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The Lightworker Association 

Your Membership Portal to Access and Activate the highest version of you!

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Heres What You get:

  • Hours of Trainings, Workshops, Courses including Manifestation Masterclass, Advanced Pendulum Workshop and the Astral Projection Course.

  • Light Language Activations for topics such as soul purpose activation, wealth activation + more.

  • Meditations to expand, heal, activate + connect with your spiritual team.

  • A look into my tools, my methods and exactly how I connect with my guides + use manifesting

  • Workshops on growing and expanding your business

  • Learn what Lightworker Phase you're in and how to leverage that to manifest the life you want to have.

  • Monthly powerful energy healings, to clear what is no longer serving you and bring in new higher energies.

  • Access to The Lightworker Association community where you can ask questions and be coached.

  • Monthly LIVE trainings so you can ask any questions you have.


30 Day Money Back Garuntee, if you don't love it!

I've worked with the best in the business and Athina is top of that list. Please, if you have something you want or need? 

Book Athina or do one of her courses, I'm a raving fan;  her intuition, her incredible GIFTS and her passion to help as many people as possible make her the best in the business. She's the real deal. And I don't say that lightly

Marina J

Life coach, #1 best selling author andspeaker



London, England

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Athina has truly given me invaluable skills in the courses that I have done with her, and many will benefit from my sessions with clients due to the thorough knowledge that I have gained from her.

Would highly recommend any of her courses!

Yossi Nachum

Yoga Teacher + Life Coach


Byron Bay, Australia

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