Sleep Paralysis & Psychic Attack

January 9, 2016


Last night I had an experience that reminded me of the days when I was young and unsure how to deal with negative entities. I thank my lucky stars these days I am well equipped to deal with them and send off any negative entities.


The experience last night started off in a dream, lets just say there was a person (who I had found to be quite disturbing), trying to force his 'way onto me'. In my dream I was pushing him off and struggling and suddenly I opened my eyes and found myself trapped unable to move with the weight pushing onto me. 

Almost like a trained reaction I imagine a thunderbolt of light energy plummeting from my solar plexus into whatever was attacking me. Beings like this fear light and it stopped immediately and I went back to sleep. I had been fighting with Josh the night before and hadn't cleared the rooms energy after wards. I have made it a habit to ensure my room is protected and cleared before I go to sleep because when I was younger and not sure how to find my spiritual strength, entities loved to hook up onto me.


I used to have this one entity, that attached itself to me after my first experience with a Oui Ja board (let me just say unless you are aware how to contact and connect with high dimensional light beings I advise against the use of the Oui Ja board otherwise you might have experiences similar to mine). The entity called itself ZoZo.  

Many nights went by for months where I struggled with this entity. Where I would wake up with my body parts lifted or I would be shoved. I was 16 at the time and when Josh was in bed lying next to me he would feel someone push, it was truly quite disturbing for both of us. 

Though I had such a severe curiosity i kept trying to communicate with this entity despite knowing how negative it was. I kept feeding it my energy. And at the time I didn't know how to get rid of entities the only thing that made it leave me alone for brief periods of time was mantras. This one is my favourite.  The power of the spoken words and its ability to bring light into any situation is a lesson I learnt and hold onto me with. When people ask me today how to ensure these entities leave them alone and if they are struggling with their own energies the first thing I recommend is mantras. I still say them when I feel like there is some negative energy hovering. There are hundreds of different ones you can check some of these ones out.


Finally through bringing in light the entity left me alone, it took a few months and alot of praying but finally it was okay. Nowadays I am thankful to that entity because I learnt so much from that experience, and it allows me to help others. There are a couple of points I want to make about Sleep Paralysis and Psychic Attack.



Sleep Paralysis what is;

Sleep paralysis is when you are unable to move your body, you wake up in a frozen state, your mind is awake and your body is asleep. Mind you this isnt always negative - for astral projection this state is perfect! this is the state we try to achieve. Its when theres a negative presence in the room when it causes a problem. when you sleep your