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The Quantum Activation

Are you ready to activate your next level self?

Are you feeling stagnant, knowing there's so much more available to you?

Are you dreaming of your next level, your next level success and abundance, but it's not showing up?

Are you ready to open your abundance pathways and receive your manifestations quickly?

Are you ready to receive divine guidance and live in FLOW state to show up

with ease in your business and love being visible?

Are you running old stories of not enough/not worthy in your mind?

Sound familiar? 


The process of opening your energetic pathways, your energy centres, your

dormant abilities and dormant gifts,

To open up a new level of being,

A new level of receiving,

A new level higher version of YOU, to receive your manifestations and create your success story


To Ignite Your Divine Abundance, Soul Gifts & Soul Purpose

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As a light worker, the next level you, the next level abundance, inspiration, clarity, purpose, is available to you.

In order to recieve it, you need to rise up to claim it, and activate your quantum self.

These activations will do just do that.


You will receive 44 powerful and potent activations over the 4 months.


They are designed to:


  •  install powerful light frequencies

  •  activate your 5D self

  • activate dormant abilities and gift

  • awaken your psychic abilities

  •  attune you with your soul & Spirit

  • open up your abundance pathways


Open your energy centres and raise your vibration so that you can:


  • Align with your soul purpose and create the impact you desire

  • Activate your psychic abilities so you can receive clarity about your soul work and live in flow state

  • Step into your innate power and magnetise your desires to you

  • Bring forth dormant gifts and blessings from Spirit to support your soul work

  • Get clarity on your path and what you need to do

  • Accelerate your spiritual growth and ascension process

  • Align with your 5D self and embody the person and work you're here to do and be


This will allow you to step fully into your soul purpose and open your abundance pathways with clarity and ease.


You will not be the same person going in that will come into the program.


Prepare to receive quantum activations that will shift your life.

Prepare for powerful shifts.

You'll also receive access to a monthly protocol each month designed to help you in each area.


They are designed to:


  •  Heal your relationship with others and self

  • Manifest your highest potential

  • Heal abundance and step into your soul purpose

  • Activate your psychic and spiritual abilities

  • Heal past patters, wounds and beliefs


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We'll get clear on your soul path.

We'll heal your blocks and what's holding you back.

You'll meet your spiritual team and guides and receive their guidance..

So you can become your next level self and create the business you dream of, magnetise your money and create the impact you're here for.
This is the energetic foundational work to create a successful soul aligned business.
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The Quantum Activation

A 4-month activation experience designed to activate your energy centres, anchor your light body, align you with your soul purpose and activate your psychic abilities so that you can magnetise the success and life you desire.

This is not a course, this is an ACTIVATION program.

My guides always remind me that my role here is an ACTIVATOR. And in a recent channelling with them, they instructed me to create an activation container, designed to activate the psychic centres, energy lines, energetic potential and divine pathways of light leaders desiring to reach their next level.

This is an immersive program, you will be receiving intensive upgrades and transmissions to shift your entire energetic system so that you can magnetise your dream business & life to you.

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If you've watched any of my manifestation trainings, you'll have heard me talk about this:

You need energy (high vibrational) to manifest. This is why its easier for psychics, energy

workers, etc to manifest faster.

 Whatever it is you're calling into your life, its on a higher vibration than where you are.

E.g. You don't feel like you have enough money = the feeling of scarcity

What you want: The feeling of abundance.

Abundance is on a higher vibration then scarcity.

To receive it you must activate your energy centres and raise your vibration

This applies with all you're trying to manifest.

Creating a soul-aligned business shouldn't feel like a struggle - when you activate your

energy centre, it flows and manifests with ease.


As a Kinesiologist, Energy Healer and Clairvoyant Trance Channeller, understanding how to work frequencies, energies and shift them to their higher states brought forward so many of my psychic gifts, allowed me to show up for my soul work, be visible and confident in my business and manifest abundance with ease.

The life & business you desire is

available to you NOW.

Its just on a different frequency

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This is for the Light Worker that....

Wants to create a massive impact

and receive divine abundance 

 through your soul work​.

I see it with my clients all the time, they're wanting to hit their next level,  reach their financial

goals & activate their psychic abilities...

 but it feels stagnant, unaligned, unclear and HARD. And it makes them question themselves.

The truth is as lightworkers, it's not supposed to be like this.

It's supposed to feel easy, it's supposed to flow.

The abundance, the success, the impact, your soul gifts, you're supposed to manifest it with ease.

You're here to be supported, have clarity and be receiving divine inspiration, guidance and abundance.

This is what we will activate within you.

This is for the light leaders who

- want the confidence to step into their soul work and full soul alignment

- is ready to raise their energetic frequency so they can be a match for their money manifestations

- is wanting to increase their vibrational frequency so they can magnetically attract want they want

- speak, live and write content,  from the flow state

- feel bold, confident and aligned so you're no longer feeling held back and fearful

- activate your psychic abilities so you're receiving clarity on your next step

- deepen into  and embody your intuition 

- is tired of feeling like its supposed to be easier (spoiler alert, it is supposed to be easier)

is over feeling confused about what they're supposed to be doing

- tired of feeling like something is missing and they're ready to activate full potential

You know you're a lightworker and you're ready to experience the next level of your life

You're wanting to receive direct guidance and meet your spiritual team to get information

about your soul and soul path.

You're ready to unleash and activate your full 5D cosmic self

You're ready to ignite their soul

In truth, this is the program that anyone who is trying to manifest/create a

soul-aligned business should be doing first.

From energetic alignment results flow.

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Leah Steele

Soul Diviner + Spiral Practitioner

My ME… my reader and the woman that can see my spiritual blind spots and also my Isis Seichim teacher.


We are so different in what we do but aligned AF.

Athina is THE BEST when it comes to energy work, and I have never seen a channel as clear as hers!


Love you lady!

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What you receive in

The Quantum Activation:

44 + Activations including:

  • Full 5D Chakra opening and attunement
    this will allow you to raise your vibration and align to your SOUL, opening you up to your divine

abundance, manifestations, and soul connection with clarity

  • Over 16 light language activations
    designed to unblock and open your energetic pathways so that you can activate dormant psychic abilities and soul gifts such as clairvoyance - direct guidance to give you clarity on the next step in your business


  • Merkabah activations and anchoring
    to activate your 5D self and spiritual gifts so you can receive clarity on your path and flow and

ease in your life and business

  • Pineal Gland Opening and Activation
    to shift you into a higher awareness and begin receiving divine downloads and inspiration so that

you are always showing up in a flow state

  • Cosmic Heart Anchoring and High Heart Activations
    My FAVOURITE activation for being a powerful manifester. Expect your manifestations to 1000x.

Also you will feel amaaaazing.

  • Egyptian Ankh & Fire Code Transmissions
    This sacred activation will open you up as a channel and step you into deeper confidence,

embodiment and self love

  • Psychic Centre Activation and Attunements
    Does exactly that -> amplifying your psychic gifts and intuition 


  • Downloads, transmissions and activations from Siran & Pleiadian Guides
    These gorgeous activations are gentle, but powerful. Focused on bringing forward your power it will

amplify your confidence and ability to share your soul work

  • Metatron Activation and Attunements
    To upgrade your vibrational frequency and receive Metatrons gifts & lights to assist with your

magnetising your desires.

  • Atlantis Transmissions and Activations
    These will shift your lower chakras into an open and flowing state to receive financial flow and

master the earth realms.

  • Matrix Removal Program
    CLEARING AF. Prepare to be disconnected from the collective consciousness of what you have been told. Goodbye old beliefs and programs that are no longer serving you.


  • DNA Activations
    Activate the full potential of who you are.


  • Abundance Pathways Activation
    Clearing programs that aren't supporting you anymore. This will open and expand your ability to RECIEVE financial flow.  This will also raise your energetic financial baseline.


  • And many more

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You also receive:

A New Monthly Protocol

Each month you receive a protocol designed to help you heal, shift and transform in one of 5 areas:

IMG_3648 2.JPG

The Self Love & Relationship Protocol

Transform your relationship with yourself, and call in your soul tribe & soulmates.

In this protocol, you'll be guided through processes, teachings, meditations and activations designed to heal your relationship with yourself and others so that you can start calling in soulmate relationships in all areas.

You'll go through processes designed to support you around areas such as worthiness, feeling good enough and fully accepting yourself for who you are.

This protocol will support you in deepening your current relationship or attracting new soulmate friendships, romantic relationships and soulmate clients.

Some of the processes include:

  • Good Enough Healing

  • Healing Shame

  • Womb Clearing

  • Sexual Cord Clearing

  • Healing the Heart

  • Worthiness Healing

  • Masculline/Feminine healing

  • Calling in soulmate connections

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Manifesting Your Highest Potential Protocol

Transform your relationship with yourself, and call in your soul tribe & soulmates.

In this protocol, you'll be guided through processes, teachings, meditations and activations designed to support you in manifesting your highest potential.

You'll receive trainings on how to manifestation, shifting timelines and integrating your highest self.

Some of the processes include:

  • 3 Part Manifestation Course

  • How to shift to your highest timeline

  • Future Self Activation

  • Expanding capacity to recieve

  • Womb Manifestation

  • Sigil Magick

  • Clearing Manifestation blocks


Abundance & Soul Business Protocol

Transform your relationship with yourself, and call in your soul tribe & soulmates.

In this protocol, you'll be guided through processes, teachings, meditations and activations designed to support you in clearing beliefs that prevent money from flowing freely into your life and aligning to higher financial frequencies.


We also support with beginning to shift into your soul aligned work and launching your soul aligned business.

Some of the processes include:

  • Soul Business Training

  • Intiation into your soul purpose with Ascended Master Sanat Kumara

  • Core Money Program shifting

  • Business Boundaries

  • Wealth Realignment

  • Money and Power Processes


Healing the Past Protocol

Heal patterns, beliefs, traumas and wounds originating from the past still affecting you today.

In this protocol, you'll be guided through processes, teachings, meditations and activations designed to support you in healing your past, shifting old belief systems and creating beliefs that help and support you to experience joy in your life.

We'll focus in clearing doubts and fears to step into confidence, focus and action through shifting contracts, past life wounds and traumas from your life.

Some of the processes include:

  • Healing the inner child

  • Forgiveness Work

  • Emotional Level Healing

  • Healing from when you were in the womb

  • Healing past lives

  • Healing Mother/Father Core Wounds

  • I am Safe Healing Nervous System

  • Soul Contract Clearing


Ascension & Spiritual Gift Activation Protocol

Activate your psychic gifts & strengthen your channel

In this protocol, you'll be guided through processes, teachings, meditations and activations designed to support you in unlocking more of yout psychic senses and step more into the higher truth of your being.

Supporting you in recalling your Spiritual gifts so you can use them to help yourself and others, recall blockages and raise your vibration to become a clearer channel and radiate the truth of your soul.

Some of the processes include:

  • Ascension trainings

  • Creating Crystal Elixirs

  • Working with the violet flame

  • Expansion Meditations

  • Lightwork processes

  • Sovereignity soul contracts


Its time to activate your gifts & frequency so that you can show up in alignment and divine flow to co-create the business & life you desire.

The success you've been dreaming of is on a different frequency, its time to rise to claim it.

Join me in The Quantum Activation.

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Marina J

Life coach, #1 best selling author and speaker. 


London, England

Working with Athina is like a dream - everything I could ever want, sorted, removed, healed or increased happens with her!


She's so talented, so brilliant and so lovely to work with!


I've been working with Athina for the last few months and my body, my energy, my spirit, my strength have all gone UP UP UP! She's amazing!


Athina inspired and helped me launch my new membership site - everything a woman needs to up level her life, and she's become truly an integral part of my business helping me make the right decisions so I can serve the women who NEED me!


Thank you Athina for making such a big impact on my business, every session with you moves me quickly up the ladder and I cannot thank you enough! I highly recommend working with Athina for your business, your personal life - anywhere that you want to reach your potential - Athina is one of the most talented women I've ever met.


I've worked with the best in the business and Athina is top of that list. Please, if you have something you want or need? 

Book Athina or do one of her courses, I'm a raving fan;  her intuition, her incredible GIFTS and her passion to help as many people as possible make her the best in the business. She's the real deal. And I don't say that lightly. 


How The Quantum Activation was birthed

My programs are channeled and The Quantum Activation is no exception.

In 2020, during a trance channelling session, one of my main guides, Ashtar, I had been working under that year told me to create a program for lightworkers to activate their 5D body systems, their soul gifts, and soul purpose. 

He told me that lightworkers needed support moving into the new energetic level that's available to them.

He explained to me the program was about the energetic transformation that resulted in real-world changes in all areas of a person's life.

I channelled from Ashtar the activations and the program over the course of a month. 

I also added some extra trainings and healings to assist during the program

And The Quantum Activation was birthed.

Named aptly, Quantum describes the shift we are making from the 3D to the 5D as embodied lightworkers living our soul path.

Activation; describes the immense amount of energy activations received throughout the program to create a transformation.

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What you receive in
The Quantum Activation:

44 + Powerful Activations:

to shift your energetic frequency and embody your soul so that you can magnetise the life you truly desire. A series of activations are released each week for you.

5 Protocols in specific areas

to shift in the areas of self love and relationships, manifestation, psychic gifts, healing and soul purpose & abundance.

Each month you receive access to a new protocol that includes processes, teachings, healings and activations in specific areas of your life.


There's hours of activations, training and healings over the 4 months to ensure your transformation.

Ready to join us?

Join the waitlist for the next round here!

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Rachel Hale

Best Selling International Author, Master Coach & Business Stratergist


New Zealand

Athina worked through my own chakras, and she also works with a  team of guides and that’s a new thing for me, I’ve never worked with someone who has a group of guides, so she gets insights from them while she’s sending the energy.


Seriously it was frighteningly accurate some of the guidance that was received was exactly spot on what I needed. I’m going through a massive up leveling myself but it’s such a good up leveling – this is like the next level shit that’s happening in my life and I think that’s why she just came into my life that day and within hours of finding her I was on a call with her, because that’s how I operate.


There were some powerful, incredible insights, she showed me some areas in my chakras that needed a little bit of healing which she did right there and then and she gave me different things that I could do, to continue that and continue this up leveling that I’m on.


Everything that she said really, really resonated deeply and I think Athina is an incredible, incredible healer. She is so gifted and she gets the messages so very clearly and she can minister to healers. I’m someone who would consider myself a transformative energy worker and she’s someone who can even minister to people who do this stuff already but imagine the kind of impact she would have on you if you’ve never gotten into this work before – she will knock your socks off."

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Manon Agn

Intuitive Healer & Spiritual Coach


I have worked with Athina for the past 2 years through her courses & 1:1 healing sessions.

I’ve enrolled in her Channeling course and I became a Channeller and so in tune with my abilities. It helped me with my business and my life considerably. 🙏🙏

Every time we have a session she always BLOW MY MIND and give me so much information about myself, my purpose and the work I came here to do.

She is so in tune with what’s going on with people and can catch blockages, limiting believes and literally anything holding you back in your life!

I have learned, healed and upgraded so much since I started working with her. My life and business have changed considerably thanks to her amazing abilities and skills.

Her gift is priceless and I’m eternally grateful & lucky to have crossed her path.

I HIGHLY recommend Athina if you want to change your life in every area and if you want to start living your purpose. ✨🌈

She is one of the best Healer, Psychic, Channeller ,Teacher but also Business Coach & Friend I have ever worked with.

Love you Athina 💖✨

Screenshot 2020-07-10 at 6.58.38 PM.png

Athina is an amazing channeller. I have worked with many psychics and have found her ability to connect to spirit for people amazing, extremely powerful and one of the best. I would highly recommend her as a healer, teacher and portal for spirit to anyone.

Kassandra Scardino

Pranic Healer, Psychic, Crystal Teacher

Sydney, Australia


How long do I get access to the activations and trainings?

Lifetime Access.

I'm not psychic/intuitive does that matter?

Nope! You're not 'doing' anything. You'll be 'receiving' activations

I don't have a business does that matter?

Nope! Whilst this will help businesses, you don't need a business to receive the

full power of the activations and healings.

Are there refunds?


How much time do I need to set aside for this program?

Each week you get sent anywhere from 30-1 hour in activations. You can also choose to spend as much time as you like in the healing protocols.

I've done it already can I sign up again?
Of course, we have many previous members resign up, send us an email to get

the details for that at

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