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Free Psychic Activation Training Course

Free psychic activation training to OPEN, EXPAND and AMPLIFY your psychic abilities.

Your gifts are laying dormant.

We are all born with them.

The psychic abilities of seeing, feeling & hearing the energetic + unseen world around us.


I work with clients + students every day and over and over I see these dormant gifts that haven’t been tapped into yet and are just there waiting to be fully embodied.


These gifts are what have allowed me to:

- Be a powerful psychic and channeller for my clients to receive clarity for them and guidance from their spiritual team

- Know and meet my own spiritual team, my guides +angels

- Channel knowledge + wisdom I use in my courses, in my writings, my meditations + more.

- Know the history of my soul, and my previous lifetimes

- Receive answers when I'm sick or in pain about what this lesson is and where the origins are 

- Understand the soul contracts + soul lessons between me and any person in my life

- Make the right decisions for any situation using my intuitive abilities

It also allows me to ask + receive messages guidances and messages constantly throughout the day from what healing work I need to be doing, to be preparing and aligning with my business


This free training series will help you start to tap into and unleash your own psychic abilities.


We do the energy work to clear out the blocks stopping you from stepping into it.


We do the activation to awaken the dormant parts of you and I’ll be on live so you’ll be able to ask any questions you may have of me


Free Course Includes:

3 x Energy Healing + Activations


Including clearing trauma from your third eye that may be interfering with you fulling stepping into your psychic abilities & activation and integration of past life gifts (this is the activation that’s responsible for my ability to be a trance channel) 
Light language activation


Tools for raising and stepping into your psychic and intuitive abilities

Guided process for meeting your higher self

Time for Q&A 


Last Years Feedback

Heres what we cover

Day 1


Introduction types of psychic energy abilities as well as the different tools you can use.

The power of energy work and easy techniques you can use on your own.

What it actually means to be psychic and how it shows up in your life

Understanding the different voices between intuition, ego, guides + psychic shielding




Day 2

Live Energy Healing & Activation to clear trauma from the third eye thats stopping you from tapping into your abilities.

Protection & Shielding for using your psychic abilities and gifts

Day 3

Intensive Activation: Past Life integration of previous psychic gifts. (This activation is the reason I can trance channel!)  

Day 4

Light Language Activation

Meet your higher self technqiue.

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