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Copy of Copy of The Free Manifestation C


Part 1 – Find Your Blocks
Find your subconscious + energetic blocks


Part 2 – Activate Your Soul Purpose

Align with your intuition + receive divine guidance

Part 3 – Shift Your Vibrational State
Magnetise Your Desires

I've worked with thousands of lightworkers over the years, and one thing I've come to understand is that manifesting is a different ball game for lightworkers.

This course is for you if:

  • You're sick and tired of not having the reality you desire

  • You've tried the mainstream manifestation techniques and they're just not working for you!

  • You know you're a lightworker

  • You're ready to align with your soul's purpose

Co-creating your divine life is your birthright.

It's not supposed to be hard.

Its supposed to flow 

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In this training, I take you through the core concepts of manifesting.

You'll learn to magnetise your desires and create the life you desire.

So much of what is out there does not apply to manifesting for lightworkers and I'll take you through the techniques that I use, to create my reality and the business of my dreams


My name's Athina Bailey and I help lightworkers ignite their light.

I'm a kinesiologist, clairvoyant psychic and trance channel and my work helps lightworkers to:

  • embody their psychic abilities 

  • align with their soul purpose

  • co-create their divine life on earth

  • manifest abundant soul aligned businesses

My mission is to assist lightworkers from all walks of life to fully embody their highest self so they can complete their soul mission and assist the earth as it ascends into the 5th dimension.

Meet Your Host

In the course we cover;

Screen Shot 2018-08-17 at 12.24.53


 Magnetise Your Desires

The energetic resonance of what you’re manifesting

How feelings (e-motions) can help you manifest

What energy healing has to do with manifesting

How to speed up the LOA

Screen Shot 2018-08-17 at 12.24.23


Find your subconscious + energetic blocks 

Why clearing beliefs is VITAL for manifesting

How to reprogram and realign old belief systems

How the right mindset can totally transform your reality.

Screen Shot 2018-08-17 at 12.24.34


Align with your intuition + receive divine guidance


How your intuition is actually one of the most crucial parts of manifesting

How your intuition + working with your guides can show you what youre missing

How being aligned with your soul purpose is a super important of easy fast manifesting.

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