How to Astral Project

The process of Astral Projection;

Astral projection allows you to enter into a realm where you seperate from your physical body and become your etheric body in the astral realm. There are many incredible experiences, beings and lessons to learn in this realm.

The first thing to be able to do is to relax. If you are an avid meditator this may come easier to you as you know how to focus and relax your body completely. If not, it may take some more time, but will come eventually.

You need to be able to concentrate on one thing only. And not let other thoughts distract you, a great way to gain this is through meditation. Once you have mastered completely clearing your mind and reaching complete relaxation, practise this exercise before you go to bed:

Once you have reached deep relaxation and cleared your mind, imagine your astral body vibrating within your physical body. Now imagine your feet are stretching out through your feet. This is your astral body stretching out through your feet. bring your feet back. and do it again. Now do it with your head, so that you are your astral body just lying in your physical body.

Now imagine your torso expanding and swelling out over the top of your body. At this time your hands should start to feel numb. Keep your eyes closed. Do not move. With astral projection the aim is to send your physical body to sleep and to keep your mind awake. you may start to feel your body leaning to one side, you can now go three ways:

1. to say the mantra Fa Ra On. with every exhale say a syllable. concentrate on nothing but this.

2. listen and become your heartbeat of the ringing in your ears.

Follow either of these two and soon your body will feel lifted and like its slanting and you can open your eyes to find yourself in the astral realm.

The last method, which i prefer to use myself and I find the most effective:

3. Visualization; visualize yourself lifting from your body and closer to the ceiling, imagine the ceiling coming closer to you and in great detail. then imagine yourself looking at your body from the other side of the room. Visualise yourself standing at your door, right in front of it, picture every feature and detail clearly in your mind, the floor on your feet the feel of it, the smell of it. Do this until you feel light, until you feel slightly spinning and you feel like you actually are standing at the door, then open your eyes and you should find yourself at the door.

It probably won't work the first time. Or the second time, and when it does work you might get so excited or scared that you jump back into your physical body!

Some practice for months every night until it works others it happens immediately. I can guarantee you though, if you try hard enough it will work. and I can promise you it is worth the effort.

Make sure to protect yourself in the astral. If you can't control entities and negative thought patterns and energies in this realm, they have the upper hand in the astral and it will be even harder. Find your strength and learn how to protect yourself. Read more about Protection

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