Activate + Expand

6 months to get visible, grow your tribe, expand your income and create your  soul aligned impact.

You're a lightworker

and you're so ready to take your work to the next level.

You're so ready to take your life and business to the next level, and know your mindset, beliefs, and energy needs to be in alignment (the feminine ) with your business strategy, sales funnel + marketing (the masculine).

Right now, you're probably feeling like something isn't quite in alignment.


It's manifesting in your business and showing up in your life.

And you’re getting in your own way rather than allowing the universe to give you exactly what you need and desire.


You’re here because you’re ready to manifest a life and business you’re in love with.


You‘re ready to let go of what is no longer serving you and bring in the new.

You're ready to share your soul aligned business in the biggest way and ignite your light.


I bring the how.

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Are you :


  • Dreaming of the life you would rather be living?

  • Feeling like your business isn't full in alignment with you

  • Feeling like you're not embodying your full potential?

  • Tired of playing small and not living a life you’re in love with?

  • Ready to make 2020 the year you crush your business + life goals?







Marketing and sales are so important but deep down we know that there's so much more that goes into creating a successful business.





Things like:




  • Energy Alignment

  • Energy Work/Healing

  • Stepping into your highest vibration possible

  • Receiving intuitive guidance from your spiritual team

  • Clearing past traumas and blocks that are getting in the way 

  • Clearing poverty consciousness

  • Clearing money blocks

  • Re-programming your belief system to align with success

  • Having the right mindset to step into your work (acting from that state) masculine  

  • Aligning with the divine feminine (being + feeling good ) + the divine





All of these things create a state and a foundation for how we are and how we feel.





It's from this state we can then create and go out and share our gifts with the world.

Our Masculine + Feminine in perfect harmony.

Athina Bailey | Spiritual Business Coach | Learn Reiki | Energy Healing | Learn Channelling | Sydney

This is for the lightworker who has a dream and a vision of how they want to share their message



 You may be feeling overwhelmed by the different marketing tools and not sure how to go about it, how to create passive income, how to structure your sessions in the best way to support you financially and how to book out your sessions. 

You may be even feeling guilty about charging a lot for your time, or fear about it asking the universe for more.



You know you want to feel inspired, juicy, passionate, aligned, abundant and flowing....



You want to share your gifts in the biggest and best possible for YOU.



I’ve worked with clients who have created location independent online coaching businesses

I’ve worked with clients who created  successful energy healing businesses based in person

I've worked with clients who have created monthly memberships which bring them consistent streams of income.

I’ve worked with clients who have had successful 5 figure launches


My name's Athina


My background is a Reiki Teacher, a spiritual mindset coach, energy healer and Kinesiologist, before I stepped into coaching other spiritual entrepreneurs on running their own successful businesses.



I help lightworkers ignite their light through business strategy,, marketing + psychic mindset work. 


I grew up psychic, and at 15, the spiritual world opened up to me in a way that changed me forever.


I learned that my purpose was about helping others align with their purpose, showing people they are limitless. That they can create the exact life they want.


I could feel it like a ball in my stomach and this MASSIVE urgency like I was supposed to be doing something…


At 16 I fully stepped into my psychic gifts and abilities and accepted that this was the life I was put here to live and work with. I didn’t know what to do with those gifts. All I knew was I wanted to help people and I trusted the universe to take me there.



I just needed to find a way how and I let the universe lead me.

So I studied Psychological Sciences at the Australian College of Applied Psychology, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, Kinesiology, Reiki, Seichim, Channelling, Akashic Records, EFT, Theta Healing + more.


I was obsessed with upleveling myself and funnelling what I learnt out into a way to help people and transform their lives.


Which is what I did. At 20 I decided to become an energy healer. So I created a website and put myself out there. In the year that followed, everything changed.

After a few years of running a successful spiritual business, I had more and more soul aligned business owners reach out to me asking for help creating their business.


Like most of us my soul purpose knocked me out flat onto my ass and my guides made it clear as day I had a certain path to pursue.


Within 2 years of deciding, I would align myself FULLY with my soul's purpose I have set up a successful Reiki school, am consistently running booked out workshops, creating online programs, running sessions with people from all around the world. Speaking at festivals and traveling interstate to speak at events. Being featured in blogs, podcasts + books.


Most importantly I feel like the work I’m doing is aligned with me.


It makes me feel inspired, passionate and excited. About today, about tomorrow, and my future.

I know what I’m creating now is going to support the rest of my life, and through the work I do I change peoples lives.

I’m financially supported and living in flow.


But I didn’t just wake up to this.

I spent thousands of hours + dollars investing in myself, marketing. Business coaches, programs, and figuring out how to do all the things. There were 14 hour days and all-nighters, burn out, stress and sweat and tears in figuring out how to create a soul aligned successful business.


The game changer was investing in myself.


I knew this was my soul purpose and I NEEDED to do this work and share it with the world. So I invested 5 figures working with a coach and it changed everything.


I decided I wanted to chase my dreams and I saw so clearly what I wanted. I knew I would make back my investment with the right coach.



After embarking with business coach, I realized there were gaps.


The marketing is SO critical, but if you’re not listening to your soul about what you’re supposed to be doing - what is the point?


The structure and sales funnel is absolutely crucial but if you’re not clearing your poverty consciousness - how can you create a financial flow?


The social media marketing is so important but if you’re not doing the energy work aligned to activate and heal you - how you can create content in flow and inspiration?



Theres a masculine + feminine flow to business.



And I found myself working with energy healers, psychics and life coaches focusing on my business. Because it wasn’t really about the business it was about me.


Your business is an extension of you and you need to work on you to create your successful business.

Devandy Walbridge
Holistic Health & Wellness Coach

I had an AMAZING call with Athina. She was both professional and nurturing, which was a breath of fresh air.


The amount of things we are able to talk about to help my business get to that next level in just a 45 minute call was outstanding. The whole time I felt as though she truly wanted to see me succeed. She was able to really grasp the things that I was saying and could pinpoint what was important in my messaging, which is something that I had been struggling with.

I honestly feel like her soul and insight was able to guide me to the next level, more than a 6 week 1:1 coaching program I had with another coach. Thank you, Athina!!

You got the gifts, you got the skills, you got the abilities to transform lives.



Now you want to know how you can share your gift in the best way for you to help you create the lifestyle YOU want.


This may look like:

  • A busy in person practice + booked out workshops

  • A location independent online business

  • A one to many business model creating programs

  • A passive income business model that supports you to do your work.



I believe in creating a business that feels good to you.


If you're not aligned with any of the work it's going to show and you're not going to attract and align with the financial flow.







My business coaching is a mix of Feminine + Masculine.






  • Healing past life + current life blocks

  • Manifesting / Law of attraction

  • Clearing energy blockages

  • Energy activations

  • Creating psychic protections

  • Clearing/removing entities/implants stopping you from stepping into the fullest

  • Programming the right beliefs to allow you to thrive. That you’re deserving and worthy to create the business for you.

  • Raising your vibration and clearing your chakras

  • Receiving guidance from your psychic + spiritual team

  • Raising your self-worth + asking the universe for MORE to receive MORE.





  • Creating passive income streams

  • Automating your cashflow

  • Scaling and outsourcing parts of your business

  • Creating strong marketing strategies

  • Taking action to be in front of your audience

  • Creating the right marketing that attracts your soulmate clients

  • Sales funnel to help you hit your business goals

  • Wealth + financial mindset





When I see lightworkers struggling to do their soul work in the way they want - I KNOW how transformational this work can be, having taken many of my clients, myself with these tools that it can take your business to the next level.


A 6 month program for total business transformation

to create the business of your dreams.




Maybe you have just started your business, and need help growing + creating it.


Maybe you have had it for a while but are wanting to get online and grow your business.

 Maybe you’re already getting the cash flow you want but not feeling quite in alignment with your work.


You're ready to take your business to the next level. 

Athina Bailey | Spiritual Business Coach | Learn Reiki | Energy Healing | Learn Channelling | Sydney

Business + Soul




I have the masculine + feminine alignment to help you create a business that you’re in love with.

A business that is an extension of you.

That attracts your soulmate clients only and vibrates at your level


Clients who have previously worked with me have experienced the following:


  • 5 Figure Launches

  • Automated Cashflow

  • Writing + publishing their book

  • Getting booked out with clients

  • Manifesting desires that they have been struggling to attract for years, in a matter of weeks

  • Clearing massive blocks that have been interrupting their business + life for years.

  • Realigned and altered their mindset

  • Gaining crystal clear clarity on who they are, what they're here to do, and what their life purpose is

  • Increased their income massively

  • Created packages and workshops that are soul aligned

  • Created businesses online that were totally aligned with their soul.

  • Cleared out negative emotions that had been burdening you in the past.

  • Fixed the old money mindset + install new money programs - wealth consciousness.

  • Manifested a life in flow, attracting their dream partner, and soul mate business partners

  • Activated their psychic and spiritual gifts 

  • Started channelling divine guidance.

  • Increase productivity, confidence + self-worth!


Athina Bailey | Spiritual Business Coach | Learn Reiki | Energy Healing | Learn Channelling | Sydney
Athina Bailey | Spiritual Business Coach | Learn Reiki | Energy Healing | Learn Channelling | Sydney
Athina Bailey | Spiritual Business Coach | Learn Reiki | Energy Healing | Learn Channelling | Sydney

Together, we'll take your business to the next level.



For me, its all about purpose.

 If you believe you are here for a reason and to do work that changes the world, you’re my kind of human.


I know what it’s like to be a practitioner and a coach and I know how to grow your business out of nothing to hit the financial goals you have and what you need to implement to create a successful service-based business.


Whether your business is online or local, I can help you grow your business and create financial freedom and create the kind of impact your soul desires.

Athina Bailey | Spiritual Business Coach | Learn Reiki | Energy Healing | Learn Channelling | Sydney

What we cover


I’m an NLP Master Coach & a Hypnotherapist so you bet your ass we are going to make sure your mindset is on point. Every limiting belief will be reprogrammed.

 I see SO many practitioners and coaches undervaluing themselves and their services, scared of visibility, not sure how to get themselves out there and grow their business. N I know you have so much to offer, lets get your mindset aligned.




Okay want to know my number 1 tip for finding clients? Don’t.

Let them come to you. Seriously. This is my strategy. I show up. I give massive value. I connect with people, and then people come to me when they want to work with me.

There’s a strategy to this, but I never go client hunting. I don’t hustle, I align. We’ll find your niche, your ideal clients and get them flowing to you.





Spirituality & Energy Work:

I’m a psychic energy healer, so of course, this is a part of it! You will get tasks for manifesting and law of attraction because that’s what I used when I started growing my business ( I still do ) that made me fill up my courses, get my ideal clients, you name it. 

And if you have a block about money or clients or anything at all, I’ll check in and remove it!! I will also teach you to use your own intuition in your business decisions.

This includes showing you how to energetically protect yourself online and with your clients. (Psychic attack and feeling drained after clients ain’t fun!)





All the strategies. Online. Offline. We find the ones that best fit your model and we use it to BOOM your business.




I work with a lot of newbies & aspiring coaches and practitioners. Which means we check in to see you have everything you need to set up your biz. Think legals, financials, planning’s, systems and any other logistics.


I made all my first sales passively through my website. Lets create a website that sells. A website that lets your client fall in love with you.




What we Cover



My little secret to success is branding. Your branding speaks before you do. We’re going to find your brand and make a business around it so you it speaks your core beliefs.




My sales strategy isn’t traditional. My strategies for selling aren’t even really selling, but I make sales from it, so it counts. I’ve literally never pushed for a sale or studied sale objections, found the pain point, etc., or all that traditional sales training. My soul mate clients vibe with me. They see me, they resonate with me and they reach out to me.  Most of the time, I rock up, give massive value, share my message, and my soul mate clients come to me. That was my strategy from day 1. I don’t hustle. I align to my soul mate clients.




Money everything. Money Mindset. Money Planning. Money Goals. Money Manifesting. Let’s step into that abundance. Knowing your worth and pricing. Creating those streams of active and passive income.


Marketing::Your online presence & branding will market you automatically. But we will still make sure you have the right marketing skills in play. Automated marketing. Funnels that work.



Your Offers:Workshops. 1:1s. Webinars, Group programs- all of them?

How do you want to work? I teach and travel and see 1:1 clients, maybe you just want to teach or you just want clients, either way we’ll create your program that works for both you and your soulmate client.




Blogs. Podcasts. Posting. Social Media. Writing a Copy that sells. Repurposing your content All that jazz.


If you want to scale your biz, (and I know at some point you will) we need to have the right systems in place. The right scheduling tools, automation tools you have to be organised. Foundations first, then growth.



Social Media:When I started my business, 90% of my clients came through my website. Now 90% come through social media. I’ll show you how to leverage social media to grow your business.



I help my clients to create multiple streams of income that allow them to live the life they want with total financial freedom from wherever they are based.



And I’m here to help you create a business that is aligned with your purpose, that creates a positive impact in the world and creates lifestyle and financial freedom for you.


That’s what I live for.

Let’s remove that fear, fast track your future and get you manifesting your soul purpose!



I used to see a couple of clients a week (if I was lucky) , I was MASSIVELY undercharging myself, I didn’t know how to get out there to teach, network, and meet clients. I wanted business besties. I wanted a team. I wanted clients and students that I loved. But I was working in a 9-5, my spiritual work was on the side and I was barely making any money from it.


I made the decision that I would make this work. That I would grow this business into something huge.



That I would create a successful spiritual business that changes so many lives and makes me happy.



I now teach and travel around the world and across Australia, teaching, speaking, and coaching my clients from wherever I am.

Best of all - Its soul aligned.

It ignites me.

If you’re ready. Make the decision.

6 months to uplevel your life + business


6 Months of me in your corner, mentoring you.



What you get:


-       13 x 45-minute sessions online with me to create, establish and grow your dream business


-       1 x 60-minute start session to start off your coaching package establish exactly what we’re going to build together


-      Workbooks for your business, manifesting and helping you to get clear and attract what you want.

-      Trainings and courses to support your coaching


-       6 months of support via Voxer/ FB Messenger to provide any feedback, assistance, and celebrate your wins in-between the sessions.




Your Investment



Or Payment Plan:

$1166 x 6 months

Ready to go? Book Your Connect Session;
Athina Bailey | Spiritual Business Coach | Learn Reiki | Energy Healing | Learn Channelling | Sydney
Athina Bailey | Spiritual Business Coach | Learn Reiki | Energy Healing | Learn Channelling | Sydney

Got questions? Email me at



Book in the complementary Connect call with to see if we’re a good fit to work together. Here we will also identify where you are now with your business versus where you want to be and what needs to be done to uplevel your business.




Is this just for practitioners & coaches?

This is service-based entrepreneurs!



Is this just for online service based entrepreneurs?

No ! The first business I created was totally local based in Sydney. I work with service based entrepreneurs who are local, online or both.



How will the sessions be conducted?

The sessions will be conducted via Skype and you will be given a link to my private calendar to book in the sessions as you need. 


DISCLAIMER: I don’t guarantee or warrant results or increased income. I deeply believe in the techniques I will be using, however, the results depend on the work you do.