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My Life After Reiki

March 3, 2016

From a personal perspective - I would recommend Reiki to everyone I could, it truly changed my life incredibly. 

Honestly my memories of life before it seem clouded, when my energy centres were more closed off and I felt disconnected from the world around me and source.I struggled with my fair share of anxiety and depression as a young person, I also have memories of feeling empty, and drinking too much to deal with that.



Fast forward to me at 18; I learnt Reiki 1 & 2.  Now I can say what ensued dramatically changed me. From my understanding of talking to other Reiki Masters, Reiki changes some subtly and others dramatically. I was the former.


After Reiki, every time I ate meat, my body would hurt and cramp until I was forced to give up meat, which was obviously for my greater good and the earths greater good but it was quite an adjustment, since then I have noticed that when I eat meat I cannot connect as easily clairvoyantly and I realised that the change I went through was my body raising to a higher frequency. My body chose to not accept any kind of meat as it needed to raise its vibrations!


After Reiki, my psychic senses enhanced HUGELY. This increased bifold when I cut out meat. I was able to sense, see, and feel things I had never before. It took a while for me to figure out how to deal with this as when I first gained this ability I found myself tuning into everyone and taking on their stuff! It made me very intune with people around me and their intentions and the kind of person they were. I had always been clairsentient but Reiki made this ability ALOT more intense. 

Reiki 1 was really about detoxing from the stuff in the past, alot of emotional baggage that I hadn't processed yet came up and I was forced to deal with it. Basically my body and emotional body went through the notions of raising my vibrations and preparing myself for bringing in higher energies.



After Reiki 2, my heart chakra opened. I found myself living out of my heart