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A 9 month program including

Initiation into Isis Priestesshood, Ka Activation Facilitator & Isis Sexual Temple Arts Training

Priestess Incarnate

The Isis Ka Practitioner™ Training is a deep dive into serving as a modern priestess of Isis, receiving her sacred tools and methods to learn how to activate others through her medicine.

This program is a hybrid program including:

Deep healing of your feminine and the generational wounds

Reactivating your divine feminine gifts

Sacred Sisterhood

Fully activate your Ka and Ka channels

Step into your Isis Priestess Path

Learn the Isis Ka Activation Method to provide individual and group sessions

Learn the ancient sex alchemy of Goddess Isis

Healing and activating of your sex chakras and channels


This program is for you if: 


​This program is for very specific women, women who have a deep calling to anchor and work with the Isis codes in this lifetime.


  • Have the priestess path calling

  • You’ve already been working with energy/intuition

  • You want to embody the divine feminine path in your soul work

  • You want to work with different divine feminine energy frequencies

  • You're ready to go deeper into spiritual teaching, move past fluffy concepts and go deep into potent spirit medicines that aren't taught anywhere

  • You're ready to activate your sex channels fully and are ready to dive deep into sexual alchemy

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Activate and embody the divine feminine into your day to day life

Learn to work with sex alchemy for healing/manifestation

Connect with sacred sisterhood

Develop a relationship with Isis for life

Learn to channel Isis Ka energies for self activations, group activations to support others stepping fully into their soul gifts and soul purpose


Disassociating from your feminine in holding you back in your business, your manifestation and your channelling work.⁠

I get people ask me if there is a second level to Channelling Spirit Academy or what’s the next step if they want to progress as a channeller⁠

It's the priestess path. ⁠

The priestess is the ultimate channel. And the priestess path I lead woman in is activated sex channels, kundalini, and sex chakras.⁠
When you are fully activated in your sacred sexuality you become the embodied priestess. ⁠
The first step prior to activating your sex channels is healing your feminine.⁠

Many women are disconnected from their divine feminine. Its part of the system, a woman embodying her divine feminine is too powerful for their liking ;) ⁠

Being disconnected from your feminine can show up as:⁠

- you're choosing struggle, you think struggling and working hard is needed for you to receive. You don’t let yourself receive. From yourself (think self-care) from men, even from other women.⁠

- you have trouble with women in your life, you don’t have healthy relationships with women including your mother. You haven't found your sisterhood and it doesn't feel safe to connect with women in this way.⁠

- you don’t trust your emotions or allow yourself to feel them fully. Your emotions are a GIFT. They guide you to your truth.⁠

- you’re drained AF. Your life is draining. Everyone takes from you⁠

- you’re dry, stagnant, and not feeling lit up, juicy in your life. Everything feels hard rather than orgasmic.⁠

- you don’t take care of yourself or lead from your pleasure. What would feel good to me?⁠

- you refuse to surrender, you want to be in control. This holds you back in your channelling work ⁠

- not experiencing the fully juicy pleasurable state it is to be a woman.⁠

- the masculine does not respond to you in the way it does to other women. You’re not praised, honoured, appreciated, taken care of, seen by the masculine. You attract mostly feminine men or who have negative feminine traits, flaky, manipulative.⁠



You are a woman, you are the embodiment of the divine, the pathway to God is in you.
When you are embodying this and tuned into this, the divine masculine around you responds.
Yes, you will trigger men who fear it/reject it in themselves but the men who do see the divine in you will honour you, respect you and desire to take care of you in every way.

Your feminine deserves to be honoured and loved.

And it starts with you taking care of her.

For me, to love honour and create space for my divine feminine I have had to love and accept my divine masculine too.

I have seen many women on the spiritual path disconnect and close off to their divine masculinity and it looks for them: being very flaky in their life, not being able to commit to their business, partners, themselves. Not creating money or business or success. Lack of boundaries and constantly giving your power away

Money + sex is so closely linked..,

What happens when the sex channels, kundalini and sex chakras are fully activated and open?

We become the Priestess incarnate.

A powerhouse of mystic portals to pleasure, to spirit, to the divine.

It begins by healing your feminine.

Unfortunately, we close ourselves due to abuse we have had from the masculine in our life, and our inner masculine comes forward to protect us. I’ve experienced that I’ve been there

It is possible for you to heal your feminine and embody the priestess.

We do this work in this container.

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Whats included:

Ka Activations and Isis Channellings  to activate your Ka Body

7 Healing Processes to heal your feminine portals

5 Activations to open up your full priestess path

Live Teaching Classes

Private Group Chat 

Processes, Resources and Workbooks throughout the programs

1:1 Attunement to activate the Isis Ka channel within you

Sacred Sex Alchemy teachings

Divine Feminine Activations

And much much more.

Love Letter from Isis

A channelled love letter from Isis to her called initiates


You have walked this path before, you have served at my altar before

Your soul knows that you are my daughter 

And through this sacred calling, my priestesshood is being reborn in the new world

You are called to stand and be a vessel for my energy, my gifts and my healings

The divine mother incarnated through you

You are remembering the initiations you have already lived, in this planet and others

I call upon my daughters now

Your voice is powerful, your medicine is needed

I will carry you, and my divine love for you is endless

You need never walk this path alone as I hold you in my embrace

Divine daughter I call upon you now

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Message from Athina

I'm Athina, a trance channel, priestess, and founder of Channelling Spirit Academy™ and Isis Ka™ Modality.

I was initiated into working with Goddess Isis when I was 19 by my spiritual teacher and received energy work directly from Isis. At that time Isis told me in my late 20's I would work directly under her and channel her codes to support the divine feminine on earth.

I mostly forgot about this and went on to teach and share my channelling work, and consistently connected with Isis over the years.

Then sure enough when I was 26, Goddess Isis stepped forward and began to provide activations to my system, after a couple of months of this, she told me it was time for me to share a course and channelled the information for it, how many women would sign up, how long it will be, pricing etc.

She told me to announce it on Instagram stories, and within an hour it was sold out.

We successfully ran the first round and watched the women have amazing results, now offering Isis Ka™ Modality sessions.

I have been preparing to launch Channelling Spirit Academy, and last week I channelled a piece of content from Isis about priestesshood. I was told to email it out but didn't think much of it.

I had 7 women reach out from that alone asking to work with me on the priestess path, I turned to Isis and asked her when can I tell them the next intake will be?

She said "Now."

I said "But I'm literally launching Channelling Spirit Academy next month."

She said, "you need to launch Isis Ka tomorrow to start in July."

I said "Ok."

Within an hour we had channelled all the new course materials and she asked me to make the program much longer than the first one. Alot changed. She also asked me to create an info page on my website here about it as there will be so much covered.

Here we are, if you have felt this is for you, you are the women I am speaking to to step into your Isis priestess path, welcome, its honour to serve you.

My path as the priestess is to honour Isis and allow her to guide me in the way to best share her teachings and work, I was not expecting to run this course so soon, but I fully surrender to the guidance of Goddess Isis.

Please feel free to reach out to me directly on Instagram or email ( if you're feeling called to work with me in this program.
I am also offering 15 minute calls to answer any questions about this program, this is a by application program only. When I connect to your energy Isis tells me if this program is aligned with you. If I get a yes from her, I'll offer you to join our sacred sisterhood.


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Isis Ka Practitioner

Isis Ka is a modality designed to fully activate your ka template, do this for others and in doing so deepening your soul purpose, soul gifts and 

The path to being a Isis Ka practitioner requires feel healing of the femeinine portals in your body and energy, as well as the full activcation of your sacred sex pathways in you

This is the work we do over the 9 months.

If you're here to assist the divine feminine rising on earth and the priestess path has been calling you, welcome sister.


About the Isis Ka Modality

This modality was channelled through Athina directly by Isis, but this modality is not for everyone.

Isis modality is really helpful for helping ACTIVATE more so the heal, whilst its nature is activating a by product is healing.

The energy transmissions relate directly to activating and anchoring the soul fully in someone.

This modality activates your soul fully within you, your soul purpose, soul message and soul gifts to all come online.

In the modality you learn how to activate Ka channels, Ka template, fully anchor the soul, activate sexual channels and chakras and provide healings on the soul.

This results the reciever of an Isis Ka session can expect to experience:

- Rememberance of their soul and who they came here to be

-Clarity on their soul purpose and soul mission work

- Deepened soul alignment in thier life and business

- Attracting soul based relationships (not karmic)

- Activating soul and psychic gifts

- Deepening the psychic channel

- Expanded energy, creativity open

- Activated sexual energy and sexual pathways for spiritual and self work

- Open and activated heart chakra

- Shifting cells to resonate on a higher frequency providing quantum shifts in their life

And more.

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What We Cover:

Please note for respect for the sacred nature of these teachings I can only share a basic outline of whats covered in the course. 

This is a 9 month program broken down into 3 portals, each 3 months long

Portal 1

Becoming the Isis Priestess

In these 3 months the focus is understanding your role as an Isis priestess and beginning to work with your Ka body

- initiation into the Isis lineage and understanding what it means to be an Isis priestess + the history os the Isis priestesshood

- Deepening your relationship with Isis and

- Integrating previous priestess lifetimes and gifts

- Learning about the Ka body and 16 Ka Channels

- Activation of the Ka Template 

- Healing ancestral and past life wounds around the feminine & trusting the feminine

healing the wounded feminine, not feeling safe as a woman, reconnecting to the inner masculine.

- Learning to work with the Ankh of & Ankh initiation

- Working with the Isis KA frequency to channel for healing, activation, in portal 1 the focus is on self healing and how you can use this modality to deepen your soul gifts & soul purpose

- 1:1 Attunement 

- Ka Channels activations levels 1,2,3,4,5,6

Portal 2

Practitioner Training

Portal 2 is all about learning how to use the Isis Ka modality for healing, expanding and activating on others and holding client sessions with this modality.

You will learn sacred tools and energy techniques for deepening someone in their soul work and soul gifts as well as activating their ka channels.


- Facilitating 1:1 Ka Session Activations

- Practise Sessions

- Facilitate activate groups using this modality, running events and holding space for more than one person.

- Teachings on Blue Lotus and the plant medicine role in your Isis Ka work.

- Blue Lotus Activation

- Healing wounds around the masculine and upgrading the masculine template

- Healing wounds with Osiris around male/female relating

- Running Sessions & Advertising

- Ka Channels activations levels 7,8,9,10,11,12

Portal 3

Sexual Alchemy of Isis Priestesses

Be initiated into the scared Isis Sexual Arts and undergo deep healing


- healing on your womb, and generational trauma that is being carried in your womb portal.

- Womb portal activation

- Teachings on how to deepen into your womb work and use this in your channeling, soul work and priestess path

- healing your ovaries and learn to work with these portals deeper

- Working with yoni eggs, yoni steaming and your menstrual cycle

- Sexual alchemy for healing, manifestation and spiritual growth

- Healing on sexual trauma, past life and generationally

- Sacred Rose Flame Activation

activate, and work with your sex channels, orgasmic energy, sex chakras and kundalini

- Providing Sexual Alchemy to others for healing and transformation

- Ka channels activations levels 13,14,15 &16

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I’m calling out to the women who have served as Isis priestesses in previous lifetimes,  and who have felt the calling in this lifetime too. 

Depictions of Isis priestesses;

Screen Shot 2022-06-01 at 4.10.12 pm.png
Screen Shot 2022-06-01 at 4.09.40 pm.png
Screen Shot 2022-06-01 at 4.09.58 pm.png

The Isis Ka Practitioner Training is 

A healing modality training


priestesshood initiation

divine feminine healing portal


sexual alchemy activation

Isis mystery school

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What you will walk away with:


- a modality certification knowing how to run powerful activation sessions with Goddess Isis in 1:1  Isis Ka Practitioner

- Know how to run group activation sessions with the Isis Ka Modality

- Fully activated Ka channels 

- A deep connection with Goddess Isis, knowing how to serve and work with her in this lifetime

- Healed generational and current life trauma around your feminine, in your womb, ovaries, yoni and cervix.

- Activated your sex pathways to experience greater abundance, love, sex, and relationships

- Understand how to work with Isis sexual alchemy for healing and manifestation

- Powerful tools and techniques for your own self healing and activation.

- Know how to embody the priestess feminine archetype in your relationships to deepen connections

- Know how to embody the priestess archetype in your business/finances for expansion on receiving

- Deeper activated channel and soul gifts activated

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The Isis Ka Practitioner™ Training

An 9-month online mystery school meets priestesshood meets modality training.

 A deep dive into serving as a modern priestess of Isis, receiving her sacred tools and methods to learn how to activate others through her medicine.

You receive 3 semesters that include:

  • Ka Activations and Isis Channellings to activate your Ka Body

  • 9 Months of Support

  • Healing Processes to heal your feminine portals

  • Activations to open up your full priestess path

  • Live Teaching Classes

  • Private Group Chat 

  • Processes, Resources and Workbooks throughout the programs

  • 1:1 Attunement to activate the Isis Ka channel within you

  • Sacred Sex Alchemy teachings

  • Divine Feminine Activations

There are limited spots as I will be fully present in supporting you energetically through this path. There is so much access and support to me in this program to ensure you have the greatest experience.

Start date, February 2023, spots available now

Your investment:

PIF $4997

Payment Plan (starting in December) 11 x $460 monthly payments

Ready to join us?

Interested in a quick chat to answer your questions about Isis Ka? Book an info call to see if you're a match or answer questions you may have:



Got questions? Email me at 



What part of the call is live?

Half of the calls are live, half are pre recorded

Will I get support?

Yes, there is designated time on the calls to ask questions or you can ask for help in the private group

When are the calls?

They rotate, between 7pm and 9am AEDT times

How long do I get access to the course?




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