Free Global Healing Session

Dear Lightworker


I know you're probably feeling overwhelmed and confused with everything that's happening.

I know this is a hard time, the collective energies are probably giving you aches and pain and you're feeling the collective fears. 

At this time lightworkers are being called forward to use the tools they have to heal the collective energy.

It's not a time to sit idly by, we can contribute to healing the collective. 

I've been channelling about this situation alot and have received guidance about what we can be doing to assist the earth and humans as it moves through this phase.

I'm calling the light workers of earth forward to assist in healing the collective through a global healing session.


In this free global healing session we will be covering:

  • How to disperse and transmute the collective energies of fear and panic

  • How to manage your energy so you're not effected by the collective fear + panic and a disconnect from that energy.

  • What you role is and how you can help. This isn't a time to sit idly by, you can be sending healing to those who need it - I'll be sharing how you can do this.

  • On an energetic level the virus is an energetic match for issues around worthiness - we will be doing processes to shift any feelings of unworthiness within ourselves.

  • My guides spoke to me about how our base chakras core program requires upgrading, from the 3D 'I need to survive' to 5D 'We all need to survive' we will be anchoring in our 5D Root chakra programs and blueprint.

  • We'll be doing a global healing process through the holographic DNA of the Coronavirus survivors.

  • We'll also be sending healing to all those that need it and working with the Dragon energies.

Your intention and energy is important. 

I know this is a hard time - I know its stressful and scary, but it's not the time to surrender to the fear. Its time to rise into healing. 

We are going to connect and meet online at 6:15pm AEST on Thursday 19th March via Zoom, to get the password + link please enter in your email below and you'll be sent the details and reminders.

I'm calling forward all the lightworkers to come together and assist in healing the earth at this time to heal the fear may are experiencing. 

Sending you so much love, and can't wait for you to join us <3  

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