Starseeds; Be Grateful to Earth!

How many times have you heard a starseed say; 'I hate it here. I just want to go home.'

Look I get it, I feel it. Its hard to connect with the people here, its hard to feel safe and comfortable here. We remember places and people that feel like home to us, a feeling that constantly remains in the back of our minds.

But let me tell you, Gaia is magnificent. She is, as the Pleiadians have stated, one of the most loving and nurturing beings you could imagine. She loves you, feeds you and houses you. And before you incarnated here whatever dimension you came from you knew how lucky you were for Gaia allowing you to come here and fill out your purpose or help her. You were aware of how magnificent she is and the amazing feeling of connecting to her energies.

But now we have incarnated and many of us have forgotten this. Through our ego and lack of connection to earth we have decided not to share our energies with her, to dismiss her and rather spend our time focusing our energies of our home planets.

Well guess what! You're here! Your soul wanted to come here, you wanted to work with Gaia, you chose this.

Do what you need to here, do what you wanted to do here, fill out your purpose and thank Gaia along the way for letting you do this, and then before you know it you will be back on your home planet.

But the worst thing you can do is send this hating energy to earth after all she has done to you.

Send her love & gratitude,

Connect to her through your earth star chakra and feel the energy she is sending you. She loves you.

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