence. Whether it be that of creative expression, of justice or of protection, the soul is provided with an ability or gift to help other souls. And if a soul requires nurturing, it will seek out a nurturing soul. If someone requires a change, they seek out a catalyst soul. We do this seeking subconsciously, on a conscious level we are unaware we want to see this old friend or perhaps reach out to this person.

How do you know what type of essence you have as a soul?

Think about what you give to other people, or when do people come to find you? Is it when they need support? Fun? Healing?

For example my soul is a Catalyst soul. I love change, and I push people around me to change for the better. People come into my life, long lost friends return when they need someone to push them to help them change. When I was younger I always ended up working for businesses that needed big changes. I was never compatible with places that were not willing to change. So when someone enters my life they will change for the better. My brother chose to be my brother so I would push him to his spiritual awakening, friends often pick me for their spiritual awakening. Clients come to me when they are ready for change. My soul is a creative essence and a catalyst soul.

I was talking to my aunt and asked her 'what do other people come to you for?' She said 'inspiration. they come to me to be inspired, for their work, their family, to make decisions. I help inspire them to take leaps and risks.'

So what do people come to you for? What do people get from you? Do people come to you when they need creativity? or guidance or nurturing?

If you are ensure, you can always check your Akashic Records!

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