Starseed Entity Attachments

Many people experience at some point in their life entity attachments, however there is a different between an entity finding a vulnerable human and attaching itself to their aura and an entity sent to attatch itself to an awakening starseed. This is such a common theme, it has happened to me, members of my family and multiple people have contacted me about it and its always the same thing;

1) A starseed (often many at this point don't even know that they are starseeds or their assignment here) is having their awakening and tapping into their abilities

2) Because they haven't learnt to harness their strengths a malevolent entity comes in and starts to mess with the person, trying to nip their spiritual growth in the bud.

3) The person experiences huge amounts of stress and fear as they try to force this entity to leave. Often left feeling helpless and not knowing what to do. Regular spirit releases performed by most healers do not seem to work...

So exactly WHY is it attached?

Every single time I see this it is a combination of two things; 1) this entity attached is a test, it is a way for the person to learn to raise their vibrations, defend themselves from these entities for future psychic work as often they will need to help others in the same situation. Its also a chance to pick the side they want to be on, wether they will choose to be bring in their light in this life. 2) It can be sent to nip a strong light being in the bud before they can awaken their true potential on earth. i.e. there you are realizing the truth of the universe, you start meditating, wanting to channel, wanting to talk to angels when suddenly a negative entity starts to bug you. It wakes you up at night, keeps coming through, blocks out your psychic abilities. You feel fear, confusion and helpless, from this state its easy to give up out of fear, exactly what the Annunaki would like.

How do you know you have this one?

The malevolent entity makes itself very known, very often as the person tries to sleep. Quite often the person with the attachment has had contact and knows details about this entity (i.e. I did automatic writing with it). The person loses sleep, is full of fear, and has been trying every method they can to get rid of this entity but nothing seems to be working... some traditional healers may even start to get confused as to why this entity doesn't leave you alone.

So most importantly HOW to get rid of it?

First thing you got to figure out is what did you do to attract it? Very often I see that its an aura thats broken up, flaky and full of holes. This leaves you tired, weak and vulnerable and is perfect attachment for an entity. There are some other ways to get them, i.e. playing with Ouija board, communicating with these spirits can set up for an attachment. Be aware of how you got it so you don't do it again!

Steps for getting rid of an entity attachment;

1) Have you consciously told the entity you don't want it here? Tell the entity you are done with it, to go away and leave you alone. Confidently say; I don't want you here. I want you to leave.

2)The aim of the game is to RAISE YOUR VIBRATIONS. raise them so high you virtually become invisible to this entity, you cannot feed it and you are so full of light and love the entity cannot be around you. The Pillar of light is absolutely crucial morning and night and focus on bringing in that light throughout the day. The same way that many people can't see ange

ls because their vibrations are much higher then their own, you need to raise your vibrations high enough to where this entity can't feel, or see you.

3) Consider changing diet during the adjustment to higher frequencies – if you do not have intention of having vegetarian or vegan diet I do recommend cutting meat out for a couple of weeks as meat severely lowers vibrations and at this time we need to do everything to raise your vibrations. Eating healthy fresh organic fruit and vegetables will raise your vibrations as well.

4) What water are you drinking? Depending on what part of the world you are in your water may have chemicals and fluoride. (Australia does). The energetic body of tap water is weak and damaged due to the intensive cleaning processes it goes through. I recommend natural spring water, the energetic frequency of pure spring water bottled at source is the best for the human at body.

5) Connect with angelic beings, and any light beings. Pray and talk to them, send them love and gratitude, this gratitude will raise your frequency as well.

6) Listen to uplifting high vibrational music I recommend Nahko and Medicine for the people – I always listen to it prior to healing ; heres one of their best ones;

7)Chakra clearings and meditations. If your aura has holes in it you need to clear your chakras and clear your aura. Meditation will also help raise your vibrations.

8)Being in nature, connecting to the beach or forests and grounding yourself in those energies

9) Deep Pranayamic breathing to open up your diaphragm and get the Ki energy flowing.

10) Affirmations I highly recommend this one; The I Am Light. I use it myself and sometimes when I feel a space needs to be cleared I just play it in the background it does wonders. You can literally straight away feel the raise in vibrations. Of all the affirmations I have used this is the one I have found most effective, If you are bothered by an entity, say this in your head and just watch as the entity backs off.

11) Reiki. Having that balancing powerful energy move through you heals your aura and chakras as well. Consider having a Reiki treatment.

12)Bringing light into your body constantly, opening that connection, interacting with light beings and keeping them around you

13)Clearing your space will raise you to a high vibration - please read my article on cleaning and protecting your home for advise.

It is a continual ongoing process but it is one you have to commit to and understand work needs to be done, if it is not then you can easily fall back into the same pattern. Work hard and change will come. It is not instant but gradual. You will notice that the entity starts to come once a week as opposed to every night and then once a month, and then one day you will realise it hasn't in a long time. It is achievable but do not expect a healer to pull it out of you, you need to do the work! Remember as a star seed you will face unique challanges here on earth and for many this is one of them!

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