Isis Seichim Energy Work


Channelling Sessions

Seichim is a form of powerful high vibrational energy healing. It is more intense and more grounded then Reiki energy, it is the feminine aspect of Reiki energy, source energy and comes from a space of unconditional love.


The Seichim I am trained in is aligned with Goddess Isis, channelling her divine gifts.


Seichim can:

  • Activate your spiritual gifts

  • Awakening your divine feminine

  • Healing & Clearing Trauma

  • Opening Heart to joy & unconditional Love

  • Algin with your divine feminine

  • Finding and Aligning with your purpose

As a psychic clairvoyant + channeller we'll also;

  • Tune into your energy fields

  • Identify any blocks

  • Clear energetic blocks

  • Activate and open up your energetic centres

  • realign your energy system

  • Tap into your guides and angels

  • Receive guidance and channel information

These powerful Seichim & Channelling sessions will leave you feeling connected, knowing your next steps, and healing old trauma and emotions and beliefs that are no longer serving you.

I recommend you tune into your intuition and ask if Seichim energy is right for you it can be an intensive shifting and powerful energy! 

Sessions go for approx 1 hour and are USD$111 approx AUD141

Looking forward to working with you - Book Below

Your sister priestess in love & light,