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The Masterclass to take your manifesting to the next level

Metaphyical Manifestation

  • Are you ready to make manifestation a daily routine to call on?

  • Ready to learn some next level manifestation tools?

  • Ready to learn what psychics aren’t telling you about manifestation?

  • Ready to use 5D techniques and tools to manifest?

  • Ready to understand how your beliefs can affect your manifestation work?

  • Sick of not having what you want show up in your life?

  • Feeling like there’s something missing out of the law of attraction and want to know the full picture?

This course combines my years of work as a psychic, Kinesiologist, energy worker + NLP coach to bring you simple yet POWERFUL tools to manifest

Three years ago, I found myself stuck in a place where I was living SO far out of my souls alignment



I was in working as a part time clinic manager, I felt uninspired, and like my soul was yearning for so much more.


I wasn’t happy or aligned with the people in my life, the place I was living, my part time job at the time and my money story.  I had severe anxiety and felt like I was living so far from where I was supposed to be.


Nothing felt right.


I grew up reading the literature on manifestation, I understood the Law of Attraction, knew the Secret. Yet, it just wasn’t showing up in my life.


I had so many underlying traumas, blocks and subconscious limiting beliefs that I just couldn’t go forward the way I wanted to in my life.


No matter what I was doing I just couldn’t manifest what I wanted in my life.


One day – I made a decision.


That I would do whatever it takes to take my life to where it was supposed to be. Where I could feel in my bones I was supposed to be.


I didn’t want to feel stuck, unfulfilled, fearful… I wanted to feel passionate, inspired like I was creating something each day that my soul was aligned with.


And I was trying to shift things, but nothing was really showing up in my reality.


Maybe you know what that feels like?


Maybe you’re there right now?


And you’re just so. God. Damn. Ready.


Maybe you can feel that intuitive nudge, or that voice urging you to take action.


I decided I was going to do what it takes to live my full potential.


I threw myself into every course I could get my hands on, from NLP, to theta healing, to Kinesiology, to Psychological Sciences, to Hypnotherapy, to Akashic Records.


I was living breathing and eating self development + spirituality.


From the space of healing myself, I cleared my anxiety, I manifested an online business doing this healing work, manifested a Reiki school + the most incredible tribe of soul sisters.


You deserve to have what you desire in your life. You just need the right tools, the right techniques.


Its so much simpler than you think!



Metaphysical Manifesting is an intensive online master class taught by Athina Bailey, Reiki Teacher, Clairvoyant Psychic + Kinesiologist & Coach.

We cover my signature three part system that all of manifestation revolves around



  • The energetic resonance of what you’re manifesting

  • How feelings (e-motions) can help you manifest

  • What energy healing has to do with manifesting

  • How to speed up the LOA




  • Why clearing beliefs is VITAL for manifesting

  • How to reprogram and realign old belief systems

  • How the right mindset can totally transform your reality.




  • How your intuition is actually one of the most crucial parts of manifesting

  • How your intuition + working with your guides can show you what youre missing

  • How being aligned with your soul purpose is a super important of easy fast manifesting.

I'm so ready!

1. What happens after I sign up?

You’ll get immediate access to the pre-recorded course so you can watch it whenever you like, and download it!


2. What do I get in the course?

You’ll get access to my three part signature manifesting system in this hour long master class.

3. Do you give refunds?

Due to the nature of this course, there are no refunds available. 

4. Can you guarantee results?

If you do the work, commit yourself 100%, and follow the processes step-by-step, you will experience more success than you've ever before thought possible. But because I can't guarantee that you'll do the work, I unfortunately can't guarantee that you'll get results. This is a course where it's your responsibility to play full-out at 100% and take initiative in your own success.

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