Past Life and Meet Your Guides Readings

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In these sessions, I tune into your higher self and we access your past lives.


The session includes:


- Review of signficant past lives

- Clear contracts, soul contracts

- Clear limiting beliefs and patterns that are still affecting you

- Clear any unresolved energies and attachments

- Integrate timelines

- Focus on your purpose in this lifetime

- Bring through gifts and soul lessons from previous lifetimes to be fully integrated


45 minute session USD $151

Please note these sessions are run via Skype Audio




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In these sessions, I tune into your spiritual team and introduce you to your guides who are working with you.


It includes

- A review of your spiritual team (who they are, what they're working on with you and how long they have been with you)

- The guidance that they have for you

- The option to ask them questions

- Potential Energy Work and Activations


30 Minute Session USD$134

Sessions are run via Skype Audio



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