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3 Hour Live Workshop to Scale your Spiritual Business 

As seen in...

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How would you feel if:

You were able to share your soul transmissions with the world?

You were channelling and co-creating offers and getting paid abundantly for it?


You built the business of your dreams, impacting the world through sharing your soul gifts?

You lived your soul purpose, earnining $10k months, $20k months... $50k months?


You drop the struggle, you drop the hustle....

And show up in ease, flow and joy.

It's all aligned, it's all soul led...

It's your new earth business.


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This is my invitation to you, lightworker;

Step into my business vortex,

upgrade your light leader blueprint,

and quantum leap your spiritual business.

Let me upgrade your abundance codes, its time for your wealth resonance to expand.


You already know that

you want to upgrade your spiritual business but....

1) the majority of online coaches you see aren't specific to spiritual businesses.
 In fact most don't know what it takes to scale a spiritual business and have no experience doing so... and we both know running a spiritual business is VERY different to running a non spiritual business... 

You want someone that not only has scaled their own spiritual business, but helped others do the same


and specialises in spiritual businesses.

2) You can feel you've got blocks that are effecting your business massively.

It might show up as resistance, procrastination, fear, self doubt, or just the results not happening no matter what you do. You know that this goes beyond 'mindset work' and 'affirmations.' You're ready for the deep healing thats actually going to shift your core wounds.


3) You know your business should be a reflection of your soul, but at the moment it's not fully reflecting that.
Your business needs to be a literal transmission of your soul but you're struggling to get there, you're offerings aren't 100% aligned and you feel that theres something more aligned you're supposed to be creating. You're ready to connect with Spirit  to create a fully soul aligned business.

Let me support you.

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Brittney Vangestal

Energy Healer + Psychic

Athina is the best investment and I am looking forward to working with her again!


Working with Athina I had my BIGGEST launch I have had to date. $43,000. It's only going to double each time now with the foundations we've created!

I loved most about working with Athina was the balance of strategy, mindset and energy. I believe that these truly are the three pillars to create huge success that not many coaches facilitate! It has been amazing in my up level!

I had clear direction in my client journey and started to create my email sequences and set up the "back end" of my business. I never had a back end so creating this has been hard however, it has been rewarding! 

My own gifts have deepened and I just feel so in alignment with life and therefore so much more pleasurable!

I honestly feel like her soul and insight was able to guide me to the next level, more than a 6 week 1:1 coaching program I had with another coach. Thank you, Athina!!

You know you want to feel inspired, juicy, passionate, aligned, abundant and flowing...


You want to share your gifts in the biggest and best possible for YOU.


My framework for business is Spirit, Healing, Strategy




Includes energy activations, channelling your guides for business, 5D business blueprints upgrades, abundance and wealth codes, and more.


Includes healing past life blocks and contracts, shadow work, clearing energy blockages, reprogramming limiting beliefs, raising self-worth and more.

Includes marketing plan, soulful sales, systems and structures, scalable offerings, sales funnel and more.

You don't have to struggle to create your soul aligned business.

 I KNOW how transformational this work can be, having taken many of my clients, myself with these tools that it can take your business to the next level.

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Kati Ackerman

Healer, Teacher, Counseller

Working with Athina has been the best money I have ever invested, and has really given me the confidence to up level and scale my business.  

I launched my first ever programme during this course “Divine Awakening” I manifested 11 people and I got 11 people.

I had my first $10k launch.

A year ago if you had told me I was launching my own course I would of fell over with laughter.

Athina’s Business Program is next level. I made my money back for the course before the course even ended thanks to her guidance and work. And I feel confident through this course I have the knowledge and empowerment to continue scaling. 


What I love about this programme is how different and unique it is to any other business coaching as not only does she go into the nitty gritty business details including teaching you how to grow programmes, but it also involves energy work and removing blockages surrounding your work. 


It’s amazing everything is recorded too, so I am able to go back to things at any stage for the rest of my life.

I can’t thank Athina enough for giving me the tools, techniques and empowerment to step into my powerfully as a spiritual teacher. 

Highly recommend Athina to anyone in the spiritual business. Athina has changed my life. Since meeting Athina and starting to work with her the changes and shifts in my life have been constant. 

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Meet Athina

Athina Bailey is a trance channel, soul activator and kinesiologist.

She works with lightworkers and starseeds who are here to activate their soul gifts and step into their soul purpose work to create abundant and impactful lives. She has the ability to clearly see light workers soul gifts, soul purpose and speak with their higher self about what action needs to be taken to manifest this.

Athina grew up psychic, channeling her guides from a young age and began her business at a young age and by their guidance grew and scaled her business, now having taken thousands through her courses. Her teachings are channeled and many originate from etheric mystery schools, ancient wisdom for the modern lightworker.

Athina has been directly initiated into this work by Goddess Isis and Ashtar, and carries this lineage and codes in her work that she passes onto her clients. 


She is the founder of Channelling Spirit Academy™ and Spirit Code Transformation Therapy® and is here to be a channel for the new earth frequencies to support lightworkers in their ascension. 


Inside the Light Leader Codes Workshop

Part 1: Activate your Light Leader Blueprint
Identify the missing gap between you and your financial goals

Gain clarity on your unique soul transmission and soul gifts

Recieve a new earth light leader blueprint activation

Part 2: Anchor Your Light Leader

Build out your soul aligned strategy to quantum leap to your next abundance level

Identify the action that needs to be taken

Calling in spiritual business guides for clarity and guidance

Part 3: Embody Your Light Leader

Identify and clear your key blocks

Recieve hot seat coaching with whatever support you are needing


Screenshot 2021-07-08 at 5.48.38 PM.png
Sam Ryan
- Holistic Health Awakened

Physiotherapist, energy healer and meditation teacher

Working with Athina I had my first $50,000 client, which is a big step, and financially set me up.

I received a clear spirit led path from my guides and from Athina and she's walked this path before which is good to know and not having to work 40 hours a week during as well.

Its been so good with the channelling too, to connect with my guides because you know your intuition but you’re getting that confirmation clearly instead of going in circles.

Athina is warm, caring, loving and was always looking out for me - I healed all my self sabotage and took action. Shes really helped me on my spiritual path as well, not just business, which has taken leaps and bounds which is really important to me.

Its been great creating that financial abundance, having the confidence to have higher end clients at that level with the feminine flow and also that masculine structure action taking. 

When I first started I wasn’t that confident in my coaching but now my clients are getting really good results.

And for me thats the biggest thing, knowing what my purpose is and actually living it. Like I’m living my dream life right now and Athina is a big part of that.

I highly recommend Athina  because its that next level that I find some coaches just have ‘their way’ but they’re missing that higher guidance and just intuitively knowing everyone's path is different with that. 

Athina is doing great work in the world and you can feel her integrity, being the change she wishes to see in the world and lives what she preaches.

I’m forever grateful!


I'll be running an intensive 3 hour workshop on Zoom focusing on:


>>> Soul Aligned Strategy 
What missing gap in your business is keeping you stuck at your current level, and what action will quantum leap your abundance level.

>>> Healing The Blocks to Scale with Ease

Identify and clear the blocks holding you in your current energetic reality so you can easily shift to consistent sales and growth in your business

 >>>Hot Seat Coaching & Lifetime Access to Replay

You'll be able to ask questions and get coaching in the Zoom call and you get lifetime access to the replays.


A live 3 hour Zoom Call, on March 16th, 3:30pm - 6:30pm AEST

Anchor 1
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Ellie Garnham
Energy Healer and Angelic Channel

Working with Athina I have gone from having an idea of what I would like to achieve, knowing I could do it but with zero confidence in myself and my abilities to now successfully running 4 programs and creating online courses.


  I never thought it would be possible for me to achieve but Athina has helped me get there. 


I now have regular clients, confidence in my abilities which have skyrocketed since Athina has cleared so many energetic blocks, and confidence in live masterclasses. 


I stand in my power now, trust in myself and how I can be of service to others.  



Through a combination of business advice, channelling & energy work she has helped in more ways than any other mentor could. 

She truly is multidimensional faceted.


I don’t know of any other mentor that can offer strategic business advice whilst also providing energy clearings and activations. 

You need both to succeed.

I have recommended her to everyone in my line of work that is looking to up level their business now.

I help my clients to create multiple streams of income that allow them to live the life they want with  financial freedom from wherever they are based (online + offline)

THROUGH the expression of their soul gifts and soul work.


It's time to be paid abundantly for your purpose work.



Who is the workshop for?

This is for lightworkers, intuitives, empaths and starseeds seeking to grow their online business. They know their spiritual side is not separate from their business.


How is the course run?

A live 3 hour Zoom Call, on March 16th 3:30pm AEST

Can I sign up next time?

At this point there are no plans to hold it again.

How long do I get access to the workshop?



DISCLAIMER: I don’t guarantee or warrant results or increased income. I deeply believe in the techniques I will be using, however, the results depend on the work you do.

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