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Athina Bailey is a kinesiologist, trance channel and clairvoyant.


Growing up psychic, at a young age she began communicating with her spiritual guides and was thrown into the world of metaphysical healing at 15. 

She is passionate about helping others through their spiritual development and helping others connect into their own spiritual abilities. 


She works with her clients and students to help them activate their psychic gifts and embody their soul purpose and supports them to create thriving businesses from this.

Athina serves her clients and students internationally through her programs Channelling Spirit Academy™ and many of her other programs


Her purpose is to help others reawaken to their divine gifts, reconnect with their own purpose and spiritual team as well as help clear their blocks that are stopping them from manifesting their soul aligned life.


I have lived my life with a constant dialogue into other dimensions and realms, on a daily basis having a constant flowing conversation with guides and beings. 

I'm a clairvoyant psychic and trance channeller and was born here to facilitate helping others connect into their own spiritual abilities and reawaken their soul purpose. 

I believe at the basis of all my work, whether it be kinesiology, channelling or subconscious reprogramming that it all comes down to energy work.

Its my vision to assist those hungry on their spiritual path to awaken to their soul purpose and become practitioners to heal others.

I also work with my clients in programs 1:1 to transform, transmute and manifest their divine life path.

Nothing brings me as much joy and being a catalyst to others soul fulfillment, helping them manifest, heal and create a life that they love.

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Athina is available to speak on

  • How to connect with your spirit guides and spiritual team

  • How to use intuition to grow your business

  • How to work with crystals

  • Channelling angels and star beings

  • Activating psychic abilities

  • Using energy work to heal your blocks and grow your business

  • Working with spirit in your business

  • Living as an empath

  • Energetic Boundaries

  • Being a spiritual entrepreneur

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