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3 Day Free Live Training  + Energy Healing

Part 1 – Awakening The Soul
Calling in Your Soul Tribe + Working with Your spiritual Team



Part 2 – Activating The Soul
 Healing Your Relationship with Money


Part 3 – Expanding The Soul
Connecting to your Soul Purpose + Higher Mission


I've been on this journey a long time. 


I’ve supported, healed and guided thousands of people through this journey too.


The journey of Soul Embodiment.


The state of Soul Embodiment is when we are connected at such a deep level to who we truly are.

We easily express our inner truth and our life reflects that. 


Our work and how we make a living is our soul's work.

We feel like through it we’re completing our higher mission.


Our relationship with money is healed as we realize its just an energy and it serves us. Not vice versa.


Our relationships in life are on a soul mate level, as we are who we truly are and share that, we attract people who resonate with us on a soul level. And these relationships are easy. And peaceful. And so so so fulfilling.


The relationship with our body is deep as we listen to it, and honour it. Healing whatever comes up easily and quickly.

Our psychic senses open up and we hear the guidance of our spiritual team.


Most of all its that feeling. Of alignment. Of flow. Of embodiment.


It’s the feeling that you’re doing what you’re supposed to be.


You’re fulfilled and flowing. You’re living in alignment with your soul.


Every lightworker on this planet is on this journey and in my time working with thousands of lightworkers I’ve seen similar themes and steps for what they go through on this journey.

Dark Night of The Soul.png



This free training is based on my Lightworker Process.


If you were drawn to this process you’re somewhere on that scale. And we don’t miss or skip a phase.


This training will help you activate, expand, and awaken.


It will accelerate your spiritual journey and bring you closer towards that feeling of Soul Embodiment.



And I've been through this same process. 


Years ago, you wouldn't recognize me. A mess of physical illnesses, severe anxiety, not knowing who she was and what she wanted. The idea of making an income out of spiritual work seemed laughable, and the relationship I had with money was stressful and overwhelming.

The friends were hurtful and superficial. They never really got me. And they never stuck around either.


I was studying a degree that didn't really resonate with me, working at a job I didn't really like, but I didn't know what else to do.


Yet there was always that feeling inside of me, the one I know you feel too… that’s theres something more.
Something you're supposed to be doing and this really isn’t supposed to be your life.


Well, I listened to that feeling and I chased it.


I studied, I went through the phases above, I healed myself, I taught, I healed others and I worked my damn ass off day in and day out to get to a point where I felt that connection .


That my life, my home, my family, my friends, my partner, my body, my money, my work was reflecting who I am at a soul level.


It is the state of Soul Embodiment.


Its not always an easy journey, but for lightworkers it’s the only journey....


In the 3 days I'll be covering:

Screen Shot 2018-08-17 at 12.24.53

Part 1 

Awakening The Soul


 Calling in Your Soul Tribe + Working with Your Spiritual Team


This section is all about calling in your Spiritual Community, those on the physical plane and those above.


I know from my own experience just how isolating a spiritual awakening can be.


How it can feel like you have no one to talk to about this stuff and your friends just don’t get you.


I made a decision pretty quickly in this area and decided I wanted to call in soul mate friends who were totally in alignment with who I was. I stopped seeing the friends who I had superficial toxic relationships and spent more time alone, but I knew I was manifesting my soul tribe.

I can tell you I basically live in a bubble, theres not one person in my life that I interact with consistently that doesn’t get me on a soul level.  

In this training, I’m going to talk about how to call in your soul tribe.


Another thing I’ll be discussing is your nonphysical Spiritual Team.


Your guides, angels, higher self. I'll be talking about the different beings that work with you and how you can actually start working with them.

Before I felt in control of my reality and at a loss to circumstance I used to turn to my guides and angels constantly. Asking for help with all sorts of things.

Nowadays the communication is pretty much constant with them guiding me throughout the day.

However, in the start, I couldn’t hear and see them anywhere near as well as I do today.


I’ll be sharing some tools and techniques that I use to communicate with them.

Screen Shot 2018-08-17 at 12.24.23

Part 2

 Activating The Soul


 Healing Your Relationship with Money


Money is an incredibly important part of the journey believe it or not.


Yet I'm sure some of you reading this have programs running in your mind saying but isn’t money evil?? Doesn’t money corrupt?


No. Money is an energy. A neutral resource. How you choose to use it is on you.


But let me ask you, if you had more money, would the world be a better place? Would you help people?

Damn right you would.


Money would help raise your vibration, money would help you heal and teach and share.


Because money gives you the freedom to this work.


And calling in money isn’t as hard as it can seem.


Once you understand that its an energy and the only thing stopping it from flowing to you is any beliefs you may have playing out in your subconscious and energy field? It becomes easy to clear.


In this training we’re going to start to heal that relationship with money so you can start calling in the money you need to live a life a freedom doing your souls work and helping others.

Screen Shot 2018-08-17 at 12.24.34

Part 3

Expanding The Soul 


Connecting to your Soul Purpose + Manifesting


Expansion. What comes after you'v eawakened and you’ve done the healing and the learning?


You expand.

You share it with the world. In whatever you know you were born to share it.


If you’re on this journey, this path and you can feel it in your bones that you are, you have a soul purpose, a higher mission.

But you probably already know that don’t you?

Its that niggling, that feeling of I should be doing something, or even guilty knowing you're not doing the work you came here to do.


You may be aware of what your souls work is, you may not be. Either way you know you’ve got to do it.


In this training we’ll be discussing how to really tap in and understand what you were born to do.

We'll be clearing blocks you have sitting around sharing your voice and your authentic self.


Maybe you had a past life trauma that’s stopping you from sharing your voice, (been there!!!)


We’re going to talk about what it is to step into your soul purpose, how it looks and feels, that flow and how to activate it.

If you're ready to align fully with your soul and embody it through your life, this training is for you.


Did I mention its free?



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