You’re here because you have a sacred calling and purpose.

There is something within you that is fuelling you to do this work.

The Mastermind to expand + amplify your soul-aligned business

The work you do is your reason for being, it’s your purpose and your mission here.

It fuels you,

And you can’t not do it.

This is your path.


For us lightworkers,  business is a different ball game.

In a world where business can be cold, salesy and absent of an open heart, we often feel that the methods and strategies we’re taught don’t quite fit us.


Maybe you’ve been given the cookie-cutter strategies already. 

Maybe they just didn’t make sense in your business.

Maybe you didn’t get the results you were after. 

Maybe you got some but couldn’t go all the way because you know the internal component is missing.
Or maybe you worked with someone who only focused on the internal component but didn’t give you any strategy specifically for you.


Business has a different set of rules for us.

We break the rules.

And make our own.

During this mastermind you’re going to build the foundation for your empire that changes the world.

​And make the income and impact you desire doing it.


Are you :

  • Dreaming of the impact you want to have on this world?

  • Feeling overwhelmed by everything that's out there about business strategy?

  • Feeling like your business isn't in full alignment with you?

  • Feeling like you're not embodying your full potential?

  • Undercharging, undervaluing yourself and not hitting your money goals?

  • Tired of playing small and not living a life you’re in love with?



I hear you.

Been there, done that.

That pretty much sums up my feelings when I started my business.


Like most of us my soul purpose knocked me out flat onto my ass and my guides made it clear as day that I had a certain path to pursue.


Ignite Your Light

Within 2 years of deciding that I would align myself FULLY with my soul's purpose I set up a successful Reiki school, am consistently running booked out workshops, creating online programs, running sessions with people from all around the world.
Speaking at festivals and traveling interstate to speak at events.
Being featured in blogs, podcasts + books.

But it didn't start that way.

I was applying the cookie-cutter strategies, see I've worked on the back of 7 figure online businesses.
 I've helped start multiple clinics and businesses and managed businesses in person and online.
I knew what it took to run the back end, I knew how to create, grow and scale a business.

But at first, I was still struggling to get clients, struggling to fill out my events.

I was trying to follow all the rules of what I was supposed to do.

It all changed when I listened to my soul AND the strategy.



I believe in creating a business that feels good to you.


If you're not aligned with any of the work it's going to show and you're not going to attract and align with the financial flow.


When you're running your business from your soul, a cookie-cutter strategy ain't never going to work for you. 


When you're running your business from your soul, you break the rules and rewrite it to fit YOU.


For us lightworkers and intuitive entrepreneurs its a different ball game.

We’re aware if we don’t do the inner work, the outer work doesn’t align.

You need the STRATEGY as well as the inner aspect of it,


There are so many brilliant coaches, psychics, healers who had changed my lives dramatically and those around them

But they hadn't mastered their business.

And they had to have part-time jobs instead of just focusing on their business, when looking at them I knew if they just shifted a few things in themselves and in their strategy, they could easily go full time into their businesses.


Working on things like

  • Shifting your money mindset plus money blocks

  • Re-programming the beliefs you have around showing up and sharing your work

  • Valuing yourself and your work

  • Re-programming your belief system to align with success

  • Clearing past traumas and blocks that are getting in the way 

  • Clearing fears about charging and asking the universe for more.

But Also


  • Understanding the strategy

  • How to market your offers

  • How to build out offers that create long term sustainable income

  • How to set up passive incomes streams

  • How to get clients and book our your sessions

  • How to sell out your programs

You know you want to feel inspired, juicy, passionate, aligned, abundant and flowing...


You want to share your gifts in the biggest and best possible for YOU.


  • I’ve worked with clients who have created location independent online coaching businesses

  • I’ve worked with clients who created  successful energy healing businesses based in person

  • I've worked with clients who have created monthly memberships which bring them consistent streams of income.

  • I’ve worked with clients who have had successful 5 figure launches


My business coaching is a mix of Feminine + Masculine.




  • Healing past life + current life blocks

  • Manifesting / Law of attraction

  • Clearing energy blockages

  • Energy activations

  • Clearing/removing energies stopping you from stepping into your work fully

  • Programming the right beliefs to allow you to thrive. That you’re deserving and worthy to create the business for you.

  • Raising your vibration and clearing your chakras

  • Receiving guidance from your psychic + spiritual team

  • Raising your self-worth + asking the universe for MORE to receive MORE.




  • The marketing and sales action steps

  • The systems and structures you need in place

  • The right set up + softwares

  • Creating the right marketing that attracts your soulmate clients

  • Sales funnels to help you hit your business goals

  • Wealth + financial mindset

You don't have to struggle to create your soul aligned business.

 I KNOW how transformational this work can be, having taken many of my clients, myself with these tools that it can take your business to the next level.

Devandy Walbridge
Holistic Health & Wellness Coach

I had an AMAZING call with Athina. She was both professional and nurturing, which was a breath of fresh air.


The amount of things we are able to talk about to help my business get to that next level in just a 45 minute call was outstanding. The whole time I felt as though she truly wanted to see me succeed. She was able to really grasp the things that I was saying and could pinpoint what was important in my messaging, which is something that I had been struggling with.

I honestly feel like her soul and insight was able to guide me to the next level, more than a 6 week 1:1 coaching program I had with another coach. Thank you, Athina!!


Ignite Your Light


A 6-month mastermind to support you as you step fully into your soul aligned business.

You're ready to stop playing small and go all-in with creating the business of your dreams.

You're ready to build out your courses, fill out your 1:1 sessions and start making the impact you came here to create.

You're ready to work with soul-aligned strategies and build your business on your terms.

You're ready to ignite your light.



A 6 month program for total transformation

to create the business of your dreams.


The Ignite Your Light Mastermind is an intensive mastermind providing you with the support, connection, strategy and accountability to build the business of your dreams.

Each coaching call we'll go deep for 2 hours clearing limiting beliefs, healing and covering strategies for business growth.

Every group coaching call you'll have the opportunity to have hot seat coaching with me to work through whatever is coming up for you.

You also get a 1:1 intensive with me each month to dive deep into your work and mission. During these intensives we can do healing, channeling, shifting beliefs and mindset + business strategies - working on whatever's holding you back from creating the business you desire.

Its a powerful combination of modalities, tools, and strategies to expand your business and manifest the business of your dreams.

What we cover

Month 1:

Your foundations and structure. We'll get super clear on your customer journey, your core offerings and build out your sales funnel.  Here you can map out exactly what you do and design the business of your dreams.


Month 2:
Systems + Structures galore.
All you need to know about the back end of running a successful business 6 figure business.



Month 3:

We build out your funnel and create high-value freebies.

We go deep into creating your email list and email funnel to build out your audience.



Month 4:

Build out and create your online courses, membership sites + in-person events.

Month 5:

We cover marketing, launching (Multiple 5 figure launches are the minimum!)  and selling. 
I share strategies for selling out your coaching sessions, your core offers, and programs including building out your content plan.

Month 6:

Scaling + your long term growth plan 

As well as this you get the inner work, energy activations, money mindset work, and belief reprogrammings to become a 6 figure biz owner.




The mastermind is literally everything you need >> strategy, marking, biz training, manifesting, money and mindset work, healing to get you to 6 figures from your Soul Work

Together, we'll take your business to the next level.



For me, its all about purpose.

 If you believe you are here for a reason and to do work that changes the world, you’re my kind of human.


I know what it’s like to be a practitioner and a coach and I know how to grow your business out of nothing to hit the financial goals you have and what you need to implement to create a successful service-based business.


Whether your business is online or local, I can help you grow your business and create financial freedom and create the kind of impact your soul desires.

I help my clients to create multiple streams of income that allow them to live the life they want with  financial freedom from wherever they are based (online + offline)



And I’m here to help you create a business that is aligned with your purpose, that creates a positive impact in the world and creates lifestyle and financial freedom for you.


6 months to uplevel your life + business

Ignite Your Light


What you get:


-    6 x 45-minute 1:1 sessions online with me to create, establish and grow your dream business through personalized business strategies and marketing OR for any inner work to heal energies, realign your mindset and clear any programs stopping you from hitting your goals. To elevate your beliefs to align with your goals.

 - 12 x group coaching call sessions where you can bring your questions and be coached 

- Masterclasses to grow your business, master your craft and amplify your cash flow

- Healings, Manifesting + Mindset work to expand and create your 6 figure self

- Soul Work to 6 Figures Course to help you take your business to 6 figures through strategy, mindset and marketing.

- A private facebook community with the other Ignite your Light tribe to help you grow together and where you can ask questions and receive support on days that we do not have calls


We start September 2019




Your Investment

AUD $3333


Or Payment Plan:

$560 x 6 months

Ready to join but a couple of questions?
Book Your Connect Call to see if we're a great fit;

Got questions? Email me at 



Book in the complementary Connect call with to see if we’re a good fit to work together. Here we will also identify where you are now with your business versus where you want to be and what needs to be done to uplevel your business.




Is this just for practitioners & coaches?

This is for any service-based entrepreneurs!



Is this just for online service based entrepreneurs?

No ! The first business I created was totally local based in Sydney. I work with service based entrepreneurs who are local, online or both.



DISCLAIMER: I don’t guarantee or warrant results or increased income. I deeply believe in the techniques I will be using, however, the results depend on the work you do.

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