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This is a podcast for LIGHT leaders; to align with their soul purpose, activate their energetic & psychic abilities, to create impactful and abundant businesses.

In this podcast, Athina Bailey shows exactly what it takes to create a successful, soul-aligned, spiritual business. 

We’ll chat unlocking abundance, energetic alchemy + mindset mastery, working with your spirit guides + higher self for full alignment with your soul work so you can create and grow your spiritual business.


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Join Athina Bailey on a journey beyond this world as she live trance channels powerful beings of light in the Spirit Channel Podcast. Tune in for illuminating insights and channeled teachings on all things psychic, spirit realms, and channellings.

With each episode, Athina will guide you on your own spiritual journey and help you unlock your true potential and channelling abilities. Whether you’re a seasoned expert or just starting out, this podcast will open your mind and expand your horizons.


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